I thought it might be fun to return to the roots of how this blog began and offer some advice for thrift shopping.  When I experienced my makeover moment almost 16 years ago, I wanted to completely re-do my style but had very little additional budget to work with.  So, I became a constant thrift shopper.  The beginning years of this blog featured many, many thrift styles and my friends would shop with me.  It really can be so much fun…you never know what treasures you might uncover.

We all have our favorite thrift stores and many operate for a cause.  My daughter’s favorite in her town is helping provide work for their blind community.  I have enjoyed supporting Goodwill San Antonio for years.  Over that time, I discovered we have a very unique situation here.  Our Goodwill SA does so much for the community and helping with job training, veteran support, and providing work for those who have difficulty finding it.  They are an incredible organization so many in the community support them with equally incredible donations.  It is an amazing place to shop. I am not going as often as I previously did, but when I go…it is always a great time!

So, here are some tips…..

  1. Only go when you have a lot of time!  I am rarely successful when I try to go quickly.  It takes time to look everything over carefully and then try them on. When I have set aside an hour or two, I have discovered a vintage Betsey Johnson clutch, a brand new Ralph Lauren jacket, amazing costume jewelry and a 1940s black wool coat that I just adore.  But, those treasures are always hidden around the room!

2. Go in with a plan.  Why are you really there?  On this day I was looking specifically for animal prints, and dusters.  Many of the dusters pictured on the nicer websites right now are simply long dresses worn as long jackets.  So, I went right to the long dresses.  When I have a plan, I seem to be more successful and waste less time or money.

3. Remember, you are in control of the clothes…not the other way around.  It is so much easier to change up a garment when you paid three or four dollars for it.  I have cut out many shoulder pads (as pictured above) and I have changed buttons…which made for an amazing garment years ago.  It is fun to play fashion designer when you go thrifting.

4. This is a good time to try some things you might not do with more expensive garments.  I tried these wider leg pants and actually brought them home to wear around the house when the weather gets cooler.  But, I prefer a slimmer leg on my every day pants.  Over the years, I have tried on so many fun pieces. Like the red and leopard hat in the first picture!  I  Many of the ones I wore in public have been seen here on the blog.

5. Try to stay focused!  When thrifting, there is so much to see that it is easy to get off budget!  Oh well, these horses did come home with Gigi…who needs a few fun toys at my house.  5 Grandchildren all under the age of 6.  I take them home…spray them with Lysol…and spray them with Febreeze.  These guys were like new and I bought them both for a total of $14.  But it is best to keep focused on why you are there! LOL!

6. I know the clothes are cheap…but only take home what really works.  I tried on many things, but this little jacket is the only piece that joined me and the horses and the lounging pants at the counter.  Most often, when a maybe goes home, it ends up being donated back.  I just take what I know I will use.

If you are looking over the fun fall trends and lamenting about budget, get some friends and have a thrift day.  So much fun! I love treasure hunting and now that I have returned after a long time off, I am going to return to doing this more often.  Such fun!

For those who are not thrifters, I found some great deals and have them in the slide show below. Tell us, are there any other thrift shopping fans out there?  Happy Sunday, everyone.



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