Coffee with Pamela Lutrell on an Autumn Morning

Autumn mornings are simply the best!  It is time for News for Women of a Certain Age, so grab your warm and cozy blanket and drink and let’s read the headlines I have curated just for you.  One little reminder:  If you read something here and it motivates you to make a change concerning your health, please make sure you discuss it with your doctor first.  They know what is best overall for you!

Pamela Lutrell discusses how to be effective in the morning.

I am very much a morning person, but I know many of you are not.  I thought this article 6 Easy Habits to make Mornings More Productive might help the night owls in the audience.  I get so much done in the mornings as versus the night.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 discusses fall centerpieces

Now, that you are ready to be more productive, how about making a fall centerpiece? There are some fun ideas here, 56 Fall Centerpiece Ideas.

 Let me know if anyone actually makes makes one of these.  I would love to see it!

Over 50 Feeling 50 on dresses for curvy women

Recently, AARP shared an article called  10 Trendy Dresses for Curvy Women.   I immediately knew there were some of you who might like this read.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 Discusses Blood Pressure Preventatives

Because I tend toward high blood pressure, this article caught my eye and I though might also be of interest to some of you.  Read from Nutrition Facts, How Not to Die from High Blood Pressure.

The idea of robots caring for the elderly has been written of before, but I heard on ABC News this week that progress has been made. Here is one of the articles, Robots for Elder Care.  I would love to know what you think about this.  I guess if there is no one else to help that this is an option, but I struggle with the idea of being cared for by a robot.  Anyone else?

Over 50 Feeling 40 and News for Women of a Certain Age

Finally, let’s go back to where we began.  Autumn is the perfect time to try many of the warm beverages available.  Here are 15 Warm and Cozy Drinks for Fall.  Enjoy!!

Please comment on any or all of these…remember the slide shows are selected just for you (today’s slideshow is all about the unique)…and always, always


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