Dressing for a Casual Autumn Weekend Over 50

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Casual Autumn Style

The minute our first cold front hit last weekend, I began to rejoice.  It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons and today I am wearing my casual autumn weekend style for a woman over 50.  This is an outfit presented to you from my personal team, composed of some of my favorite brands which I wear often.

I have told you before that I have my closet organized into families.  It helps me because these favorite brands are the ones I go to the most.  My largest groups are Chicos, JJIll, Talbots, Soft Surroundings, and Dillards.  Then there is a section I call random.  But I know the pieces that are there.  This works better for me than putting all pants together…all tops together …etc.  I found I was always looking for the specific brand item.  This way I go immediately to that family.  Today’s look proves…it takes a village.  The orange cardigan is Talbots; leopard sleeveless tunic top is Chicos, necklace is Chicos, khaki pants are JJill and my Naturalizer slides are from Nordstrom Rack (I love them!)

Over 50 Feeling 40 animal print shoes

I very rarely wear outfits that are completely one brand….it is more fun to mix things up a bit.  This is a perfect look for running some autumn errands this weekend.  We are also going downtown Saturday night for a special event.  Hope to bring that to you later and just found out is will be in the 90s!  So much for autumn until a front comes through on Monday.

I also bought my roasting pumpkins and hope to get them cooked this weekend.  I follow PIONEER WOMAN’S INSTRUCTIONS FOR PUMPKIN PUREE and freeze and save for bread, scones and pies.  It really adds so much flavor and depth to my cooking and is super easy!

Do you have special plans for the weekend?  Please share…and remember it is so easy to smile through autumn………..so…………………………………………………..


I am helping you to do a little planning in the slide show today…Have Fun!  See you on Saturday with Would You Wear It!


  1. Although I am a bit older than you I really identify with your style and favorite brands, as they are mine, too. Thanks for the tips and updates. Love today’s outfit on you.

  2. Good morning! Love the outfit, but the slides are exquisite! I have a very narrow foot so slides usually don’t work for me. I usually have to order my shoes; seldom ever find shoes on a rack in a store!

  3. Love your whole ensemble. I too love the autumn. Your choice of cardigan hits the spot. Love the shoes. Thanks for all the tips. I enjoy reading your posts.

  4. Thanks for sharing the closet organizing tip …that’s a unique way of doing it, that just might work for me.

  5. I love the entire outfit, but the sweater is the best! I’m envious of your ability to wear that color! I love it but it doesn’t like me so much. Great shoes, too.

  6. You look terrific and I love that color and length of cardigan for a true fall feel. As to your question about weekend plans, I am on my vacation in Mazatlan so we have oodles planned: a concert tomorrow evening at the famous Angela Peralta Theater, and dining outdoors at one of the many charming restaurants ringing the Plaza! My own transition to fall clothes will just have to wait. ?

  7. Love this time of year for style myself. I like the outfit. It speaks to my classic taste. Love your haircut by the way. The longer cardigan appears to be popular and I think it looks great with slacks, leggings, jeggings and even some skirts or dresses (depending on the style and length). As an aside I noticed Anniecloth advertised on your website. Have you had any experience with their line of clothes or jewelry? The reviews seem to be negative, but everything looks lovely online.

  8. What a lovely fall outfit. We have so much rain that one never sees your outfit LOL. Raincoats and good shoes or boots are top of our fall/winter styles. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your well thought out ideas and advice.

  9. Putting my closet in families has really worked for me…so much easier for me to find things.
    Thanks Linda

  10. The slides are perfect for a place like San Antonio…where it is warmer enough that the backs of my feet do not need to be covered all of the time. Thanks Pam

  11. It is one of my favorite colors and burnt orange was my college color…so I love it. Thanks Martha.

  12. I have not had any experience with the brand Nina. I am part of an advertising feed now and I get paid by the clicks which will help me justify the work I put into the blog. But, I think I will check out what you are saying and see what I can find out. Thanks for asking.

  13. Very pretty fall outfit, that cardigan is a beautiful color! I can relate to what Claudette said about not seeing outfits! I have an abundance of winter jackets and coats though! Your brands are the ones I wear also. They always seem to have just the styles I’m looking for!

  14. I have never experienced wearing so much outerwear that it overshadowed my outfits…you and Claudette have given me something to think about. Thanks Karen!

  15. You always look so well put together! Love your autumn outfit! My clothes are mostly Talbots and j Jill, mainly black, blue and gray with a touch of red for holidays.(and I do ❤️ A good leopard print)! These are the colors I am drawn to and I find if I buy an autumnal color, it sits lonely in my closet!

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