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Good morning and welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50! These are news headlines I curate just for you.  Ok, some of you are saying…this is a different name…what happened to News for Women of a Certain Age?  It is sad but true that creative headlines for blogs do not make it into content searches.  I would love for more women to discover what his happening here on Over 50 Feeling 40, so I need to produce headlines more often which will show in the searches.   Of course, another way is for the readers to share the blog with other women you know and encourage them to join us here.  

Just a reminder….I look for stories which you might find interesting and I feel like are of interest to women at our stages of life.  Any stories related to health, which motivate you to make changes in your life, I do recommend be discussed with your doctors who know your health best.  Ask their advice first and then proceed.

So, let’s get started…………………………

over 50 feeling 40 headlines for women

This article ran awhile ago, but I love the message of it, and just now found it for myself. Basically, the overall premise is that women in the over 55 demographic are in the prime of our lives and a force to be reckoned with!  Oh yeah, I am feeling it!  What about you?  This study reported in the Independent from the UK shows Women Over 50 are having the time of their lives and more confident than those in their 20s.

over 50 feeling 40 headlines for women

Well, the summation of this article was a bit of a surprise.  Basically, it says that THINKING DEEP THOUGHTS HAS AN IMPACT ON LIFE SPAN.  I would have said that thinking deep thoughts might increase your life span and help our brains, but not the case.  See how it affects dementia as well. 

Over 50 Feeling 40 Headlines for Women Over 50

I personally love flaxseeds and find them so easy to toss on really…anything.  That is why I liked this article: 10 Health Benefits of Flaxseed, According to a Nutritionist.  I purchase a bag and keep in the refrigerator to toss on some of my dishes.   Any other ideas from some of you?

Of course, I think inflammation is a concern for any of us over 50 ladies.  These recipes look good, warm and easy ! 4 Anti-Inflammatory Instant Pot recipes you should make for weight loss. 

Do any of you get caught up in the stories on the Nextdoor App.  Sometimes it is a little like a soap opera with many who are at home during the day reporting on happenings in the neighborhood.  Now, with videos on our doorbells, well meaning neighbors will share suspicious videos of people at the door. But, I digress…last week a woman on the app was disheartened to share that a recommendation on the app had resulted in a scam against her.  She was embarrassed to share too many details, but wanted everyone to know and be careful of the people and businesses recommended by neighbors.  She confessed to losing a lot of money.  Here is an article from AARP which may be helpful to some of you:  Many Older Americans Unaware of Common Scams, Survey Finds. Lack of Knowledge Puts Them at Risk.

It helps all of us to be educated about the dangers lurking around the corner.  

Please comment on any or all of these.  Did you notice that Hallmark and Lifetime began Christmas movies a couple of days ago?  It has also been cold in San Antonio so I am really in the spirit of it all and enjoying the fall season and anticipation of the holidays.  With that in mind I put together a slideshow today to get us ready for what is coming…It’s beginning to look a lot like……….Ok, I will stop here…


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