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Over 50 Feeling 40 at Dillards

Happy Saturday, everyone and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We select mannequins from around town that make us wonder…what would women over 50 think of this…would they wear it…would they style it differently…or would they say no to both. Last week I asked if you preferred to tell us if you would wear it as a consumer or style it differently as a fashion merchandiser.  The vote was very even.  So, answer whichever way you like.  But, make sure to include some details.

If this works for you….tell us why?

If this doesn’t work for you…tell us why?

If you would style it differently…give us some tips as to how to style it!

Just remember there are different opinions here, so do not say something that would insult someone else’s tastes.  We have all learned through this exercise (Yes, me included) just how different our tastes can be.  But, we have also learned how to wear and style different garments from each other. Ready?  Then, let’s go.  Look at this display above and give us your answers.  I look forward to reading what you will say

Wait there’s more (no, this is not a TV special).  It is just a little extra for the day.  While at the mall, I saw these shoes designed by singer Katy Perry, who appears to have entered the world of fashion.  I know her target audience would be much younger, however, I also think there are some of you who are a bit adventurous.  So look these shoes over and also tell us if you would wear them!??!

Over 50 Feeling 40 at DillardsOver 50 Feeling 40 and Tuxedo Shoes


Now, head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE, but make sure you return for the fun below.  I curate these slideshows with you in mind and if you liked today’s style then the info is in the first slideshow.

Double the fun today and with Jennifer…it is triple the fun.  I have put together slideshows just for you…please remember if you go to these retailers and purchase anything, I will receive credit for that and it is always helpful to have the work I do here appreciated and compensated.  Thank you for being here and supporting this blog.


And just for our beautiful plus size ladies!!


  1. I like the top and would wear it with a pair of slim black pants. I wear a lot of black to work and the pattern on the top makes it interesting. However, I would pass on the pants – they make the outfit look like a costume. The booties are cute but not useful for my lifestyle. Plus the Katy Perry label on top of the boot is large and distracting.

  2. This outfit would probably be lovely on someone that favors the “Boho” look. I prefer a ore tailored style so this outfit would never be on my style radar

  3. Personally, I can’t figure this out. Harem pants? Reminds me of “I Dream of Jeannie”. Asymmetrical tops are not for me….they make me feel lopsided when I look in the mirror. Joggers are popular now, but these pants are too billowy. The whole outfit seems out of proportion to me. Maybe as pajamas?

    The shoes are not for me either, but they might work for someone who is going to a special event. I know Katy Perry’s items can be expensive, so I would spend my money on something more practical.

  4. Halloween costume? Arabian nights? My eyes go directly to the pants and they are awful. I would not wear any part of that outfit or those shoes.

  5. Definitely “no” for me. There’s really no other way to style this, so that much is okay, with maybe a necklace. I don’t like that style of pant unless the leg is much slimmer. This outfit would feel, on me, like I was going out in my pj’s and I’d feel I’ll at ease. I don’t like to wear things that are too memorable because I feel it limits how much I can wear them. While I suppose you could wear the top with skinny bottoms, this outfit wouldn’t mix and match with many things that I have, so I would not wear this. I’m not going to say much about the shoes…just positively no!

  6. I was recently on a two week tour in Spain and a lady in the group wore these pants which I didn’t think I would like but they looked cute with a casual pair of shoes and were very practical for riding the bus and walking around at the sights. I’m wondering if they will be the next new look. This particular top is a little long for my taste.

  7. Oh dear, I believe I’m in the minority here since I bought/wore a pair of linen pants like this last year in Israel. I adore them! The ultimate comfort wear. And easy to style.
    This outfit wouldn’t attract me because of the colour, but I’d try the pants on for sure, preferably with a shorter, cropped top. And those shoes! You bet I’d have them on my feet in no time… they’re so much fun and it doesn’t hurt to try!

  8. I like the top, would wear it with different pants. Enjoyed reading Mary’s response about seeing someone wear them. The shoes I would pass on but one of my dil’s would wear them to a special event.

  9. The top would be pretty with slim black pants. I am not a fan of harem pants, (although I love the slimmer joggers) so would pass on those. The shoes are interesting and might be fun for a special event. They would for sure attract a lot of attention.

  10. Might wear the pants as leisure wear but otherwise the entire outfit is not for my body-type as I would totally feel lost in all its fabric (as I am somewhat slim). Appreciating all the work and expertise you put into your blog, Pamela.

  11. Oh, re the shoes; perhaps for special occasion wear and if I was twenty-something but otherwise a no.

  12. I do like the top a lot! But would wear it with slim pants or leggings and a flat shoe or tall boot.
    The pant is a mystery. As shown I don’t care for them at all. That black piece hanging along the right pant leg (left on screen) is the curious piece and why I call them a mystery.
    Someone, please explain?

