This week I am going to discuss different ways to wear a cardigan and I will start with one from Soft Surroundings.  But, here is why…I recently mentioned to someone that I love cardigans for fall (especially when it feels like fall and we aren’t there yet).  But, the response was, “Oh, I do not like to wear cardigans. They are so boring!”  Well, perhaps she just hasn’t met the right cardigans!!

Soft Surroundings is one of the best places for creative, beautiful cardigans and toppers.  Though I have had this Mara Topper for a couple of seasons, it is currently on sale at Soft Surroundings and I have it in the slideshow below.  Not only are the colors perfect for fall, it is very lightweight for places (like San Antonio) which has a warmer fall.  I love this garment and can wear it just about anywhere.  I think the woman who believes cardigans are boring is only thinking of the solid color, buttons down the front traditional cardigan.  Which is nice as well. I will have a at least three different style of cardigan for you this week, which are not the traditional ones.

I decided to spice this look up even more with jewelry from Soft Surroundings.  I believe the bracelet is no longer available, but the necklace, which is a beautiful stone, is in the slideshow below.  I like the length of the longer necklace because it is elongating and slimming with the longer cardi.

Also, a note on my jeans which are my favorite Metro Leggings from Soft Surroundings, but they have decided to discontinue them and introduce a new brand of jeans.  These are selling out and once they are gone, they are gone.  I love the fit of these pants…more like a skinny jean than a legging.  I have had mine for years…wear them every week…wash them often…and they still look like new.

I noticed in one of my posts that many of you are cardigan fans…so, how do you like to wear a cardigan?  I hope some of you will join with me in liking the ones which are creative and fun.

For those who want to know what I thought of my mannequin for Would You Wear It yesterday, well, I liked it and would wear it.  The cut of the jacket was very flattering and I am a fan of animal print.  I agree that it is everywhere and we may grow weary of it this year, since it is a trend. For me, it is a neutral.  I have worn that shade of leopard for several years.  I think the mannequin was chic and well styled.  I do not believe they meant for the leopard boots to go with that outfit.  The whole display was meant to show all the different items Dillards carries in leopard.  Thanks so much to all who participate every Saturday.

Now, about the Foxcroft Contest…the winner will be announced this week.  Hopefully on Wednesday.  There is a good chance that Foxcroft is going to offer a discount to the rest of you.  But, please drop by often this week to see who the lucky winner of the $200 shopping spree will be!




Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


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