How to Wear a Cardigan: Look #1 from Soft Surroundings

This week I am going to discuss different ways to wear a cardigan and I will start with one from Soft Surroundings.  But, here is why…I recently mentioned to someone that I love cardigans for fall (especially when it feels like fall and we aren’t there yet).  But, the response was, “Oh, I do not like to wear cardigans. They are so boring!”  Well, perhaps she just hasn’t met the right cardigans!!

Soft Surroundings is one of the best places for creative, beautiful cardigans and toppers.  Though I have had this Mara Topper for a couple of seasons, it is currently on sale at Soft Surroundings and I have it in the slideshow below.  Not only are the colors perfect for fall, it is very lightweight for places (like San Antonio) which has a warmer fall.  I love this garment and can wear it just about anywhere.  I think the woman who believes cardigans are boring is only thinking of the solid color, buttons down the front traditional cardigan.  Which is nice as well. I will have a at least three different style of cardigan for you this week, which are not the traditional ones.

I decided to spice this look up even more with jewelry from Soft Surroundings.  I believe the bracelet is no longer available, but the necklace, which is a beautiful stone, is in the slideshow below.  I like the length of the longer necklace because it is elongating and slimming with the longer cardi.

Also, a note on my jeans which are my favorite Metro Leggings from Soft Surroundings, but they have decided to discontinue them and introduce a new brand of jeans.  These are selling out and once they are gone, they are gone.  I love the fit of these pants…more like a skinny jean than a legging.  I have had mine for years…wear them every week…wash them often…and they still look like new.

I noticed in one of my posts that many of you are cardigan fans…so, how do you like to wear a cardigan?  I hope some of you will join with me in liking the ones which are creative and fun.

For those who want to know what I thought of my mannequin for Would You Wear It yesterday, well, I liked it and would wear it.  The cut of the jacket was very flattering and I am a fan of animal print.  I agree that it is everywhere and we may grow weary of it this year, since it is a trend. For me, it is a neutral.  I have worn that shade of leopard for several years.  I think the mannequin was chic and well styled.  I do not believe they meant for the leopard boots to go with that outfit.  The whole display was meant to show all the different items Dillards carries in leopard.  Thanks so much to all who participate every Saturday.

Now, about the Foxcroft Contest…the winner will be announced this week.  Hopefully on Wednesday.  There is a good chance that Foxcroft is going to offer a discount to the rest of you.  But, please drop by often this week to see who the lucky winner of the $200 shopping spree will be!




Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.



    1. Beautiful outfit! I like how your long necklace creates a deep v which is a really flattering neckline. The pattern on the cardigan is beautiful. I am a fan of cardigans too. Even the traditional ones! I’m leaving for NY in a few hours and am looking forward to my stop at Marshalls! I’m inspired to check out the more creative cardigans now!

  1. Love the cardi! I’ve fallen hard for the duster length in recent years, and have been experimenting with jewel tones and rich colors like teal and merlot. I just bought one that’s called a Sweater Blazer from JCrew in an outsize leopard print that I love. Mostly I view the cardigan as a foil for accessorizing … a long scarf or necklace is great. But what I love most is to put a pin collection on them. I have three turquoise and silver brooches I place strategically, a bunch of crystal ones, a bug collection, etc. I recently saw a fashion photo where the model had a golden dragonfly brooch pinned to her back left shoulder as if it had just landed there. Plan to try that one for sure!

  2. Happy Sunday! I have not shopped Soft Surroundings and I have a store about 50 minutes from home. I must get over to shop. I am 5ft1.5inches, can you please give me some recommendations for cardigan length and style please. You look fantastic!

    1. Awww..thanks MaryAnn. I am certain petite ladies need to go shorter lengths. What is great is that Soft Surroundings has petite sizes. Plan a trip to your store and try on many different lengths to see what suites your body type best. They have beautiful dressing rooms, three way mirrors and bottled water. It is a perfect place to spend a few hours to see what works for you. You will adore the store…like walking into a taste of Paris!

  3. I adore the grey cardigan with faux fur trim and tie at the waist from your collected pics. This would work great over a skirt/blouse for dinner in town, or very chic over jeans and a simple tee to an afternoon out with friends (winery + jazz?!). Thanks!

  4. You look beautiful in this topper. Love the look of longer over slim legs. Since I have retired, I wear a much more casual look but still want to look pulled together.. look forward to your blog every day.

  5. I bought my first duster style cardigan at a resale shop. It was basic black and perfect for our SoCal weather. I have a floral print duster (Chicos) that is easy to wear over solid tops or dresses. It’s a soft knit with pockets and a slightly relaxed fit. Last Jan, I bought a reversible duster that is merlot on one side and mulberry on the other (also Chicos). It’s heavier than the others and more tailored. I also love draped front cardigan My favorite is a soft opaque jersey with slim sleeves that I can push up.

  6. Tunics & dusters etc. used to be a mainstay of my wardrobe. I was 50 pounds overweight &they along with suits for the office were my cmamaflague. Fast forward, I lost 60 pounds a few years ago & banished them from my closet…a great look on others but too many bad memories for me. I do love vests for casual fall days. Talbots is one of my favorite stores, although at 5’11”length can be an issue.
    It’s great that we have so many options to choose from!

  7. One person’s boring is no doubt comfortable and good for another! Cardigans have been around for decades for a good reason. I love the one you are wearing.

  8. I would like to order the Metro jeans but not sure which size to order. Do they run large or true to size? I love your blog! You always look fabulous!

    1. Hi Sarah, they are true to size. I wear the XL. They will be tight at first but give as you have them on. They fit like a skinny jean. If you order. I would so appreciate you click on my slideshow to get to the sight so I receive credit for the sale. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for being here.

  9. I too was wondering what size to order from the metro jeans. What size coordinates with your XL? I wear a size 12 pants. Would that be a Medium or Large? They are adorable on you. Thanks for sharing this great sale.

  10. Pam- as always, your look great! I love to wear basics with my pop of color in my topper, as you do. A great statement necklace is always the final piece. Thank you for your blog, I always enjoy reading it.

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