Over 50 Feeling 40 What to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is just about a week away, so it is appropriate to discuss what to wear to the all important dinner; however, it is not that easy to answer the question.  There are many ways we will be celebrating Thanksgiving:

  1. As a guest in someone else’s home
  2. As a guest for a meal in a restaurant or hotel
  3. As a cook inviting others into our homes
  4. As a small event with maybe ourselves or one other with a to-go tray and relaxing enjoyment.

All of these are great, but can require different types of styles.  I am number 3!  I will be hosting family and friends in my home…doing most of the cooking…and, with my style, going for what I call . CASUAL CHIC!  No matter which number you are, make sure you are going for something you will feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

I have always loved denim and black and think it will be a great combo for me again this year.  Taking blue jeans up a notch, just speaks Casual Chic to me.  Our meal is going to be later in the day in order for grandchildren to get their naps in.  So, during the day, I will most likely be in pajamas while I am getting things going.  My desserts, cornbreads for the dressing, and sweet potato casserole are made the day ahead.  I will finish my dressing during the day in an apron. 

At some point, I will get ready wearing this Mock Turtleneck from Eileen Fisher, my new Ultimate Relaxed Straight Jeans from Soft Surroundings, and my super comfy ECCO boots from Dillards.  Happy feet are imperative for a long day with family, cooking, cleaning, loving.  Right before we eat, I will take off the apron and slip on this beautiful sparkly Eileen Fisher jacket I got at holiday time last year…love it and it adds just a sparkle touch of fun to my causal chic look.  The icing on the cake is this new necklace from Soft Surroundings….the Audrey Amethyst Necklace.  It is gorgeous and in the slide show below.  Our Thanksgiving always involves eating, talking, laughing, football, and outdoor play, so the jeans work better than a different pant for this day.  

Most of my recipes were handed down through family and tweaked a little by me.  The dressing always gets the most applause (unless you are my sons and that would be my mashed potatoes for them).  So, here is an added treat ….my turkey and dressing soup recipe!  

Now, remember….success is in the turkey stock…don’t be tempted to buy stock in a box!

Pamela Lutrell's turkey stock for holiday dressing

I do not know why I named this older post the way I did but the TURKEY AND DRESSING SOUP IS HERE.

Pamela Lutrell's Veggie Mixer for Holiday Dressing


This just makes me hungry and gets me ready for the real dressing and all that goes with it. If you want me to post that recipe, then let me know.  It is a delicious cornbread dressing handed down through my mother’s family. 

One more thing…take the time to decorate your table.  You can use items growing in the yard or around the house, but it does make the meal so special….and kids do take note.  Here are a couple of ideas. The second table shows how to decorate it with succulents…a Southwestern flair!  A serape is the table cloth…color and appropriate!

Over 50 Feeling 40 decorates the table for Thanksgiving

Over 50 Feeling 40 Thanksgiving Dinner table with succulents

If you look and feel you best, and take time to make a fabulous meal and decorate the room special….then it is very easy to celebrate, enjoy the day and 


Over 50 Feeling 40 and Smiles

Today’s slideshow has some of these fashion choices, as well as, hostess gift Ideas…in case some of you will be attending Thanksgiving in another home! Always take a hostess gift…no matter how small!

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