Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  Fall is only officially two days away, but I will have you know in my part of the country, we are breaking heat records in the 100s this late into summer.  It is no fun, but I am hanging in there believing we will have a touch of fall soon.

Back to Would You Wear It…this is when Jennifer and I find fashion displays around our cities and bring them to you to ask if you would or would not wear it as styled and to explain exactly why or why not you answer the way you do…got it?  We only ask that you keep your answer personal to you and do not attack the display in case there are others who love it …or feel differently.  We want this to be fun for everyone!

This display includes faux leather leggings.  I just wanted to clarify that so you would know they are indeed “faux.”  Now, look it over and tell us


I am just taken with how many fun garments and accessories are on the market at this time.  As usual, I try to give you a slideshow below that has several different price points in it.  Look for sales too in the slide show…such as JJill has the fall collection forty per cent off! And some of my favorite pants are on deep discount a Soft Surroundings.  Look at the Metro Leggings and the Amazing Black Pant in the slide show below.

Also, if you have not put your name in to win the Foxcroft Collection $200 gift card, then go HERE and do it now…the winner will be selected soon…old school, I am really cutting all entries, folding and putting in a hat!


After all of this fun, go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s mannequin!


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