Join Me in the Cheerios Heart Hunt

This post was sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios. All content and opinions are my own

I am teaming up with Honey Nut Cheerios to look for heart shaped O’s in my cereal as a reminder of living a happy, healthy heart lifestyle.

It’s fun…kind of like a treasure hunt through the cereal, but the best part is you can have a chance to win cash prizes sharing your hearts!  This fall, we’re asking people everywhere to join us on the Honey Nut Cheerios Happy Heart Hunt  – a search for little hearts found in our little O’s. Find your heart, share your photo using #CheeriosHeartHuntSweepstakes and spread your happiness.

My readers know that I have experienced great joy over 50, and part of that journey has been to finally live an active, healthy lifestyle.  I work out with weights either at home, or at my gym with my friends in a strength training class.  I have been doing that for 6 years and did not begin until I was 60!  That’s right …beginning to lead a healthy lifestyle can begin at any age…never too late.  I am here to tell you …you do feel more joyful when you begin to live in good health.  So much stress and concern is removed and we have a healthy, joyful mindset.

These little hearts remind me that Honey Nut Cheerios can be a part of my heart-healthy eating plan, and is a leader in ready to eat cereals.   I can enjoy a bowl for breakfast and include it in my daily calories.  That is fun…almost as fun as looking for the little heart shaped O’s.  I need to get my grandchildren involved in this hunt… they will love it.

Join me in finding yours and make sure to post it on your social channels with the hashtag #CheeriosHeartHuntSweepstakes, for a chance to win weekly cash prizes (no purchase necessary).

Honey Nut Cheerios is on a mission to inspire happy hearts, which I love because supporting your heart’s health should be a joyful journey and not a stressful one.  Happy hunting!




  1. Count me in as one if your Happy Heart fans! I too enjoy my bowl of Cheerios and as a sufferer of AFIB, though happily under control right now, I know the importance of eating right and staying hydrated! Water water-water
    I’m so much better!
    Love your blogs!

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