I wrote yesterday the importance of neutrals in my wardrobe as I move toward fall and winter.  Once again, I am wearing very lightweight fabrics but in colors not usually associated with summer.  The August collection at JJill was a perfect transition collection with several garments I took home to give me the style I desire this time of year.

Here is what I looked like last year on September 7.  I still own every piece of this outfit, but it was way too warm to wear it to work and be comfortable.  That is why I went shopping for some garments which said I was moving into fall, but were lighter weight and worn easier for the climate where I live.  You can see a lot has changed since then, but I am glad I purchased the pieces I did and decided to still have the seasonal flair, but in more wearable clothing.

I am always glad when I walk out the door for pictures and my husband/photographer says…I Like That!  I accessorized with another older Chico’s necklace that is black, silver, gold and red…liked a subtle pop of red.  These are the black Quinn Pant…in the slide show below.  The cardigan and top must have sold out, because I could not find them online.  You could check a local store to see if they have them in store.  I looked for some lightweight similar garments for the slideshow today.

Hope you are enjoying ways I will transition over the next 19 days until fall officially arrives.



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