Pamela Lutrell discusses what women over 50 wear

I cannot believe how fast the days go sometimes!  It is already time for another Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.  We find fashion displays while out and about and bring to you the ones we wonder what you would think about the clothing.  We ask you to look the display over and tell the readers if you would or would not wear the clothing and explain why it doesn’t work for you.  Please keep it personal to you, so that if someone likes or dislikes the opposite, they will not get offended by your remarks.  All of us can say, oh that would or would not work for me because……….

Over 50 Feeling 40 asks women if they would wear this

You may certainly tell us what you think of both outfits in my first picture.  But, it was this sweater which made me want to bring it before my audience.  Look the display over and then tell us, ladies………………………………………….


Make sure you go to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer found for us this week!

Yesterday after work, I went out and about to stop at a few stores and picture dinner for me and Mr. B.  It was cold and I was dressed accordingly. It was dark at 6:00.  I went into Bath & Bodyworks and all of their Christmas scented candles were out with Christmas music playing.  The whole outing just felt like Christmas…which I love and I am not complaining about.  It just amazes me how it seemed we went from 100 degree days and summer to Christmas so quickly.  

In the spirit of it all, I hope you have enjoyed the gifts in my slide shows and I will continue with it until shopping days are over for this holiday season.  Now, tell us what you think about these mannequins and as always…………………………….


Now for some gift ideas!


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