Would You Wear It (With a Twist!) with Pam & Jennifer

How to Style Fall Fashions

Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer with a new twist this week.  Let’s start to do something different today and look at these styles as if YOU were the fashion display designer.  Then you can offer advice on how to style fall fashions. I would like you to look at the mannequin (s) and ask yourself, “does this display attract women to the outfit (s)?”  If yes, then tell us why you like it and think it works.  If no, then tell us how you would style the display differently…how would you improve it?

Let’s stay focused on the display and not on how it might look on an actual person and see if that would help some of you when looking clothes over with a critical eye.

How to Style Fall Fashion

My display is a family of three. I personally believe that when mannequins are close together than they should be styled in a family.  Often, they will feature the clothing of the department they are closest to which connects them also.

So, ladies………what do you think………………………… 

Do you think these looks need improvement, or do you like them as is? 

I love the cooler winds which have finally come to San Antonio.  So refreshing and seasonal. It has me in a mood to cook and style fall looks.

By Special Request, my slide show below is for all of the fabulous plus size ladies in the audience!  Remember Columbus Day sales!!  Please enjoy, and when you order anything, if you click through to the site from my slideshows, then I can receive compensation…which is always nice to have for work done.

After all of this, please go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.



  1. I think this is a very attractive display. All of the mannequins do feel like they are a family, complimenting each other. I like these colors and each of the pieces individually, except for the v-neck sweater – I’m not a fan of the detail on the sleeves.
    I think the display could be a bit better if jewelry and a purse or 2 were added.

  2. Love the color combinations here, but not all of these styles, unfortunately. I don’t wear longish skirts…never. I’m short 5 ft 4 and thin and the long skirt with long topper would overwhelm me. The outfit to our left is okay but I don’t like the sleeve on the black sweater, would prefer a simp,e cashmere v neck, plain sleeve and Id have to try on those pants. I like a narrower leg. Not sure these would suit me, though camel/tan with black is great!
    The animal print jacket and slack look nice, but again Id need to try those pants on……if they are full, it’s a no.

  3. This display would definitely draw my attention because all of the pieces are in the same color scheme. Very neutral with a pop of the ever popular animal print. I would add accessories to help the consumer with ideas on how to dress up the mainly neutral theme.

  4. This is fun! I used to do retail displays in college.

    It needs a color punch, like a red or mustard cross body bag on the far left model. I would add a scarf tied to the bag as well. The middle needs action. Like pull the long sweater aside and add a big necklace.

    The far right, add a colorful tote bag at the foot of display. Color attracts attention.

  5. i like the display, because of what others have said, the coordination of the colors…all of the tops could be worn with all of the bottoms….theres a little something for everyone in the display as well, while all of wouldnt wear all of it, i bet all of us could pick something they would stop and consider.

  6. These are all great pieces and it does attract my attention having them grouped together. I agree that the display would be improved with a few pops of color in accessories. The only change I would make is to swap the skirt and beige pants. The skirt has a lot of flow and would be better paired with a more fitted top. Likewise, the long cardigan would be better paired with straight trousers.

  7. These outfits need accessories! Scarf, jewelry, purses. It looks a little drab right now. Add some texture with an animal print bag, some layered necklaces on the long sweater outfit., etc.

  8. Agree that the mannequins look good together. The proportions of the long skirt/long sweater on the middle mannequin are a bit jarring for me-it would work better with a shorter sweater, maybe in black? I like the skirt and would wear it. Not a fan of camel, but nicely cut blacks pants always have a place in my closet.

  9. I’d pair the animal print top with the tan pants, the black sweater with the black pants, and not put the skirt outfit in the center as it is not the most attractive.

  10. I’d rearrange the pieces. I’d put the sweater with the skirt, then I’d put the long sweater with a matching scoop or v-neck top with the black pants, then move the print jacket to the tan pants over a shirt with a hint of gold, and I’d leave the jacket partially open. All of the mannequins need boots or flats.

