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Pamela Lutrell asks If women would wear it

Well, the days are flying by toward Christmas and New Year’s and it is already time once again for Would You Wear It with me and my California/Canadian friend, Jennifer!   Just in case there is a newbie, Jennifer and I go around our towns in two very different parts of the country and find fashion displays which make us wonder if you would or would not wear what is styled on the mannequins.  When you comment, please explain why or why not the outfit does or does not work for you personally.  It will help other women when thinking about these styles for themselves and their lifestyles and body types.  This is one of those days that most of the readers like to read the comments.

Over 50 Feeling 40 asks of the audience would wear this

You might also want to comment if you would do something differently were you to be the fashion display designer or if you like their work here.  Once you comment on my mannequin, please go over to A Well Styled Life and let Jennifer know what you think of her discovery this week.  Then, I do hope you will come back to enjoy the slide show I have for you below.  So many great sales going on right now (and a big announcement below from one of our regular sponsors here). It is a good time to shop for personal gifts as well.  Now, look over my mannequin above and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Would You Wear It?

Since you enjoyed the Street Style Posts so much this week, here is a extra.  When I saw the colors on this mannequin, I remembered taking a shot of this necklace a woman was wearing with similar colors.  We get so many great ideas from watching other women.

Pamela Lutrell shares a street style accessory

Thank you for being here.  I so appreciate you and all of the suggestions sent this past week.  You guys are amazing.  Now, BIG NEWS today at Soft Surroundings…NO SHIPPING FEES when you order today (USE THE CODE SHIPFREEDAY)!  SO, make sure to look over the slideshow full of several retailers, comment, and…………………………………………………………………….




  1. Good morning Pam, I love this outfit and would wear it. I especially like that the topper covers you but accentuates the waist. I like the necklace you show in the second picture with this outfit. Have a great day! Betty Bell

    1. I love it. It accentuates the waist nicely and I would wear as shown with tall boots as longish skirts are not normally my go to look. This us a very nice holiday look!
      Thank you!

  2. I like this outfit, I always think red & black are great together.
    For my pear shape, I’d remove the belt & see how that would look. This outfit looks a bit “bunched” with the belt & I don’t need any extra volume below the waist!

  3. I don’t wear big swaths of red next to my already ruddy face, but I would certainly style an outfit this way. It’s next-level without being a jacket.
    The belt pulls something that is pretty baggy in, and even if you don’t have a lot of indent at your waistline I think that’s defining. I own a brown woven belt that’s leftover from the low-rise pant days -meaning it’s big enough!- and it would go great with this.
    If you really didn’t go for the belt you could do kind of a half-belt where you let one side be outside the belt and batten down the other side.
    BTW Pam- your shorter hair looks nice.

  4. I would definitely wear this outfit – black and red is one of my favourite colour combinations. I might shorten the necklace about 2 inches so it doesn’t sit on the belt.

  5. I love combining red and black, especially during the holidays. I am presuming this is a large blanket scarf that has been belted over the all black outfit? I would think the belt would be restrictive and not allow you to move your arms freely. I have yet to figure out how to style these massive blanket scarves that are so popular. Too much material to work with. Saying all of this, I do not care for this particular outfit. A smaller scarf in the same pattern tied around the neck would be the perfect accent to the all black. Add red shoes and clutch for a winning combination.

  6. For me the colour is the wrong red, and I do prefer some definition for the shoulders. I think the necklace is a bit too dainty for the outfit and would prefer a chunky piece a bit shorter. It interferes with the belt as is. If I saw this on another person I would most likely admire it, just not on me. I like the shots of street style and the necklace today is one I would really love. Great addition to the blog.

  7. Hi Pam – I’m a hard “no” on this one. I wear warm colors better than red and black. I also tend to gravitate towards combinations with less contrast. Works better for my medium hair and medium eyes. There is a lot of fabric around the middle of this outfit and that’s an area I prefer not to emphasize. What works here: The column of color with a wrap on top in a different color. I would probably do camel top + bottom and a wrap in a rust or olive.
    Have a great day!

  8. Yes, I would definitely try this outfit. It looks really pulled together and attractive. Also, I love red.
    Have a great day!!

  9. I love red and black together, and enjoy wearing red very much. However, the oversized look doesn’t work on me. I like the topper so much that I’d try it with very slim black pants or a pencil skirt to see if that would work. I’d definitely try. The skirt here, or dress, appears too big and loose to work with a loose fitting jacket. If I passed thus display I’d first notice the topper and be drawn in, but would find this a sloppy presentation. I’d sure try a few tweaks!