  13. I don’t like the top and pants together. I don’t like to be flowy on top and bottom-I think it makes me look larger. I would style the pants with a slimmer top and the top with skinny pants. That being said, I really don’t like either piece-the style jyst isn’t for me. I feel the shoes are too different for me. I am having a hard time trying to figure out what I would wear them with.

  14. Tall, tailored/preppy that’s me so I’m afraid I would walk right by without a glance, also as I’m gracefully aging 🙂 I find black no longer to be the best color for me. The interesting thing is I noticed the outfit on a real person in your slide show & have to say it looked so much more attractive…the mannequin didn’t do it justice.
    The shoes would be fun for my granddaughter.

  15. I think we can agree, from reading the comments, the problem is just too much fabric. Some of us would wear the top, but with slim/skinny pants. I have seenfull pants worn with a minimalist top and the young lady was stunning. Both of these pieces together is over the top for most.

  16. I would wear the top with different pants although i don’t wear much black close to my face. The shoes are very cute but where would I wear them? Walmart? Tne bank and post office? Maybe lunch with my granddaughter at Subway? I’m just a country grandma.

  17. Thank Lois! (I also find that is the case that clothing looks best on real people vs mannequins. That is why I love fashion shows)

  18. I don’t think the pants are “awful”. Nor do I think they look like a “Halloween costume”. In fact after seeing Jennifer in a pair of similar pants I tried a pair like these in linen and absolutely love the comfort. (Added bonus, my granddaughter thinks I rock.). As you and Jennifer demonstrate everyday, we might be surprised if we try something out of our comfort zone. However, the shoes would not find their way on my feet. For me they are too campy.

  19. I like tunics but this one is too long and I don’t like the asymmetrical hemline. I wear tunics over slim pants or leggings. The combo of a long loose top over a flowy pant doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t think that style of pants would be flattering on me even with a different top. The shoes are not too costumey for me!

  20. At first look, I felt the outfit was too much fabric for me. But, something about it makes me think the top would look better on me than I think. I’m not sure about the “harem” pants. I read in the Dillard’s description that the top and pants sparkle. I generally don’t go for too much of that, but I’ll check it out at my local store to see.

  21. Bad color for my complexion, bad shape for me. I would walk past this display without noticing it.

    The shoes are fun.

  22. I love this experience! Not only do I get to express my own feelings, but I also get to know how so many others feel, including your own well experienced ideas. This outfit is a little too matchy for me, but I love the layered effect and would wear them as separates. I would exchange the white booties for a pair of deep copper ones. There should be two mannequins to display different looks to this style, someone who prefers the matching set would still get the point.

  23. Great idea, Mara Grace! A set of three would be a great way to display this. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. I like this outfit … but at first glance I was not keen on the pants.

    But, after reading the comments above I have to say that this style of pants makes a lot of sense. What appeals to me most is that the colors are neutral. I think this is a possibility for my wardrobe. I’m curious to see if this becomes a trend.

    As for the shoes, I’ll pass. My feet are very wide and I can’t imagine that they would fit in any size. Of course, if they did fit, I’d go for them!!!

  25. The top would be a bit overwhelming on my short frame, but I could see someone taller wearing it with skinny black pants or leggings. The pants are just not my style. I am not a fan of joggers for myself because the fitted cuff at the bottom looks odd on me. These also seem a bit to full to be flattering. The shoes are too fussy looking for my tailored taste.

  26. No on pants and shoes, but I do like the top. I would wear it with slim black pants which would emphasize the top.

  27. While the outfit is very different from what I usually wear, I’d like to try it on. It looks very comfortable. I especially like the top and could see myself wearing it with black pants or leggings. I’m not sure about the pants though.

    Those shoes are definitely not for me.

  28. The outfit is over powering, at least for me. Might wear the top separately but it’s a little too long.

  29. Thanks for stopping by Elaine! Always love to hear from the fabulous ladies of Shepherds Fashions!

  30. Cute, but only as loungewear in my opinion. I’m frankly conservative in my tastes, and I’d be very uncomfortable in this outfit, pieces together or as separates. It’s good the colors are dark and not too loud, but still I’d wear this at home only, sitting by the fire.

  31. I have a pair of “jogger” pants, that’s what I think those baggy pants with a cuff at the ankle are termed, in a solid tensil and I like them. They’re comfortable with a wide drawstring waist (!) and the ankle detail does look finished with a pair of sneakers.
    I wouldn’t buy them in such a dressy fabric, and not in two different materials like these, but that’s not a reason to pass by the style in materials and colors you know you will wear.

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