After my thrift shopping, I headed over to one of my very favorite places, Marshall’s, where affordable designer fashions are everywhere.  It is by far another fun treasure hunt event whenever I go.  Now, for those of you who live in South Texas where I am, you will wonder why I was shopping sweaters.  THEY GIVE ME HOPE!  Hope that cooler air will come.  It is still very hot and humid here and there is no change on the horizon at the moment.  We occasionally have years, when fall does not begin well into October and it looks as though this is one of those years….so sad!

But, I am ready when those breezes come.  Marshall’s is a place I can find designer brands for around $16-20 each.  This sweater is a beautiful deep green.  One of my favorite colors, although I have very little currently in my wardrobe.

You can see hanging behind me the same sweater in burnt orange, another of my favorites.  But I went with the green.  It is soft, has pockets, and I can wear it for many occasions.

I took home this poncho top for weekends.  I just love it and can see it with a long sleeved knit black top and my black leggings.  I am looking forward to wearing this.  It is a poncho fit so it is loose, but will be warm and comfy when that weather does get here..AND IT WILL GET HERE!!

Finally, I really like this long knit cardigan and can wear it now since it is light weight.   I like the button detailing on the sleeve and the fit is nice.

I was also looking for a leopard bag, but did not see one that I was willing to commit to on this trip.  I will keep looking.  But these three pieces and a couple of items I found for my daughter went home with me.  At full price, I would not have been able to do that.

Marshall’s is always a good idea!  They are affiliated with TJ Maxx and Home Goods.  So, that is my slide show today!  Is anyone else shopping for specific colors this fall?  Which ones are on your list?  Please share and always….





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