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Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We visit stores and look for fashion displays which make us wonder if the audience would wear it or not.  We ask that you tell us if the look works or doesn’t work for you personally and explain why.  The comments are most instructive….especially when you explain in detail.

Today, I am wondering about this mannequin wearing black and pink with the paper-bag waist pant.  After you comment, then please head over the A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.   Then I do hope you will come enjoy some of the pre-fall selections I have in my slideshow today.  So, ladies, look the pictures above over and tell us


I am so, so glad it is the weekend…I have been fatigued this week, and the excessive heat wave does not help one bit.  Stay cool….and keep dreaming of fall ahead.


  1. I’d wear it. Might change up the necklace since it’s lost on the black top, but overall this is a nice look. I know the pants would be longer on me since I’m not tall, and that would actually appeal to me more since they are a looser style. I don’t particularly care for full pants that end at the ankle. But I do love wearing black and pink, I like the paper bag waist and the style of the top. This is a yes for me!

    1. I like black and pink but do not like the paper bag pants. I like a clean, sleek look and the pants are too bulky. Plus you ha be to be paper thin to look good in them.

  2. I love the black and pink together but I would not wear the paper bag pants. They draw attention to my worst area.

  3. No paper bag waists for me. I never wore them the first time they were in style (when my waist was smaller). I like the top, however.

      1. Love the black and pink together, but I’m too short and busty for the paperback waist. Such a beautiful pink.

  4. I do like the mix of pink and black, especially with a black top and pink pants. …but I do not like the sleeves on the black top (too full and too short, with too much attention in the widest part of the arm). The paper-bag waist is a no; just too much material at the waist; too busy!). I did wear paper-bag waist shorts in my younger, leaner years, but I can’t see this as a flattering look for anyone much past the age of 21. Too cutesy.

  5. I’d probably pass on the pants. I’ve lost quiet a bit of weight in the last year and a half, and that style pant looks like it would add weight back to my problem area. But, who knows, I might get brave and try them.

  6. I keep seeing this waist in the stores on shorts. It’s cute, but not for me. I thik it draws too much attention to your waistline in a strange way. I would not be tempted to try it on. The top is too baggy for me.

  7. I’d say no. The sleeves on the top are awkwardly short. As for the paper bag waist, I don’t like wearing anything that needs constant adjusting and these gathers, belt and bow look like a big fiddling fiasco

  8. I love this style! I have purchased 2 pair of paper bag waist pants this summer. I’m tall and thin but my hips are a size bigger than my top, so this style really works for me. There is a large contrast between the two colors. I would probably choose either a monochrome look or more minimal contrast in color.

  9. I’d wear the colors together but I wouldn’t wear the paper-bag waist pants. There was a time when I emphasized my small waist but not anymore! I might wear the top. I’d have to see how the sleeve looked on my larger bust and if I liked the neckline on me. I prefer slightly lower necklines or v-necks. The necklace needs more contrast so it doesn’t disappear into the top.

  10. No, to both pieces. The sleeve on the top are too wide, and the gathered waist on the pants would just draw attention to a body part that I try to disguise. I do like the pink and black together.

  11. I like the colors together. I love the pants–I just wish I could wear them! I tried these kind of pants on but they were not flattering at all on me. So, I just smile, say “What a cute outfit” then move on to something that will flatter my figure.

  12. Oh, if only I still had that body, I’d wear it in a heartbeat. My daughters, to whom I sacrificed my body (ha!), would look lovely in that outfit.

  13. No to the paper bag pants for all of the reasons above, but yes, yes, yes to the little leopard dress. Where can I find that?

  14. No paper bag pants for me. I wouldn’t wear the top either although I love black and pink together. The sleeves on the top don’t have enough coverage for me.

  15. I do love the colours together, but other than that I would not wear it. I need more structure in the shoulders of the top, like a true shoulder seam, and the pant with the pleats and waist would not help my wider hips. The colours reversed with the darker on the bottom would be better for me as well. Thanks Pam. Hope you get rested up this weekend after that busy week.

  16. I only by sewn down waisted pants, the ruffle effect is adding bulk. I would reverse the colors, as a pear shape.

  17. It’s a really cute outfit and love the colors. It’s not for my apple shaped body but would look great on others.

  18. I love the mix of black and pink. Always have.

    I like the look but I’d have to try it on. I have a long torso and short legs, so I’m thinking this outfit might work for me. But, I have a bit of a tummy so not sure.

    Definitely a look I’d like to try!!! It’s a very fun style.

  19. I would wear this colour combo however the top is not my style. (Would prefer a more fitted cut even with a small cap sleeve rather than the one shown.) As for the paper-bag pants I do wear them but the construction of this pair doesn’t really appeal to me as prefer a longer leg length with slightly more tapering at the ankle, as well as small inverted box pleating in the front and full elastic in the back which both in return create a ‘defined’ ruffling and not an untidy one. Also it appears that the pocket extends into the waistline which I find odd but don’t mind the wrap-a-round sash as feel it adds some femininity. Do like the necklace and would not hesitate to purchase it but feel it makes little of a statement when paired with this outfit.

  20. I like the looks here, and would try on both the pink/black outfit and the animal print dress. If the pants and top flattered it would be a yes! Likewise the dress. If it flattered, I’d bring it home…..
    This was an interesting page!

  21. I would wear the top under a jacket, but I wouldn’t wear the pants. They would look cute on my teenage granddaughters, but they wouldn’t be flattering to me. They are also a bit too trendy for my simple classic style.

  22. I’m a fan of black and pink (although I prefer more vibrant shades. I like the black shirt and the necklace. The pants wouldn’t suit me at all – too much fabric around the waist.

  23. I would pass on this outfit. I’m a pear shape so the black top (which is a bit harsh for my complexion) and light pants wouldn’t be flattering. But even if colors were reversed, I’m not a fan of the paper bag waist or that length in wider pants.

  24. I like pink and black together and even like the black necklace on the black top as it lets the trouser waist stand out. However, since I have reached the age of redistribution of weight I no longer have a small waistline and am also short waisted. I have a pear shape and know the paper bag pants would not be flattering. This would t work for me.


  26. Like the black and pink combination but would select a more traditional slack. The pant shown is too trendy but probably okay for someone younger and the right size. I like the tone on tone necklace.

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