The Power of the Third Piece: Look #3, A Little Bit Softer Now

Pamela Lutrell Models a soft third pieceSOOOOO glad it is Friday!  And since I feel super fatigued from a busy schedule, I am glad to end this week of HOW TO STYLE A THIRD PIECE wearing an outfit which is a little bit softer No prints…just solid knits  This pink sweater-topper-thingy (not really sure what to call it) was in JJIll’s winter collection last year.  The pink is still on trend for fall and winter.  I like pink and gray so I paired it with my slate gray JJill pants and a maroon sweater from Soft Surroundings.

Pamela Lutrell wearing the third piece

I realized something this week.  While I am a joyful, optimistic individual, my times of really laughing have lessened. I can remember laughing every day as a high school teacher either with colleagues or my student.  But, working in the higher education realm, I guess, is a bit more serious.  On Wednesday night, we joined some couples from dinner and one of my friends told the funniest story.  I laughed hard and it felt so good.  I found myself laughing more in the car on the way home as I remembered her excellent story telling skills.

“A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around. — Carolyn Birmingham”

And it was bubbling all around the dinner table.  One of the reasons I remind you every day to keep smiling is because there is nothing more attractive than someone who smiles.  It is by far our best accessory.  Laughter is the same way…it is attractive and addictive.

Mark Twain wrote, “You don’t stop laughing because you grow older.  You grow older because you stop laughing.”  I believe there is so much truth behind this.  I also think our society today is grumpy, serious, discontented, and judgmental.  Those are laughter zappers.

It felt so good to laugh this week, that I now have a goal to laugh more often…even if I do not have a co-worker to laugh along with.  There is always something funny happening and we only need to look for it.

I am now officially adding laughter in with smiles as our best accessory.  Wear it often.  Hope you have enjoyed the “third Piece” styles and that perhaps they have inspired you to look for ways to wear other pieces in your wardrobe.

A note about my beautiful bracelets.  I have finally started the silver bracelet collection I have always wanted. These are from my favorite Texas jeweler, James Avery Craftsman.  His designs have been a part of my family for over 35 years.  I am going to start to wear my James Avery Charm bracelet again and will probably wear it along with these beauties.  Check out the new collection and everything that makes James Avery Special at James Avery Online. I cannot wait to start a charm bracelet for my granddaughter!

Do you love to laugh? Or is it rare in your life?  Please share your stories and as always…………………………………………………


Disclaimer: I was gifted product from James Avery but the words are my own.


  1. Hi Pam! I have a couple of those little “sweater thingys” around here too! I need to dig those babies out and use them as my 3rd piece! Quite cute! Love your silver bracelets! Pretty heirlooms! Keep smiling & laughing! It makes us look (and feel!) younger!

  2. Hi, Pam, you always look great, but this outfit is so nice. I love to wear soft cardigans as my third piece, and your silver bracelets are beautiful.

  3. Such a cozy yet creative fall outfit! I think of those sweater things as shrugs, but I’m not sure. I do like yours a lot. This is such a calming, soft look and perfect for a day when you need to ease out of a hectic week. Beautiful bracelets too. I have looked at the items on the website when I’ve seen you wear them, and they have beautiful things. Great idea to start a collection of those pieces. As to laughing, when you said you noticed you are laughing less, that really hit home for me, because I admit I do laugh less than when I was working every day. Kind of bothers me. The Mark Twain quote is a reminder to look for more silly things going on around me, or to spend more time with the people who make me laugh. Funny things or ridiculous things are happening all the time. This is a challenge to be more diligent in looking for them. Animals often supply their own brand of humor so that’s a good place to start!

  4. I am looking for those moments too! My grandchildren are often great sources of laughter!! Have a wonderful weekend Karen!

  5. I’ve been loving this series as well as the others you’ve done lately! And I love the photo of you with the red jacket and scarf (no glasses!) that pops up on the comments here, but might I say I’d love to see you change it to one of your newest photos! Even though that is a fabulous photo, I really think you’ve gotten your groove on lately and your lovely photos show it! 🙂 Also – I loved the slideshow at the end of the post and actually clicked on the plaid sweater coat from Nordstrom (1st photo in slide show) with every intention of buying it right then and there! How disappointing to see the XL was listed as “true to size as a size 12”!!!!! After looking on their shopping site, there were no other options for size. Even with my recent 30 lb weight loss, at 5’10 I still like the Plus size options, especially an item that will be worn as a sweater/jacket over regular clothing. I normally go from XL to 1X, depending on the sizing. Of course, NO criticism of you and your lovely posts, just an observation from a lady who loves pretty things but wishes they would come in more size options! I also loved the “laughter” observations in your post! Isn’t it funny as we age, we laugh less? I still like to think I have a good sense of humor, but I guess I don’t get to use it like I used to? That’s why I love spending time with my grands! At 4 and 7, I love all the giggle time! Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling! 🙂

  6. Thanks Shirley …I will find some options for you!! Look for them in future slide shows!!

  7. Laughter is so good for us physically & mentally. A friend of mine said earlier this week that she laughed so hard at something her cheeks hurt. That’s truly a good laugh.
    I wear a lot of silver because it looks good with my white hair. Your bracelets are great.

  8. Oh my goodness – what a doll you are! I know you spend tons of time on your posts and well as your full time job and being a “grandma” – I wasn’t asking to make more work for you! Just a general statement about the sizes available on really pretty stuff that some of us “ladies of a certain age” or big/tall girls would love, too! You do a wonderful job on your blog and I’ve been encouraged numerous times by you and your journey! Be blessed today, Pam!

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