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Grab your coffee, ladies and let’s get Friday started with the top news headlines for women over 50.  This is when I share with you some articles I have found around the world of communications that you might find interesting.  Just remember that if you ever read anything hear that makes you want to change something about your personal health routine to discuss it first with your doctor…make sure you are on the same page!

I am really curious to see what you think of this first article, so let’s get started………………………

Pamela Lutrell shares news for women over 50

When I saw this headline THIS SCIENTIST BELIEVES AGING IS OPTIONAL, I whispered…yeah right!  But, click on the headline from Outside Magazine, read the article and leave your thoughts in the comments.  I am just not convinced that it is an option!

Pamela Lutrell shares news about confidence

I just had to include the next article since my blog is all about having confidence in yourself.  So from INC magazine, here is 6 Unexpected Habits of the Most Confident People.

Would anyone like to share your struggles or victories with confidence?

Pamela Lutrell shares news about bananas for women over 50

We learn something new every day and when I read this news about bananas, I thought to myself, well I just learned something new.  Read IF YOU DON’T EAT A BANANA EVERY DAY, THIS MIGHT CONVINCE YOU TO START.

Pamela Lutrell reports news on happiness

My motto is KEEP SMILING…most of you know that by now…and I am a huge believer of finding smiles within the hard times…so this article caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you….REASON TO SMILE: HAPPINESS IS THE MOST DOMINANT HUMAN EXPRESSION, STUDY FINDS.

Pamela Lutrell's Elf on Shelf Poem

Finally, this is a personal story for all of the Grandmothers out there.  All of my grandchildren have an Elf on the Shelf visit their two houses every year.  Last year, the oldest (who was 5 at the time) said, “Gigi, what is your Elf’s name?”  His elf is named Jolly.  I said (knowing full well that I had no elf)….”Oh, Luke, her name is Christmas Candy.”  From that point on during early December, he would ask me questions about Christmas Candy and what she was up to.  It was just before Christmas when it hit me that they were headed to my house and I needed an ELF!  I went to two places but found the last girl Elf on the Shelf on December 22!  But, at least I had Christmas Candy to bring home…even better, she is Hispanic.  Having a multicultural Elf in San Antonio is Perfect.  Feliz Navidad!  So, after December 25, Christmas Candy and Jolly went off to be with Santa on a beach somewhere to relax.  Side note:  My two year old granddaughter named her Elf, Apple Pie.  None of us know why!!

I decided to get in the spirit of it all early this year…so I wrote this poem and asked my daughter to read it to the boys…She said they were pleased.  So feel free, all you Grandmas, to get an elf and to use my poem!! Anything to bring Christmas smiles to little ones!

Dear GiGi,

The cold winds are blowing, the time must be near

For Christmas celebrations of joy and good cheer.

Jolly and I have been off of the shelf

But look forward to coming back as your elf.

Do you have the cookies ready?

Do you have hot chocolate poured?

Remember, with elves around

You will not be bored.

Have you been very good and helped your mom and dad?

Remember, there are no surprises for boys who are bad.

For now, bells are quiet, and no trees have gone up.

There are no gifts wrapped, or red Santa cups.

There are no wreaths on the doors, or stockings to hang…

But, when Jolly and I return….it will be with a bang!

Christmas is only 47 days away!  (even closer now!)


Christmas Candy, Gigi’s Elf on the Shelf and Jolly





  1. Your elf poem is so delightful. I will pass it on to my daughters who often threaten to “ice” their elves! I look forward to the articles you pass on and always find them informative and useful. I am particularly interested in slowing down the aging. This spring we are taking our 13 year old twin granddaughters to Europe. Its never too late to get in shape and stall that aging process. I’m boosting my efforts now!

    1. What an amazing trip for you to take with granddaughters, Connie! Making memories! And yes….use the poem! Hope they like it!

  2. My thought upon the reading the article about aging being optional was a line from a George Strait song, “There’s difference between living & living well.” Freezing & starving to live to be 100 is not my idea of a life well lived. I enjoy going for a walk when it’s cold, but I do it appropriately dressed. Changing to a healthy diet is not a bad thing, but you can do that without being hungry.
    On a lighter note, I love your poem. It made me smile, & that’s a good thing. I’m sure your grandchildren will enjoy it. Be sure to treasure all the wonderful memories you make with your grandchildren because they grow up so fast.

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