This week is all about the power that happens in a wardrobe when style for women over 50 is focused around adding a third piece.  One of the ways I keep my clothing youthful, approachable, and current is to use a third piece to reflect who I am and send the messages I desire to send with my choices.  Our clothing always says something about us and if we take the time to look in the mirror and ask WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT ME then we are in control of the clothes and not the other way around.

First, I have great basics and have purposefully worked to obtain workhorse items that serve many roles.  The majority of my pants and tops are strong neutrals with an occasional color (like the tank I am wearing today) that will work for many outfits.

Of course, I wear printed pants and you have seen me in them often.  But, I feel most like me when I am wearing the solids and allow the third piece to have the fun and do the talking.

My husband and I have begun a Friday night dinner out tradition.  We start our weekend with a fun meal and a place we like.  At dinner on Friday, we found ourselves once again discussing how boring our names are…Pam and Bill.  You don’t get more basic than that.  Since I went through my makeover at 50, I started to use Pamela more often…because I just liked it better.

We laughed on Friday and picked names we would go by if we could change them.  We became Kathryn and Thomas!  Kathryn and Thomas kind of took on their own personalities over the weekend!!  It took 24 hours for me to decide that I was a Kat and not a Katies for a nickname!  But, Mr. B only wanted Thomas …absolutely no Tom or Tommy for him!  It was fun…but, let’s face it, it is not us.  And sometimes it is fun to wear clothing that is not you for certain occasions, however, I rarely do it.  I feel most confident when I wear something that I know is Pam-style.

Pam-style most often includes the third piece.  The third -piece- power is that it can give me confidence, polish, strength, and joy all at the same time.  How casual or creative I want to be in the moment is up to the third piece and the accessories.  This outfit is all about the colors of autumn.  The third piece Taos Cardi is from Soft Surroundings and has a touch of wool in it though if feels very lightweight.  I have this piece and what is left of the Metro Leggings in the slide show below (since I am wearing them today)  I also found some fun third pieces for you.  The long tank is Eileen Fisher and I purchased it on clearance a couple of years ago.

One of the readers asked last week what I am looking at when I look to the side.  It is usually something in the dresses or landscaping which catches my attention.  At this shoot, it was the morning sun peeking in the trees.  Sometimes it is the neighbors walking by with pets.

More about the third-piece later in the week.  I want every one of you to know I appreciate this audience very much.  You honor and humble me by being here.  So, have an amazing beginning to your week and


Disclaimer:  The cardi was gifted to me but the words are my own.

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