  11. Looking at this display, it’s definitely a family due to colors, textures, etc. I would rather see a different skirt than the very long pleated one with the very long cardigan. It gives me the feeling that the whole thing is being stretched out, pulled down. Slim pants would work. It’s difficult to visualize a different skirt that might work here because the one they’ve chosen is, to me, distracting. I can see the cohesive look they were after, however. This could be improved by some light touches of jewelry. The pieces look a little bland, but overall good colors for what they were trying to accomplish. They should have taken more time with the center cardigan when arranging. It’s a pretty sloppy job with the weird folding at the neckline and the uneven hem.

  12. IMO, excellent pieces for a capsule wardrobe due mix ‘n match pieces, are neutral in color and that they are season transitional. That said; trying not to knit-pick but I feel the presentation is sloppy (particularly with the center outfit) also as some other reader’s have pointed out; addition of some accessories would have been plus. -Brenda-

  13. Accessories!! And I would have switched the places of the middle outfit and the left outfit to ‘frame’ the display in animal print. And again, accessories!

  14. This display would definitely attract my attention in a good way. The unity of colour and pattern between the pieces definitely makes them a “family” and it’s easy to see at a glance how the individual pieces would mix and match to make several different outfits. I think a bit more care could have been taken in displaying them though. I would steam the creases out of the pant legs and straighten the stand up collar on the centre mannequin.

  15. Very nice! This display is visually interesting and would attract positive attention. Almost everyone could see themselves in some combination of these pieces. Like others have suggested, I think adding some accessories would have been a plus. The camel pants definitely need to be steamed, so maybe a little more attention to the small details

  16. This is an excellent way to showcase pieces that work together as a collection. A person could buy all the pieces together and have a complete fall wardrobe for the office. Combined with other pieces, like jeans or a leather skirt/pants, this crosses into casual and date nights, too. Just add shoes, booties and accessories.

    I’d like to see more displays like this, because they’re easy to understand.

  17. Hi Pam, my first reaction when I opened your page was I love all the outfits, my second reaction even before reading the description was, wow, the pants have wrinkles and the turtle neck looks sloppy. If I were the fashion display designer I would press the clothes, add fun shoes and accessories and the have a slide show set up showing how you can mix and match the pieces to form other outfits. This was fun! Betty

  18. This display looks as if some thought was put into it. It has a cohesive look, & it would be easy to imagine mixing & matching the various pieces. If the aim is to feature the clothing, I wouldn’t add accessories because they would detract from the overall effect. This display lets you use your creativity in how you would accessorize.

  19. I agree that when mannequins are grouped together, the outfits need to be related somehow. I really like this grouping, but I think all outfit would look better if accessories were added. The tan top and cardigan definitely needs a necklace. So, either jewelry or handbags need to be added to complete the looks.

  20. This is an attractive display for sure. The colors and prints work together nicely. And, I like that there are many options shown here … meaning that you can pair any of these pieces with items from the other mannequin.

    My only criticism is that there needs to be some accessories to give these ensembles a more finished and creative look (I adore accessories) … necklaces, scarves, belts, handbags, etc. They could really make these outfits even better!

  21. I like the idea of grouping in a family for display purposes. Though I do wear long skirts I feel the middle outfit looks dowdy as presented. The long sweater could go better with one of the other outfits. The sweater looks a bit dated and I agree with others a punch of colour as accents in red or teal would add more interest. Perhaps one of the outfits could use a necklace or bracelet; another a belt or purse.

  22. In general, I like the way the idea behind the arrangement, but I feel like it’s missed the mark with the center outfit. The center serves as a focal point, and the long sweater hides the potential wow of the skirt, which diminishes the entire effect. I’d take off the sweater and make sure the top underneath was more fitted, then use a single statement necklace, preferably a pendant, to zhush it up a little more.

  23. The colors are cohesive but I’d mix up the pairing. The dark v-neck sweater with the ruffled sleeve would look better with the long skirt. I would add a necklace. I think the animal print shirt could be worn with either pant as could the turtleneck and duster. The light pant and the tan “sweater set” would create a column look–long and lean. Jewelry is a must! The sweaters over the black pants would work with a black necklace. I think I’d style the animal print open over a tank that matches the pant color.

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