Over 50 Feeling 40 in Casual Autumn Style

The minute our first cold front hit last weekend, I began to rejoice.  It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons and today I am wearing my casual autumn weekend style for a woman over 50.  This is an outfit presented to you from my personal team, composed of some of my favorite brands which I wear often.

I have told you before that I have my closet organized into families.  It helps me because these favorite brands are the ones I go to the most.  My largest groups are Chicos, JJIll, Talbots, Soft Surroundings, and Dillards.  Then there is a section I call random.  But I know the pieces that are there.  This works better for me than putting all pants together…all tops together …etc.  I found I was always looking for the specific brand item.  This way I go immediately to that family.  Today’s look proves…it takes a village.  The orange cardigan is Talbots; leopard sleeveless tunic top is Chicos, necklace is Chicos, khaki pants are JJill and my Naturalizer slides are from Nordstrom Rack (I love them!)

Over 50 Feeling 40 animal print shoes

I very rarely wear outfits that are completely one brand….it is more fun to mix things up a bit.  This is a perfect look for running some autumn errands this weekend.  We are also going downtown Saturday night for a special event.  Hope to bring that to you later and just found out is will be in the 90s!  So much for autumn until a front comes through on Monday.

I also bought my roasting pumpkins and hope to get them cooked this weekend.  I follow PIONEER WOMAN’S INSTRUCTIONS FOR PUMPKIN PUREE and freeze and save for bread, scones and pies.  It really adds so much flavor and depth to my cooking and is super easy!

Do you have special plans for the weekend?  Please share…and remember it is so easy to smile through autumn………..so…………………………………………………..


I am helping you to do a little planning in the slide show today…Have Fun!  See you on Saturday with Would You Wear It!

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