Headlines for Women over 50  

Good morning, ladies!  Grab your favorite pumpkin spice and let’s discuss Today’s News for Women over 50 (the new branding for News for Women of a Certain Age)!  These are headlines I find for you that I believe you will find interesting.  I curate the news just for ladies over 50!  Because we deserve it. 

Feel free to comment on one or any of the articles below.  For some reason, this post ended up full of my personal stories…you can learn from some of my mistakes today.

Pamela Lutrell reports headlines for women over 50

Back in my 20s I wore very heavy hoop earrings because I wanted to look like the girlfriends of The Beatles…remember Patti Boyd and Cynthia Lennon!  I was on a business trip in New York when I first ripped through my ear lobe.  I did not want to go to an emergency clinic in Manhattan! It was eventually fixed, but did not hold long…even with light earrings.  So, this article Ouch! Read this before buying your next pair of heavy earrings is a good reminder for any age.  Yes, I walk around with a ripped earlobe and rarely wear a clip on earring.  So sad!

Pamela Lutrell finds headlines for Women Over 50

I like anything which will help us to strengthen our brains and our thinking.  This article is from INC Magazine, Train Your Brain to Remember Anything You Learn With This Simple, 20-Minute Habit.

Pamela Lutrell Curates News for Women over 50

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture.  In college, my roomies and I would wrap bread and cheese in foil and iron it!   Worked for college, but there are better ways now.  Cold weather, grilled cheese and soup just go together like chocolate and marshmallows!!  Here is an article from Taste of Home, showing The Best Ever Grilled Cheese Sandwich!  I have to try this…with tomato soup, of course! So glad, I don’t have to iron my sandwiches now!

Pamela Lutrell curates headlines for Women Over 50

The older I get, the harder time changes are to cope with…even this recent one where we gained an hour.  I, for one, am on board with not messing with it.   This opinion piece Turn Back the Clock on Daylight Savings: Why Standard Time all Year Round is the Healthy Choice got my attention because I am tired! I can see where it might be a healthier choice.  Does anyone live in a state where you have thrown Daylight Saving Time out the window?  Please share your experience…or is there someone who believes we really need to do this?? Would love to hear what you think.

Pamela Lutrell curates news headlines for women over 50

The final story today has no link…just a warning.  Recently, I got up to go to work…went through my morning routine…very rushed…left out the gym that day…and when I had driven about two miles, I began to pass out behind the wheel of my car.  Fortunately I was able to pull into a Walmart and call my husband.  The world was spinning and I knew I was moments away from going completely dark.  I ended up in the Emergency Room of a nearby hospital.  I suppose when you are in your 60s, they are going to check first for stroke and heart issues…which is what they did.  I just lay on the table feeling loopy for a few hours as they did almost every test (very expensive) available…including a brain scan.  It would be a couple of hours later before they finally began to pump fluids in me.  After two bags of fluids, I started to feel like myself and gain my faculties again.  That weekend had been very hot…in the upper 90s with high humidity.  I had helped my husband clean out the garage and then attended my grandchildren’s outdoor birthday party…both involved lots of sweat.  In hindsight I did not drink my usual amount of water.  Good News is…according to all those tests, I am healthy!  Bad News is….I now have lots of bills to pay because I did not drink water.  Diagnosis:  Sever Hydration.  Stay hydrated, ladies…it matters alot!

Please comment on any of the news….enjoy the slideshow (remember gift ideas through Christmas will be in the slideshows as well as fun fashion)…and always (even when you made a big mistake like not drinking water)………………………


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