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Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  Fall is only officially two days away, but I will have you know in my part of the country, we are breaking heat records in the 100s this late into summer.  It is no fun, but I am hanging in there believing we will have a touch of fall soon.

Back to Would You Wear It…this is when Jennifer and I find fashion displays around our cities and bring them to you to ask if you would or would not wear it as styled and to explain exactly why or why not you answer the way you do…got it?  We only ask that you keep your answer personal to you and do not attack the display in case there are others who love it …or feel differently.  We want this to be fun for everyone!

This display includes faux leather leggings.  I just wanted to clarify that so you would know they are indeed “faux.”  Now, look it over and tell us


I am just taken with how many fun garments and accessories are on the market at this time.  As usual, I try to give you a slideshow below that has several different price points in it.  Look for sales too in the slide show…such as JJill has the fall collection forty per cent off! And some of my favorite pants are on deep discount a Soft Surroundings.  Look at the Metro Leggings and the Amazing Black Pant in the slide show below.

Also, if you have not put your name in to win the Foxcroft Collection $200 gift card, then go HERE and do it now…the winner will be selected soon…old school, I am really cutting all entries, folding and putting in a hat!


After all of this fun, go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s mannequin!



  1. Although an interesting look, it’s just not for me. I don’t like leather or faux leather pants. Never did.
    The top might appeal more to a really young woman (I’m not), but not me. The color combination of dark green/brown camouflage with black faux leather doesn’t appeal to me. I wouldn’t even try it on…..

    1. No. I don’t like anything about the outfit. The green top is not a good color for me and I also don’t have the legs to wear leggings . This outfit is not for me.

  2. No, this is not an outfit I would wear. I’m not a fan of leather pants – I might be if I was really skinny – but as I am, my thighs would not look good in these!
    As for the blouse – the color, lack of sleeves & self tie belt all make it a “no” for me as well.

  3. Well, another no here as well. The colour and style of the top would not entice me at all. The leggings are cute, but I am moving away from skinny lately and liking the straight leg look a bit more. If I did wear the leggings, the top would really need to cover with a bit more length. Stay as cool as you can Pam.

  4. Yes, I would wear this. I love leather leggings, real or faux, and the top is nice. Depending on where the top hits in back would determine if I wore the pieces together. I find wearing leggings like say, jeans, isn’t the most flattering on anyone regardless of size. I’m one of those women who thinks we need to cover our rears in leggings. But I truly like both pieces and would definitely have a place for them in my wardrobe.

    1. I like this entire outfit! Leather-look leggings look good on me and I love the style and pattern of the top. I think it would give my narrow shoulders some width and accentuate my small waist. Good for my pear shape!

  5. I still like to wear leggings or really slim pants (especially with boots), but this top would be too short…must cover the bootie. Also, I would be afraid faux, or real, leather would be too hot even in the dead of winter here in the Midwest. Hot flashes are bad enough without wearing skin tight leather 😉 The amazing pant featured in the slide show looks great on the model. I would like to give them a try. The blouse has a pretty pattern, but I don’t wear tied at the waist tops and I’m not loving the sleeve detail.

    1. Soft surroundings has some great pants on discount right now! Thanks for pointing that out Michele. I love the ones I put in the slideshow!

  6. I really like the style of the top. I might wear it in camo but prefer a solid color — navy, khaki, black. Those tight leggings are not for me. Straight leg black jeans would be fine with the top. I don’t wear white shoes so I would wear those sandals in black. Happy Saturday!

  7. I agree with the others that the leggings must be worn with a longer top. That said, I like the color of the top, but not the style (sleeves, tie belt). I’ve never tried faux leather leggings, but I would at least try them on with a different top.

  8. I like the tie style of the top but the extended shoulders don’t appeal to me. Even though I am not broad shouldered I don’t care for epaulets and other eye drawing details on my shoulders. Like my clothes tailored and simple. Faux leather leggings too edgy for me.

  9. I love the blouse, but for me to wear it with those skin tight pants, the blouse would have to be much longer to cover my bottom. I would wear that blouse with other things.

