Cold Weather Wear: I’m a little classic, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll!

Pamela Lutrell in classic camel coat

We are actually experiencing cold weather this year in South Texas, and please don’t get frustrated with me when I say this…I LOVE IT!  I know it is a hardship for many of you.  But, fall and winter fashions have always been my favorites and I love seasonal weather just to mix things up a bit.  Because I am a professional in a creative industry, I sometimes dress very classic and sometimes a more creative rock ‘n’ roll approach.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in a Camel Coat

For cold weather, I just love a camel coat as part of my professional wardrobe.  I also love neutrals and I love to mix them up…they all look beautiful together.  This cashmere scarf was a recent purchase on Nordstrom Rack and it is so soft and pretty.  I have one grey pants, a black turtleneck and brown boots but with the addition of this multi-neutral scarf, it all works so well.  My black leather James Avery bag was given to me last Christmas from my husband and is my perfect work bag.  But, on other days, I like to have a bit more fun and add some rock n roll…..

Pamela Lutrell in rock n roll fashion

This outfit is fun and it is faux…faux fur and leather in the leather pants from Soft Surroundings.  This is what I call a statement piece.  I like to have them in my wardrobe, but because they are memorable, I do not wear them often…but just for a little fun when going out, like to the San Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas.

Over 50 Feeling 40 at the San Antonio Riverwalk

Pamela Lutrell in faux fur and faux leather

I live in a space where I can store a box with my statement pieces inside and not feel like, right now, I have to move them along.  I do not own that many but what I have, I really love.  Standing out and owning a room is no problem for me…I do not mind the attention as long as it is for my confidence and joy.  I just discovered this new, ecological  Earth Kind moth treatment and will be using it when I re-organize my closet after Christmas.  One of the boxes on statement pieces will have a pouch with them.

Pamela Lutrell for Earth Kind Moth Pouches

So how are these looks the same woman?  Well, I will explain that further next week when I discuss some Style Goals for You for 2020.  Both have been me since I turned 50, and I share this plan of mine often.  Tomorrow, I will be here with Jennifer for Would You Wear It? and there are similar pieces to these in the slideshow below!  Thank you for a great week, ladies…I loved hearing from so many of you!  



  1. I like your camel coat and the examples in the slide show. That’s a color that’s currently missing from my coat wardrobe and I’ve been looking for one. They seem to go quickly in the stores! Your poncho is great, especially with the fur trim! I think we all have multiple sides to our style and aren’t just one way or the other. As far as fashion goes, I don’t want to be too predictable so like how you are giving a voice to the different aspects of your personality.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about the cold! I live in Florida and am so HAPPY when the temps drop in the 50s and 40s. I love wearing velvet leggings, and sweaters! I miss wearing all those luscious fabrics. 90% of the time I am wearing shorts and tee shirts here in Florida.

  3. Pam, I am here to say I LOVE the poncho and the black gloves with button detail. You look splendid and ready for chilly temps.

  4. Your camel coat is fabulous! I had one back in the early ’70’s and wore it to death. That may have to be my new coat for winter. You look fab in the poncho/cape. What a fun outfit!

  5. You look absolutely the BEST in your camel cost with scarf and equally spectacular in the faux fur trimmed capelet! Wow. I wish I could purchase myself one of each lol. Maybe during winter sales!
    By the way I love cold weather too! And I live up North ! Heat and humidity do me no favors! To each her own I say.!

  6. Hi! I just found your blog. I live in Arlington, Texas and enjoy when the temps drop. I love your poncho . It is beautiful!

  7. You look fabulous in both outfits! I would love to find a camel coat that works with my cool complexion. Fashion should be fun and you are rocking it!! Glad you are having some cool weather, so you can wear your beautiful clothes. I’m not a fan of heat and humidity. I live in the Denver area and love our winters! Fall and winter clothes are my favorite. We are expecting snow this weekend and I hope it stays on the ground until Christmas!!!

  8. I love both options! The camel coat is so classic, & the faux fur trimmed cape is so fun. I have recently started paying more attention to my outerwear. For years, if it kept me warm and/or dry, it was fine. Now, I want to add some style along with the practicality.

  9. Thanks Kat! We are having a springlike weekend but the cold is coming again next Tuesday!

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