Hooray it is Friday!  Since we have been talking toppers all week, I decided to end the week with my youthful, creative, casual Friday style.  For many, Fridays are a time to pull on the old jeans and a tee shirt.  For me, Fridays are a time to be youthful and creative.  I love to find artistic garments like the one I am wearing here from Artful Home and pair them with a great fitting pair of jeans.  Working in education, constantly around younger people, helps me to feel young and keeps me motivated to want to look youthful and current.  I am also constantly inspired by the artwork around our university and it keeps my creativity active when it comes to styling outfits.  I always want to be appropriately youthful.  I do not want anyone to think I am trying to look 25 (that’s funny!) or inappropriate in any way.  It is a fine line, but a line that is possible to walk.  I think a key is to just look current and not dated with our style.

My top seemed made to go with my Via Spiga leather slip-ons from Nordstrom Rack.  One of the readers bought a pair after I wore them initially and she has taken them on a European tour!  Such fun!  Wearing artistic garments has always made me feel younger, vibrant, and fun.  It does communicate to the world that I am creative and have my artsy side.  These are usually one of a kind pieces which can be found anywhere unique artisans show their creations.  They are statement pieces and for me, I like the statement it makes.

Also, keeping me younger are the Spa Treatments from Chamonix Skincare.  I have been using the Cristalles Microdermabrasion once a week for several months and I love how my skin feels afterwards, especially when I use the Genucel Deep Firming Serum right afterwards (which I think is my very favorite product!)

I am about to try the other two products for the first time.  But, I have been so pleased with every product from Chamonix.  None have disappointed.  I am really looking forward to the Deep Sea Cleanser which containers deep sea minerals and green tea extract and NO soap.  I especially like to use a toner on the mornings I go to the gym. They say this about the toner: Vitamin C revitalizes your skin while the gentle astringent action of green tea oil and natural fruit extracts of blackberry, blueberry and peach which help to minimize the appearance of pore size. It will help to visibly soften & smooth your skin without drying it.

I began using exclusively all natural, plant based Chamonix products over a year ago and the results have been amazing.  I do not feel like I look 66 and I feel youthful and confident!  Highly recommend and they are about to end a Summer Savings Event.

So using Chamonix and wearing a creative artistic style gets me ready for the weekend!  What about you? What do you wear when you want to feel youthful and fun?  Let us know and as always……………………………………..


Disclaimer:  I was gifted several items in this post, but the words are my own.

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