Next Affordable Fashion Stop: Nordstrom Rack for Designer Style

As we journey this week through the best and most affordable fashion options, I cannot leave out a post on Nordstrom Rack.  We have gone from thrift shops to Marshalls and now must look at one website with up to the minute designer fashion options.  But, I warn you….you cannot “dilly dally” (ok, who started that phrase dilly dally, any way?), the goods move quickly, so there is not a lot of time to think out your purchase.  The good news is that returns are very easy and purchases can be made on your Nordstrom card.

You often see me utilizing column dressing underneath my jackets.  It is very slimming and chic to wear a column of black or blue …especially for professional wear.  But, I often get bored with it.  Nordstrom Rack offers very reasonable designer tops for me to wear under my jackets to add a little more fun to my workwear.  This sleeveless top is Vince Camuto and only cost $19.  It has a fun pattern and is in a color I love (the military green). Since I began shopping at The Rack, my workwear is completely fresh and updated in a very affordable manner.

I am near one of their locations so it is very easy for me to return items and I have never had an issue with it.  I will be showing you a pair of Naturalizer suede slides I just got at the Rack and I adore them………

OOPS…neighbors, someone always walks by when we are taking blog pictures! I have a slideshow of items below, just remember that the merchandise moves.  I have their app on my phone and I subscribe to the emails to make sure I do not miss anything.  Really the majority of my Christmas gifts last year were purchased at Marshalls and The Rack.  I don’t hear any complaints from the family.  My son-in-law loves Brooks Brothers and I can always find their merchandise at The Rack.

I hope you are enjoying these affordable fashion options and ideas.  Remember, The Foxcroft collection giveaway is still open HERE.  Someone will win a $200 shopping spree to be announced soon.  So put your name in the comments…it is so easy!





  1. I love shopping The Rack and Haute Look. Just like you said, great prices and returns are never questioned. I don’t usually purchase anything unless I am fairly confident I will be keeping it because there is not a store near me. Again, it is over an hour away. But sometimes, with the savings, you just gotta take a chance.

  2. I love shopping at places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. It’s the thrill of the hunt! I sometimes hear other women say things like Oh I’ve never been in one of THOSE stores… to which I think, That’s okay, more great finds for me. Ha!

  3. lol! Some of our neighbours follow my blog, but I always wonder what others think when they go by and see my husband taking photos of me out in the yard. Some of the fashion bloggers I follow post gorgeous photos that are obviously taken in very public places, but I haven’t been bold enough to try that yet!

  4. I have the courage to photographed just about anywhere… it is my husband photographer that gives me time constraints. So sad! ?

  5. Nordstrom Rack is always fun. Take some snacks and water and make an afternoon out of it. Really go through each rack. It’s usually worth it.

  6. I saw an outfit from one of your posts about the Nordstrom fall show. It had a animal print dress as a duster with white jesns. Got my own version of the whole ourfit at the Rack for a fraction of the cost. I love the Rack!

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