Casual Comfort For Holiday Madness from Blair

Over 50 Feeling 40 for Blair

It is difficult to believe how quickly the holidays are coming this year.  I have friends and family who have already decorated for Christmas!  There really is so much to be done and I am thankful to have a fun, functional fashion options with Blair. 

Casual Comfort From Blair

The Totes Storm Jackets are waterproof and perfect for all types of weather the country has been facing lately. TOTES is a trusted brand that has been around since 1923 offering us great water- resistant options.  Many of us know them for their umbrellas….well, let me tell you that  this jacket in the Chestnut color is great.  It has a fleece lining and zip through collar.

The jacket is styled with the Weekend Sweatshirt and Blair’s Flat Waist Bootcut Jeans that I can wear while helping with Christmas lights outside, running errands, or walking with grandchildren in the neighborhood.

I particularly like the Chickadees on this shirt and just like all the other Blair items I have worn recently…these garments are washable, warm, and comfy!

Pamela Lutrell in a pink Totes Jacket

If you prefer a brighter color in the TOTES jacket, check out this Mulberry!  I love how it matches the stripe in Blair’s Fresh Knit Sport Pant with a Very Berry Stripe.  This is a casual look that is functional, comfortable, easy to wear, but you feel good in it, because it is coordinated and gives you a stylish polish during a busy time of year.

Pamela Lutrell Shows Blairs Matching Colors

Remember, Blair offers us many colors and designs in the pieces we love. I need to run…it is a busy time.  Just remember we WEAR BLAIR WELL…and we need a reliable brand during a time when we don’t need to worry about what to wear.



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Your hair is fantastic. Thanks for sharing some great options. This Texas weather is so weird, so jackets are a great thing.

  2. You look Terrific! – love the slightly shorter haircut; this shape is really revealing your happy smile and makes me notice your cute glasses even more than before. I’d love it if you would talk one day about eyeglass/face shape/haircut choices. IDK, maybe that’s more than one topic . . . .they just all seem related.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Thank you, Connie! I will try to do that soon…I think I should interview the experts and write about it! Great idea!

  4. I like both jackets on you. May need to order one of these jackets. I live in Nebraska and we have changing weather all the time. This would be a great transition coat. I also noticed you hairstyle and it looks great on you.

  5. I think I need those sport pants for dashing from the car to the gym! I love the bright stripe! People in my neighborhood already have outside lights actually lit up. I like to separate the holidays a little more than that and wait until after Thanksgiving. Putting them up will happen this week since it will be warmer, but lighting will have to wait! I like your brown jacket. You wear this color so well!!

  6. Thanks, Karen! The pants are super soft and comfy! I am joining you…Christmas goes up the day after Thanksgiving!

  7. Great coats but the Mulberry is one is a winner, especially with the co-ordinatng stripe on the pants. I agree that your haircut looks terrific on you!

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