Pamela Lutrell in linen for warmer winters

When Mr. B and I ventured to downtown San Antonio last week, it ended up to be a warmer, mid-70s, kind of December day.  We do not really know from one weekend to the next weather it will be cold, warm, muggy or drizzly here in South Texas.  We I leave to go somewhere within the city, I must be prepared.

Pamela Lutrell on San Antonio Riverwalk

You can see the sun was brightly shining down upon us, but this was at noon.  When we went that morning, it was cold and the restaurants had heaters going by the outdoor tables.  I chose to wear a linen jacket with the sleeves down and this Michael Kors sweater scarf, but by the time noon arrived, the tabs on the jacket came out to pull up the sleeves, and the scarf eventually was tucked into a shopping bag I was carrying from one of my purchases.  It just got hotter and hotter through the afternoon, but once the sun went down the temperature dropped pretty quickly.  I would recommend linen in a warmer winter climate and layers which can be adjusted as the temps go higher in the day.  I am glad there are linens which come in fall and winter colors.


Pamela Lutrell visits Paris Hatters

Layers get me through a downtown visit like this one where we stopped by the famous Paris Hatters to look at hats. You can tell with that sun on my face above that I really need a hat.  This is Alex and she does embroidery on the hats that make them personal and unique where special order hats is just one of the top ways it is done here.   One of my style goals this year is to find a perfect hat for me!  I will be returning here when I do not have father and son who were ready to move on!  Just go to the Paris Hatters Website here and see their impressive list of clients…I may not be an Eric Clapton or Paul McCartney, but I would like to find the perfect hat and make the customer list!

Pamela Lutrell in horse drawn carriage in San Antonio

Everyone and every horse are dawned in their finest in downtown SA so I am happy to keep it simple in a layered casual look with good, comfortable walking shoes and allow everyone else to be star!  

What are your favorite winter garments to wear when the climate is warm?   Please share…I know there are some of you Texas and Florida ladies out there! I have some fun pieces in today’s slideshow today…this is a great time to purchase linen garments you can wear all year long!



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