Happy Casual Friday, everyone! At least that is what most of the professional world calls this day, but celebrations of casual clothing reminds me of why I chose years ago to officially leave most tee shirts in my past.  

The majority of my time as a working mother and high school teacher was spent in a tee shirt of some type.  So when I went through my reinvention at age 50, I decided it was a look I no longer wanted to embrace….because when I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who did not care about herself.  This is how I typically looked at that time…

Over 50 Feeling 40 says goodbye to tee shirts

I have a couple of what I call “cool message tees” that every now and then I wear under a suit jacket with jeans. The fit better than the oversized ones I previously wore.  But, I cannot remember the last time I have even done that.  I want my casual style to send the message that I care about myself and I am still a strong, savvy, creative, approachable woman.  Working on a large university campus means I am surrounded by school/athletic tee shirts on Fridays, but I will not go back there.  It is not a confident look for me.

Pamela Lutrell wears fall plaid for casual Friday

About this outfit…this little plaid poncho was a recent Marshall’s find and I am wearing it with a long sleeved knit JJILL top; the jeans are from Soft Surroundings; and these are my ECCO booties in the FIG color which are so comfy.  (I have three of these in the slideshow below).

Does anyone else have garments they have chosen to leave behind?  Please share and I hope all of you had a fabulous week. The slideshow below will have a few gift ideas within.  See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It and please, please……..



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