5 Steps to Begin a Gentle Fall Style Transition

Fall is officially only 20 days away.  It rings in on the calendar on Monday, September 23.  But, officially unofficially it began at my house last week…because I love the season that much.  I am holding a tiny little pumpkin to signify my gentle transition in to a fall wardrobe.  You can see fall came to my home decor over the weekend, but there will be more about that later.

There are five things I keep in mind when I am ready to take my style toward a new season.  I realize it is very hot outside and in South Texas our weather hasn’t budged toward a change of seasons…but I still can.

  1. I put away my summery pastel pieces, and I begin to wear more of the saturated colors which are on trend for fall…like this Cobalt Blue.  I believe this year, Pantone is calling it Galaxy Blue.  But all of the tones are very similar and I see it most of the places where I shop.
  2. I begin to wear lighter versions of a Fall look.  This lightweight black vest is from JJill and is 58% linen and 42% viscose rayon yarn.  I have a heavier knit black vest which I can begin to wear in its place when the weather does turn cooler.  But for now, this works well.
  3. I do not wear that many sandals any longer because of my hammer toes, but I now will officially put them away until next spring and wear more closed toe shoes…I love smoking flats this time of year.  This pair is from Aerosole and I found them at Marshalls a few years ago.  Very classic with a embroidered crest on the top of the shoe.  I love little details!


4.  I wear heavier neutrals in the fall and winter.  Though I wear black all year long, I wear it more during this time.  I have plaid pants with white background for summer and now with the black background for fall.  I am a huge fan of JJill’s Quinn Pant.

5.  I put away the summer prints now.  These are florals with summer flowers and colors or stripes and plaids with summer colors.  I still love prints, so I bring out the ones with more saturated colors.

This is a work outfit for me this week, but I would wear it lots of places even if I was not working full time.  Tomorrow I will have another transition outfit for you to see how I begin to more through the next 20 days.  But, summer fashion is now officially over for me…I don’t care how hot it is.  I am a Fall Girl! (BTW:  This is an old Chicos necklace.  I cannot link to it) I did put the vest and pants and similar garments in the style show below.

Anyone else joining me in the seasonal transition now??  Please share….and as always



  1. Like you I started some small changes in the home with some burlap and fall colors and scents. Clothing I will just forgo the summer print and add a very limited number of fall scarfs and 3/4 length sleeve.

  2. For me, at least, the long black vest,just isn’t! Makes me feel like a witch woman! Not good. I will look for shorter. But you have gorren me thinking and adapting Ideas into how to makes things look newer and fresher,which is good!. No fall out yet, waiting for the storm to pass, but next week….maybe! Sorting clothes is exhausting!

    1. Well Susan, it’s good the long black vest isn’t for you… it is for me! I like it and I loathe witches! I am here to inspire you to discover your own confident style. I am not here to create clones. Glad I could inspire you to think of ways to refresh your wardrobe.

      1. I just LOVE this outfit, the long black duster vest is just the perfect third piece for you ensemble. This is so my style. I have a similar black vest and if no one will notice, I will wear it every day!! Thank you for your blog.

  3. Though plenty of sunshine, temps already in the low 70’s and mid 60’s where I am so off with the sandals and into the peep-toes ‘n full shoes eventually leading up to the boots. Oh the thought of the latter I dread …. argggh! … as if I had my way I would go barefoot all year round … ☺. With respect to garments; similar to yourself as opting for long sleeves from my summer wardrobe (darker palette) and light layering to start off with and will graduate to more substantial pieces as it gets cooler. Then for a grand finale; a complete transition for winter’s blast which I’m hoping to be not until late November. (If we should be so lucky as I live in a snow-belt region.) Looking forward to your wardrobe transition and do love the cobalt blue color on you. -Brenda-

  4. These are such practical tips for doing a gradual transition, thank you. Fall is my favorite season too. Our weather here is gorgeous in the fall and I love being outside more. I haven’t done any fall decorating yet. Maybe when it’s officially official I’ll be ready! I’m glad to see the blue color for fall. I have cobalt pieces I really like, a little deeper than the Pantone shade, but close enough! You’ve inspired me to make some little changes in my closet!

  5. This has been a non-summer here in Alberta, Canada with mostly cool, wet days and little opportunity to wear my usual summer clothes. For the moment though, we’re having a few very nice summery days, so I’m going to hang onto them and not think about fall just yet!

  6. Fall decorating will be done next week at my house. I love the scents & colors of fall. There will be little changes in my wardrobe. Replacing pastels with darker colors & wearing light weight long sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled or pushed up. I tell everyone that I go with meteorological fall which is September 1st.

  7. Down Under, spring nominally starts on 1st September. So transitioning from winter to spring here. There is a scattering of slightly warmer days. So great to get out of polar fleeces and long sleeved t-shirts and into vests and cotton long sleeved shirts.

      1. I am from South Africa, so spring is in the air. But actually we only have two seasons : hot or cold. And the latter only for 3 months.

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