My Return to Goodwill SA for affordable, sustainable living

Pamela Lutrell for Goodwill San Antonio

I am so excited to announce my return as a blogger for Goodwill San Antonio and the support of affordable, sustainable living.  I worked for Goodwill SA for years, but after I left teaching, my busy life took over and shopping there on a monthly basis became difficult.  But, I missed my treasure hunts at Goodwill so much!  When they contacted me to return as a blogger, I did not hesitate….but shouted a resounding YES! and made a commitment to hunt out the specials on a monthly basis.

Our Goodwill San Antonio locations are simply amazing.  The population here is so generous to donate quality, beautiful items in support of this organization that helps those in need with job training, and veteran assistance, and more.   It is one of those companies you just feel good about supporting their mission.   And, I love the people who work in the locations.  They smile and are so friendly and helpful.

On my first trip out to see what I could find, I had the holidays on my mind.  But, you can tell in that first picture I found a beautiful brand new poncho by MARC New York for just $15.  This is a brand most often found at Macy’s and designs classic quality items.  I always find garments that are brand new, never worn items…so I just could not leave this one behind.  It also has beautiful gray suede ties on the poncho.  

Pamela Lutrell shops Goodwill SA

In my home, I have many Goodwill items in my holiday decorations….and I think all but two lamps in my house came from Goodwill SA.  This is a perfect time to find items for gift wrapping and recycled ornaments are beautiful ways to decorate a package.

Pamela Lutrell shops Goodwill SA

JOY is my favorite word…so I always look for ways to say JOY. This will be perfect on top of someone’s package.  This little Santa will join in with my vintage Santa collection when it is time to decorate the house.  Goodwill SA has helped me with several special Santas over the years.

Now, I did not buy either of the next two items, but I thought they were wonderful examples of how you could turn them into something special. I love to look for ways to reuse special items and even bless others with them.  Couldn’t you see making a welcome basket for someone new in the neighborhood?  Or a gorgeous new reading chair with the right upholstery touch.

Pamela Lutrell's Goodwill SA Finds

I always have so much fun on these trips and I make sure to take items to donate whenever I go to shop.   Look for a monthly post from now on to share with you my discoveries.  The next one will feature holiday gift and decor ideas! And, San Antonio, do not forget there are many great Goodwill SA locations.…easy to find. Veterans and Military Families get a discount every day and Wednesday are Senior days for discounts for those of us 55 and over.

Anyone else love to thrift?  Thanks for being here and



Disclaimer:  I was provided a gift card from Goodwill to shop with, but the words are my own.


  1. I love this new poncho! I occasionally browse in our local store but seldom find a “buy”! Your stores seem to attract a higher end donor. That might be it.
    I did find a cardigan for my mom when she went to a nursing home at age 96, and her favorite sweater disappeared after going out to laundry. But the Goidwill find had a hole in it that I, of course, missed. The price was low and Inshoukd have suspected, or done a better job of looking at it under arms etc. my fault.

  2. Don’t kick yourself Paulette! I only go to Goodwill when I have the time to really look things over. It takes time but is often worth it!

  3. Unfortunately the Salvation Arm near my home doesn’t have a very good selection of “used items”. I’m not near a upper class neighbor hood so the donations aren’t all that great. That being said, I do visit and I always come back without any purchase.

  4. Here in Palm Desert/Palm Springs it’s a thrifting mecca! We have Goodwill, Angelview, Revivals, Clothes Mentor and more. Whenever I drop a bag or item off I browse and very often find something. You never know what you’re going to find! Love your blog!

  5. I know some communities are better than others for thrift shopping! We are blessed in San Antonio!

  6. I stop by a local used clothing store occasionally. I have gotten some really good clothing there, at great prices. I wear petite, so that makes it even more difficult. My last “find” was 2 pair of NYDJ,s . If they had ever been worn, it was very gently. They looked new. I also bought a pair of Christopher Banks white Jean’s, with the tags still attached. They were all 2.50 each.

  7. I am looking forward to your monthly postings on your thrifting treasure hunts. Recently, I found a new coat, originally priced at $198, for $3.50. It’s perfect for fall. Also, a great place to find hardback books for $1.99. When I take a bag or two to donate I stop to browse if I have time. It’s also being environmentally responsible to thrift. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, repair. Happy shopping!

  8. Yes to all of it! Thanks Elsie! It seems I always leave with children’s books for the grandchildren!!

  9. Great find, Pamela! Had only shopped at thrift stores to recycle fabric finds and/or for lighting parts however did score a few items recently for myself as in two sweaters that I couldn’t find the style or shade I wanted, a few scarves, a long SS-rope chain vintage necklace and two beautiful (made in Italy) leather purses. All in excellent condition! In respect to thrift stores themselves I have four different ones in my area, however donate to the one that is called Bibles for Mission whose proceeds go toward the distribution of the Christian Bible world wide and is solely run by volunteers. -Brenda-

  10. I am wearing a Banana Republic merino wool sweater and Not Your Daughters jeans as I type. All Goodwill. Last year I found a $400 cashmere sweater there. I only buy items that are in new condition, in style and fit. There are hidden gems in those racks. It’s a low risk way to try a new color or style. (The cropped wide leg pants and mustard yellow are going back!)

  11. There is that chair again!! I don’t know what it is, it’s not my style, but honestly I don’t think I’d change a thing. It’s so unique! Sad to say, the Goodwill stores where I live are pretty shabby. I have donated so many things in the past two years as I continue to work toward downsizing, and each time hope that the donations bless someone because they are nice things. I have better luck at a few select consignment stores in the area. I too look for the new items. These places have been a great source for quality workout wear too!

  12. I found an LL Bean fleece vest at Goodwill for only $5. It was in perfect condition & I’m wearing it right now! I’ve had it for years – best money ever spent!

  13. I know they make a huge difference in our community. The poncho was a great find! Thanks Jennifer!

  14. Glad your back blogging for Goodwill. My daughter has built quite a resale business thanks to the Goodwill Outlet. I’ve got lots of personal testimonials for you from quarter day, including a designer handbag valued at $1600 for $3.

    Goodwill in our San Antonio community does amazing work, including free learning disability testing!

  15. Goodwill SA does such amazing work for the community, Kathe and I am so glad to hear about your daughter. Please email me those stories anytime and…yes, I want to see that bag!

  16. i love to thrift. but because of health issues i don’t get to explore these days. have trouble walking. our stores here aren’t the greatest. so the pickens are slim regarding clothes. but love the holiday items like you do.

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