Thanks to Genucel Products, I No Longer Slap My Neck!!

You are thinking…why would anyone slap their necks? Hang with me and I will explain why and how Chamonix’s Genucel products have stopped the practice.   I grew up watching my mother slap her neck and chin repeatedly every day in order to keep flabby skin away in that area.  She told me if I slapped my neck every day, I would not get a double chin or have an embarrassing neck as I aged.  She swore by it.

I have found a much better way.  Last week, one of the readers, Christine, kindly commented with “And you look great! Your practice towards good health and weight loss shows! You overall body is slimmer, and your new neck, jawline, and cheeks really show off your happy smile!” I am blushing, yet so pleased with my neck area right now and totally attribute it to Genucel Jawline Treatment.  I have been using this for several months twice a day and it works!

Here is what they say online:


The jawline might be one of the most neglected parts, yet it forms the framework of your face. Genucel’s Jawline Treatment promotes tone in the jaw and neck area to contour and improve the appearance around your face. This treatment visually plumps the skin to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The natural peptides in Genucel Jawline Treatment are considered to be building blocks for your skin. This rich treatment uses premium oils that promote a healthy glow. Aloe Leaf juice soothes the skin and promotes healing, while the included meadow lactones are a scientifically-developed special fatty acid that conditions and rehydrates the skin. The Jojoba Oil in the Jawline Treatment is an ancient, yet effective, natural moisturizer. Consistent use helps you maintain the smoother skin texture associated with youth and health.

  • MDL Technology is Chamonix’s most advanced skin care technology to date!
  • Visibly improves that “double chin” area within minutes!
  • Tighten and define the appearance of the skin around the jawline right before your eyes
  • Maintain that healthy glow and visibly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles


At the moment, you can receive a free tube of the jawline treatment when you make a purchase of the other Chamonix genucel products.  Might I highly recommend the Genucel dfs deep firming serum, and the Genucel eye products.  I also have been using these twice a day for a year.  I love this line of products so much!

This is the only skincare line I have used for over a year and it has turned my skin and aging around.  Of course, I am still aging, but the results have been amazing.

Just go read at genucel online or at Better Skin Today online .  With the code SUMMER you will save $30, and receive the free jawline treatment.  There is also a summer offer of $100 off any order over $199.

It is so much better than slapping yourself in the neck!

Keep Smiling Everyone!


Disclaimer:  I was gifted product in return for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Pam,

    Do you know how this product works for those who have highly sensitive skin? I am allergic to so many products that I am hesitant to purchase.



  2. Just contact the company directly or show ingredients to your dermatologist for consultation. That is what I would do. The products are all natural, plant based but it is always good to do your own research. I love these products so I believe it is worth it to do the research.

  3. I have not heard of the neck slapping…yikes! Something I read recently is how women develop sagging skin in this area at younger ages now due to always staring down at their phones and devices. You’ve had such wonderful results from these products! It’s great to find something that honestly works!

  4. You look awesome Pam! I would like to try the products but I can’t find the $100 off $199 offer you mentioned

  5. Thanks, are those the only chamonix products you use? I’m looking for a daytime moisturizer

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