Happy October Sunday, everyone!  It is time for News for Women of a Certain Age (women over 50 that is) where I curate headlines that you may be interested in and are just for this audience…because you are special!!

(In this space, I gave my opinion on yesterday’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT, and I did offend someone and I am deeply sorry for that.  I did what I ask all of you not to do on Saturdays, and I was too harsh about this dress and I offended someone who actually purchased this dress.  In fact, I checked the racks that day and there was only one left so obviously others liked the garment.  I still believe what I believe about it but I voiced my opinion in such a way that was offensive to a reader.  Let’s all do on Saturdays what Jennifer and I ask of you…to state what you think in such a way that the ones who feel differently do not feel attacked.  I really am sad that one of you felt attacked by what I said here.  My intentions are always that I want us to look our confident best and be able to smile at what we are wearing.  Life is short and we should enjoy each moment. There is someone who feels that way in that dress and for a moment I forgot that.  Perhaps it was the styling with the black shoes!)

But, now I would like us to put that post behind us, and look at what is happening in the retail industry.  Besides the immense growth of online shoppers, read the article below and let’s start a conversation of what we think retailers could do to increase in-store sales.  Anything?  I always get inspiration from store displays so I would love to see many of them up their game in that area.  But, what else can they do to win customers back.  Is consignment the answer?

I love shopping in store and always will, but it is no surprise that some retailers are struggling since online shopping has really taken over the world.  I was surprised though to see this article recently about how JC Penney’s, Macy’s, and Banana Republic are going to enter the used clothing field.  You can already purchase used handbags at Dillards and Stein Mart.  I have a friend who runs a local consignment shop and is excited to see this, because she believes it will push more people to gently worn clothing and promote sustainability.  So read about it HERE and tell us what you think!

Taking this conversation a step further, Best Buy sees an opportunity to stay alive in……..US!  Best Buy sees growth in health care technology for elderly recently was written by the Associate Press.  Perhaps this is a good move for them since the baby boomer audience is a big one.

As I share this article about being our youthful best, please remember that any health suggestions should be run by your doctor first.  But, there are some good ideas in this article from across the ocean in the Daily Mail.  I can brush my teeth while standing on one leg…can you?  Read about how getting older doesn’t mean it all goes downhill.

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?  As someone who has had to put toxic people in my past, this article about How Smart People Handle Toxic People has some wisdom to it.  It may help someone in this audience.
OK, I guess I always have to mention food in this post, but I found this article about carbs so helpful…not all of them are evil! Remember, all things in moderation, friends.  Read 4 Carbs You Can Eat Non-Stop Without Gaining Weight.
Finally, I want to CONGRATULATE Ronelle Anthony and the team at ShopNational.com for their recognition by Newsweek as #1 ranked on their list of “Best Online Shops 2020” for Women’s Fashion (single brand). The category included highly respectable brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Chadwicks, and White House Black Market, to which they responded they’re “honored to be able to provide such excellent customer experiences.”  They have always been such kind women when I have worked with them.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS to this great company in North Carolina!
Please comment on any or all of these!  I am already planning my holiday and fall cooking, so I needed just a few items. I have a Pumpkin Maple Scone Recipe just screaming at me to try it!  In case some of you are planning as well, you might scroll through the slideshow below.  The second slideshow is just odds and ends fun!
This week my style posts are dedicated to that all important third piece…hope you will join us and tell your friends about this blog.  I appreciate all you so much.

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