Any Reinvention or Positive Change Requires Self Acceptance

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Leopard Print

I mentioned this in a comment in the last post, but not only is a teachable, humble spirit necessary for change and reinvention after 50, but so is self-acceptance.  

I could not go forward without reaching a point where I could love myself as I was that minute…at the weight I was…the age…the wrinkles…every over-50 challenge we face.   I began to dress with intention the body I had at that time and to take better care of myself and steadily, day by day, my confidence grew. The photo above was taken a few years after I went through the reinvention and laughter became a daily occurrence.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 at Hugh Jackman Live

 The comments from the Tuesday post were all on my mind Tuesday night when I attended a Hugh Jackman World Tour concert in San Antonio.  I did not really know what to expect.  A friend had said…I have free tickets.  Let’s go to this show!  I knew I liked Hugh Jackman, but enjoyed getting to know him better.  It was a fabulous, uplighting, joyful experience. He began the show paying tribute to his wife and family in song and video.  He honored teachers.  He honored those of us over 50…he is 51.  And he did an amazing job as he presented song and dance in many entertaining ways.

But the most powerful part of the concert was Keala Settle singing, This Is Me.  I remembered her performance from the movie, The Greatest Showman, but this time was brought to tears as I thought…this is the message for the blog audience.  This is how to say I love and accept myself.  I do not believe in coincidences…so I do believe I was to bring this back to you (even if just for one of you) after our discussion on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoy it…and welcome the message of the music…and, as always……………………………..

                                                                                                       KEEP SMILING!!



  1. Love, love, love that song (and movie) but now it has so much more meaning. You are correct, we have to love and accept who we are now, I am currently very happy in my skin and always enjoy your messages. Thanks for being you.

    1. Hi Michele, the song’s powerful lyrics didn’t impact me personally until this live performance I attended. Says it all!

  2. Wow. I have never before heard the song and didn’t see the movie. Very powerful words. So much to process here, but like Michele said, I’m also happy in my skin, and I’m making very big strides in overcoming the inner struggles. Life here is so brief and I want my next chapters to be more joyful than they have been in the past. Marching forward with confidence!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, it’s so powerful and uplifting. You made my day! Also, I love, love, love, all the sparkle in the slide show! Holidays are coming!

    1. I know…it always comes so fast! I just thought after such a great song, we could use a little sparkle!! I love sparkle with jeans too! Thanks Laurie!

  4. Appreciated your transparency. We relocated across Australia with my husband’s work (ie further than London UK to Moscow Russia) when I turned 50. I spiralled into depression which was a horrific new experience for me. That six months of darkness remains, two decades later, a warning to me to ‘smell the roses ?’, enjoy each & every day. As you write, “Keep smiling.”

    1. Thank you for sharing something so difficult, Cimmie. I am so glad you are better and smelling the roses. This show was all about Jackman’s Australian roots! You would’ve have loved it! Thanks you for being here.

  5. My cancer diagnosis three months ago has inspired me to make more time to take care of myself, to say no to things I don’t really want to do, and to try mightily to look forward instead of back. Life’s about so much more than the outer shell- although I still enjoy dressing up! Prognosis is excellent, fear begone!

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