So far this week, we have seen two cardigan styles during the HOW TO WEAR A CARDIGAN week: one was an artistic floral and one was a colorblock.  Today is soft plaid topper that some have called a cardigan and some a jacket from  Soft Surroundings.

I love to wear plaid.  It says bold, confident, classic and fun to me …all at the same time.  Recently, I saw this quote on a retailer email: “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.”  I am not going to mention the brand, because my issue is not to cause them any problems, but I have huge issues with the quote.

When I went through my reinvention at age 50, I had no idea who I was, but I knew who I wanted to be.  So, I began to control the messages my clothing said about me and then I understood what my personal style is.  Secondly, there are many mornings I get up and I am not feeling it.  Perhaps, I had a bad night’s (lack of) sleep or I just don’t want to go to work that day.  If I dressed for work the way I feel at the moment, it would be a train wreck.  Often dressing better than I feel turns my attitude around and helps go out into the day joyful and confident. For that statement to be in a quote about fashion….I was very perplexed.  Finally, as I write often, I usually dress better than where I am going.  If I truly dressed for the grocery or to just run errands, it would be another train wreck!

Whenever, you get these random, lofty quotes in your social media or email, think about what they really say to you.  There are many, like this one, that just don’t make sense.

Back to my plaid cardigan from Soft Surroundings.  I was happy to see hot pink remain on trend for cooler weather, because it truly looks amazing with black and white. I watched one news anchor interview a new book author this week and both wore hot pink, black and white.  So I wore my hot pink top with this to give you an idea of how the colors mix.  I did have a sales representative call this a cardigan rather than a jacket because it has little structure and is softer than most jackets. But the name of the garment is the St. James Jacket.  You can see there is a little brown in the plaid and I believe that is why the pink looks so good with it.  Browns and pinks would live in the same family.  I prefer the neckline with a V Neck or camisole garment rather than a collared shirt.

This is just another fun way to look at cardigans…completely different styles.  Now, do you agree with me on the quote…. Do you dress how you feel at the moment?

There is more below from Soft Surroundings!  You will see that this plaid topper is on sale right now. Just follow the slide show to the site. Thanks for being here this week and every week!


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