  10. I would wear both pieces but not likely together. I’m more comfortable with a longer top over jeggings. Having said that, if the structure of the faux leather isn’t as clingy as a legging it might work for me. Either way I like them individually. Now if I had the body of the “faux model”…that’s right, I gave that body to my daughters years ago.

  11. My shoulders are way too broad to wear this top but perversely I am drawn to the sleeve style! (A recent clothing purge proved that.) And no bare arms in public anymore unless I’m at the beach. I haven’t had the nerve to try a faux leather pant but absolutely love them on others when well styled.

  12. I think the top is fun! But I’d consider it a vest, and wear it over a long-sleeve black tee, no belt. No to the faux leather leggings, however — too hot for me, and I fear they’re a short-lived trend.

  13. There really isn’t anything incthis look I could wear. My midsection is too big to be flattered by a bow waist; the colors in the top wouldn’t flatter me, and I don’t care for leather pants, faux or otherwise. As a coworker and I explained to another, cery trendy, colleague years ago, “dressing room mirrors laugh at us in outfits like yours.”

  14. The only time I may opt for faux leather (or suede) is when choosing a handbag or shoes as I can be notoriously abusive on them so economic wise it can be beneficial … ☺. Whereas in garments that I treat gentler and being the fabric junkie that I am; both must be real so for myself and to the leggings, a nay. As for the top; another nay as just not my style and not sure of its print. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Browsed the slideshow and Metro Website and saw numerous pieces that appealed to me though.

  15. I would wear the blouse, but a definite no on the pants. I just can’t get into leather or faux leather pants. The blouse has a cute print.

  16. I like the look of Faux leather leggins but I’ve never been tempted to try any on. They just don’t seem appropriate for my curvy body or my lifestyle. The top isn’t a good look for me. I avoid chest pockets and the sleeves would visually add width to my already large bust. I wouldn’t wear that length of a top with leggings. Much of my extra weight is in my tummy, booty, and thighs so when I wear leggings I wear a top long enough to cover my “problem” areas.

  17. I really like the top but would prefer it in a different colour – Black bottoms (Pants, skirt, culottes) are in heavy rotation in my work wardrobe and I usually pair it with a brighter top. No to the leggings – not a good fit with my lifestyle.

  18. on a thinner, edgier woman it would look great..myself, i cant wear belted stuff right at my middle…and im just too full figured for shiny pants…dont know why they put a pair of white sandals with it though…it would be cute with black kitten heels, again on another woman, just not me…

  19. Beautiful outfit but leggings (especially with that much shine) with a top that short wouldn’t be my most flattering look. I would substitute a slim matte finish pant

  20. I would not wear this outfit. I no longer wear very short or sleeveless tops. When I wear leggings I wear them with a much longer top, in addition these are not my style.

  21. It’s a no for me. I don’t wear sleeveless tops & can’t picture myself in leggings that tight. The pigs fighting under a blanket comment from “Steel Magnolias” comes to mind. It is still quite warm here in the Midwest, too-upper eighties to around ninety, so I feel for you.

  22. I like both the pieces, but would not wear them together. I do have a pair of black faux leather pants that I love, but they are too warm to be worn when a sleeveless top would be appropriate.

  23. If the top were a bit longer, I’d say yes. As is, it’s just too revealing for anyone (like me) who doesn’t need to reveal the hip/thigh area with leggings!!

    I like the color mix, though.

    And, I’d definitely pair this look with black ankle booties.

  24. I really like the top and would try it on. Buy it if it suited me. Leggings are not for me but I would wear the top with pants that suit me and the top. If the top was longer I would wear it with leggings.
    As for leather or pleather I would wear either but in a pant that suited my shape.

  25. This is not a look I would wear. The sleeves are the exact length to make my shoulders look larger than they are. The pants are a very popular look but seem too thin for me to feel comfy wearing.

  26. I would wear the pants with a duster–maybe a snakeskin or leopard one. That way, my backside would be covered. I wouldn’t wear it with the white sandals, though. A black mule or heeled boot seems more appropriate.

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