How to Style Fall Fashions

Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer with a new twist this week.  Let’s start to do something different today and look at these styles as if YOU were the fashion display designer.  Then you can offer advice on how to style fall fashions. I would like you to look at the mannequin (s) and ask yourself, “does this display attract women to the outfit (s)?”  If yes, then tell us why you like it and think it works.  If no, then tell us how you would style the display differently…how would you improve it?

Let’s stay focused on the display and not on how it might look on an actual person and see if that would help some of you when looking clothes over with a critical eye.

How to Style Fall Fashion

My display is a family of three. I personally believe that when mannequins are close together than they should be styled in a family.  Often, they will feature the clothing of the department they are closest to which connects them also.

So, ladies………what do you think………………………… 

Do you think these looks need improvement, or do you like them as is? 

I love the cooler winds which have finally come to San Antonio.  So refreshing and seasonal. It has me in a mood to cook and style fall looks.

By Special Request, my slide show below is for all of the fabulous plus size ladies in the audience!  Remember Columbus Day sales!!  Please enjoy, and when you order anything, if you click through to the site from my slideshows, then I can receive compensation…which is always nice to have for work done.

After all of this, please go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.


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