Soft Surroundings: A brand embracing women over 50 for fashion, beauty and gifts

From online to in-store, Soft Surroundings is a company which embraces all women over 50 in their selections for fashion, beauty, and gift giving.  While many brands are targeting to much younger audiences, Soft Surroundings loves the women fifty and above.  If you have not visited a Soft Surroundings store, and you live near one, you simply must experience it.

Pamela Lutrell wearing beauty products from Soft Surroundings

I spent last Friday evening with the wonderful sales associates in the Soft Surroundings at The Shops of La Cantera and we had so much fun learning and sampling new beauty products, current fabulous fashions and looking over the well curated gift boxes available online and in store now.  Here I am wearing some of the new products which are made for our skin…like it not, which is aging.  These products help us to look our youthful best.  All you need to do is call the store near you, and make an appointment with the beauty specialist.  Then you have a quite, personal time in their lovely beauty department which is set back from all of the other shoppers so you get very personal attention. In San Antonio, make an appointment with Denise Ramos…you will love the time you spend with her.  Some of the products I liked the most were…..

Beyond Matte on Over 50 Feeling 40

This new Liquid Foundation is perfect for us from Jane Iredale, an all natural beauty brand even recommended by doctors.  It is a three in one product (love this, so much easier) and takes care of primer, concealer, and foundation all in one. This is a skincare infused makeup line with us in mind.  It is very light…which was what I was looking for.  I learned something new about application.  To put foundation on with a brush and to brush it with down strokes all over….I am always brushing up.  The brushing up motion makes it settle into the wrinkles more and brushing down gives a smoother finish….wish I had heard this one earlier!  I was so impressed with this product I am going to switch to it from the Bobbi Brown serum foundation I have been using for a long time.  I feel like it is healthier, prettier and more affordable.

Pamela Lutrell for BLUR to relax wrinkles

Speaking of wrinkles, the beauty specialist introduced me to this new Strivectin product which is an instant wrinkle blurring (softening) primer.  So if you like primer, put this on the wish list.  I have always been impressed with Strivectin products.  And with the product line from Veneffect. 

I have used the lip treatment before and it is like rubbing butter on your lips.  It softens and protects us from the feathering that begins to occur over 50.  Just helps us plump out the thinning lip even more. 

Now, in a future post I will bring you some more beauty tips from Soft Surroundings to help us get ready for the holiday social events.  I have these products in today’s slide show.  But, let’s go forward with gift ideas.

Pamela Lutrell shares gift ideas from Soft Surroundings

I have gifted Soft Surroundings to others for years and it always blesses those you give to.  You can trust that the products are first rate.  The buyers look the world over to find the best for women…especially women over 50.  As I was at the store last Friday, I can assure you that women in their 50s, 60s, 70s were shopping and buying there.  It was like a girl party for our friends!  They have pulled together several types of gift boxes which are fun and luxurious.

Pamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings Gift Sets

Over 50 Feeling 40 for Soft Surroundings Gift Sets

Pamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings Gift Sets

I want to give a personal recommendation to the Faux Fur Throws.  I have loved mine for years and it is just an incredible gift to give…especially to those in colder climates.  I highly recommend.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in 2019 holiday fashions for Soft Surroundings

With my makeup looking so pretty, I just had to try on some of the fabulous fashions Soft Surroundings has out at this time.  They are stunning and if you want to make a statement, there are plenty in store and online to select from.

Over 50 Feeling 40 for Soft SurroundingsPamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings

I have a full slide show for you below and, as I said, will share more ideas later….but go by a location if you are able to.  They are beautiful and the associates will treat you like family.  Dressings rooms, bathrooms, and the store are all gorgeous with French Country flair.  I want to thank the ladies at The Shops of La Cantera!  Denise, you were great in beauty!  We had so much fun.



Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.  


  1. I have always enjoyed my visits to Soft Surroundings. The stores are lovely with such large dressing rooms, and I do like the clothes! I have not yet tried the makeup, but will have to do that. While I’m not currently wearing foundation, I’m always interested in the anti-aging products, mascaras, that sort of thing. Those throws are the perfect gift!

  2. I recently visited a nearby Soft Surroundings and it was such a pleasure. I felt like the staff rolled out the red carpet especially for me … the saleswoman showed me around the store when I told her it was my first visit … and never once made me feel obligated to purchase anything. I plan to go back and enjoy discovering their products with the beauty specialist.

  3. Oh, such lovely things! It’s nice to see pretty clothing, not distressed in some not so pretty colors. I would imagine the background music was soothing. A subtle fragrance is always welcome.

  4. The Veneffect line was developed by a Louisville gynecologist and her sister. I met them when they hosted a special event at the local Soft Surroundings store here in Louisville. Very impressed with their skin care line and with them. So knowledgeable about aging skin and delightful gals!

  5. Some lovely pieces and I found there is a store not far from me. I went to their website to find their slack lengths are 29/30.5 inches which doesn’t work for a woman 5’11”!
    I’ve been a Bobbi Brown user for years, love most all of her products & would feel lost without her face oil but they are $$$. Will have to look into Veneffect thank you Pamela, enjoy your informative posts.

    1. They sell pants for Talls so you ask about that with sales associates. Make a beauty appointment and test the Jane Iredale products. Let me know what you think!

  6. Would love to visit a store some time. I’ve been a fan of the Metro jeans for a few years can you give some advice on the pants they replaced them with?

    1. Yes, I have tried the new pants and like them a lot! They are a great fit and very comfortable. Now, that I have tried them, I am not as sad about the Metro Leggings phasing out. I do highly recommend. Thanks for asking Donna!

  7. Hi Pam, last week you had a slide show of gifts for below 50.00. On that slideshow I found a wrap from soft Surroundings at a great price. I ordered 13 of them. 11 for my staff, one for a grandmother on my adapt a family list and of course one for me. Shopping for my staff each year is so difficult due to different sizes, tastes, and styles. I’m thrilled I found such a quality gift in my price range. I look forward to actually visiting a Soft Surroundings store based on your review. I always enjoy their website. Betty

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