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Happy Friday, everyone!  Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age where I select news stories which may be of interest just for you, women over 50.  I peruse many, many sites to try and locate the most interesting stories you might enjoy knowing about.  A reminder, as always, for you to discuss anything health related you find interesting with your personal physician before diving into big changes.  Always good to know what they think…sense they know you best.

Finding ways to speed up my 0ver 50 (actually over 60) metabolism has been a work in progress for me for sometime now, so I found the article FOODS NO ONE SHOULD BE EATING BECAUSE THEY SLOW METABOLISM to be helpful.  See what you think.

Many of us are here because we love clothing, so I thought you might like to hear style tips from women of all ages.  Here are tips for WOMEN BY THEIR AGE from WHO WHAT WEAR.

Watching store fronts pass away is so sad to me.  When I traveled a lot for business, I would go shopping in each city to find a garment that became my souvenir of the trip.  I love shopping in New York City, so this article about RETAIL IN NYC SHUTTING DOWN really made me sad.  It is a sign of the times though.

I am all about confidence and being your most confident you…one of the reasons this blog exists…so I liked this story from INC about 7 Words to Stop Saying if You Want to Be More Confident.

I love this story because we rock at any age…and so many of us over 60,70,80,90 are still bringing our talents to the marketplace.  This story is about how the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs will be seniors!

Finally, just for fun…do you realize that Kirk (not Michael, his dad) Douglas is 102 and still with his wife of 100 after 65 years.  Read about the Douglas Marriage here.

For my slideshow today, I wanted to share with you some fun picks from Etsy. I always find things on Etsy that I haven’t see anywhere else.  Enjoy!  Feel free to comment on any or all of the above stories and have a great end to your week.



  1. I find your blog very interesting. You obviously research your topics/subjects meticulously. As a woman quickly approaching 70, I thoroughly enjoy your viewpoint and always find a meaningful nugget of information.

  2. I find it very interesting that store fronts are closing. To me online shopping is very similar to the catalogue shopping of my young years. You can’t feel the material or see the true colour or even know for sure if the article of clothing will fit properly. I live in Canada and we often have to pay for shipping both ways as well.

  3. I too prefer store shopping NOT online. Too many returns, disappointing fabrics, I’ll fitting garments. No thank you! I love your blog, admire your interesting and varied articles. Example: today!

  4. I, also, enjoy reading your blog. The news articles are always something informational and interesting.
    I always enjoy seeing your outfits, shoes, etc. I appreciate that you share yourself with us.
    Thank you for your blog.

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