Pamela Lutrell discusses style goals for 2020

Happy New Year with 2020 Personal Style Goals we can all reach…..While I hate to see Christmas end, January 1 always arrives with the hope of a new tomorrow, a fresh start, another year.  For those of us over 50 (some well over 50), it is a reminder that life is short making each moment and each decision count a little bit more while we rapidly watch the days go by.  I have been blogging for one decade, and now that I am entering the second one, I so desire to take this blog further and encourage even more women.  Why?  Because I know too many who are despondent and down on their lives over 50….it is time to enjoy each moment.

Over 50 Feeling 40 Style Goal #1 2020

As we enter 2020, why don’t we make some intentional goals to have some fun and make improvements for this new year? Not, unreachable goals such as planning to win the lottery, but attainable goals we can see immediate results from practicing. I have seven posts to bring to you with suggestions for your 2020 goal setting.  I do so much better when I have a plan…without one, I am quick to hit that goal every time.  (Do you get what I am saying?) I will give you five sets of style goals one set of beauty goals, and one set of good health/lifestyle goals.   Then at the end of the year, you can tell us how you did!  This is to motivate you to be your best YOU in 2020 and set goals with purpose and determination.

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So, let’s begin with a better understanding of our own personal style.  Like it or not, you do have a personal style and what you wear says something about you ….no matter how much or little effort you put into it.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Fall fashion trends 2019


Style Goal #1:  Decide What Your Clothing Says About You

This is the year to develop a confident, rock solid personal style.  What does that mean?  Am I asking you to look like women on television or in magazines?  Far from it.  I am asking you to think about this:  What does your clothing say about you?  When people pass you on the street, what message are they getting about you from the way you dress?  Do they see someone who cares about herself?  Do they see someone who is joyful and fun?  Do they see someone who is depressed?  Do they see someone who is intelligent and engaged in life?

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Soft Surroundings Topper

Since my re-invention, I have used adjectives to shape my personal style.  I select five adjectives and ask myself every day when I dress, am I communicating those adjectives with the way I look.  When we are consistent to communicate those adjectives over and over again, then we develop a personal style.  People begin to say, “I saw an outfit the other day that looks exactly like you.”  They can do that when we are consistent with the messages our clothing speaks. This also helps us to have more focused, successful shopping…when we ask in the dressing room, what does this say about me?

Over 50 Feeling 40 Style Tip for Fall 2019

I ask if my outfit says that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.  By including the word “creative,” I can add fun accessories and prints or enjoy color in creative ways.  There are outfits of mine on this page from 2019.  I wanted you to see that they are consistent with my adjectives.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Soft Surroundings topper

So, your first goal recommendation is to enter the new year with five adjectives you want to speak with your clothing.  Then you have to be true to them when you dress and when you shop.  I promise at the end of the year, you will understand and own a personal style.  If you will email your adjectives to, then I will select one or two slideshows for you with how you can communicate your selections.  I will email you when your adjectives are going to be featured.

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This way of planning your outfits builds incredible confidence.  You begin to see how you can look in a mirror every day and say, “this is me. “It is very empowering and can be so much fun.

Stylist Stacy London in her book The Truth about Style writes of the positive power found when we control our image:

“Style is a form of self-expression and aspiration.  Style is there for you to use, to constantly re-evaluate to see yourself differently.  It isn’t superficial, and it is never just about clothes. Think of it as a “Hello, my name is ____________” tag, and life as one big convention. It is a tool of opportunity to help demonstrate the possible.  With style, you can see change quickly and feel it viscerally and the belief in your own power translates to other areas of your life. It’s not an overstatement to say that style teaches me over and over how to live in my skin. It helps me to find courage and confidence and control when I feel I have none. I love the world of style for its transformative power.”  She says we have the never -ending ability to improve.

I believe Stacy London’s is the most important book I have seen written on style.  She addresses the whole person and importance of confidence. It helped me dramatically years ago.  Let’s begin this new decade with new goals to be the best we can be and come out every day with smiles and confidence no matter who we are or what we do with our time.


Start thinking now…what do you want to say about you in 2020.  Sometimes it helps to write a long list of adjectives and narrow done to five.  Having less is fine…whatever works for you.  Looking our confident best will help you to do more, achieve more, enjoy more, and smile more.  As we get further into this month, I will share with you some new ways that I am going to communicate my five messages.  I also have specifics coming in the Style Goal 2020 posts. This should be an enjoyable week that gets you planning and thinking.

Has anyone already set style goals for the new decade?  Please share, and make sure you have a……………………………………………………………………………………………….





By Pamela Lutrell

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