  10. I like this alot! But….I’d prefer a shorter necklace. Can’t see how long the skirt is, hope it’s midcalf and worn with black leather boots❤️

  11. Love red and black! I like the styling of the wrap/ruana with a belt. I’ve done this before and if the wrap is light enough and doesn’t bunch it’s a good look for the office (in my case, the chilly library!). The belt holds it all together. My only change would be the length of that necklace; it needs to be shorter so you don’t get hooked onto that belt. Thanks for showing the necklace/pin. I’m going to try that!

  12. I love black and red and this outfit offers some good components for a perfect outfit. The necklace is wimpy and too long…interfering with the belt. The outfit as is would look great on a six feet tall, 120 pound woman. Too much fabric gathered at a place most of us would rather disguise. Also would not be a flattering look for a full-figured woman. After all that criticism, the outfit does spark ideas. Will definitely have to try the necklace/pin combination.

  13. I think it’s a great look, but for me personally I would wear the topper with black cigarette pants and ankle boots. It would also work with jeans and knee high boots. I think it would look better with a shorter chunky necklace.
    Love the necklace in the second picture!

  14. I probably wouldn’t wear this. First , I don’t know how I would get a coat on to wear over it. A coat is essential this time of year in Minnesota. Aside from that there seems to be just too much fabric gathered up around the waist. I think the concept of the belt was a great idea, it was just the wrong top. I don’t wear mock turtlenecks because they emphasize the roundness of my face. And finally, as others have said, the necklace is too long. That poor model will strangle herself when it gets caught on the belt buckle! Can’t imagine why the stylist chose it.

  15. I would not wear the black and red outfit – though I love the colours together – because there is too much fabric volume at the waist and hips. I would, however, love to have the coat the other mannequin is wearing!!

  16. Well I’m the 6’ women, not 120 pounds, but I would certainly wear this outfit with a shorter, chunkier necklace & black knee high boots or with black slacks, skinny or flowing. This is a combo that just exudes happy & merry.
    Thanks so much for the “Would you wear it?” posts; they are always thought provoking even when the clothing may not be for me, personally.

  17. I love black and red together but I wouldn’t wear this outfit as shown. I don’t like mock-turtlenecks so I’d want a top with a different neckline. The delicate necklace and heavy belt buckle don’t work together. The outfit would look better with a shorter and chunkier necklace or several lighter and shorter necklaces worn together. Wearing a belt over a ruana would not be a good look for me. ‘I like the ruana but even without a belt, I don’t think I’d wear a flowy coverup over an A-line skirt. The ruana would work over the slim black velvet pants I’m wearing tonight!

    a-line skirt

  18. I love this outfit. I don’t wear skirts often these days, but I might wear this one with black tights & black pumps. The skirt is a good length for me. The plaid topper with the belt is classic with a twist. I might shorten the necklace as I don’t like it hitting right at the belt buckle.

  19. This is such a striking look!

    I’m not sure if it’s one for me as the extra bulk in the middle might be too much for my shorter height. However, I’d try it.

    The colors and details are just lovely!

  20. For my body the top adds too much volume at the waist and the necklace seems to draw attention to the area I want to hide.

  21. I like the outfit but would experiment on belting just the front section Looks like too much fabric bunches up if belted all the way around. Face it, if it looks bunched up on a mannequin, what would it do for me?? I do this a lot with ponchos or ruanas-let the back hang free and show the belt only in the front.
    Love red and black, would probably wear skinny black pants with this.

  22. Lovevred and black! Looks like it is made for a tall, thin lady. Not meeting thstdescrption, I would wear no belt and wear the”blanket” with skinny black jeans.

  23. Nice holiday outfit for someone else. I would look like I’m wearing a blanket so no. I would wear the necklace. Happy Holidays!

  24. Regardless I do not own a Ruana I do like them and have worn a ‘blanket scarf’ similar to the way shown however when I do, I use a skinny belt and it is often a go-to in my Fall wardrobe. As to the skirt, prefer more tailored (not A-Line) but do like its length (would wear it with long shafted boots) and would change out the sweater to a turtle neck. (Speaking namely for myself, I avoid mock turtle’s as for me they just accentuate the wretched ‘horizontal neck lines’ that seemed to have miraculously appeared …. ☺. ) As for the necklace; feel in this case it is too long as competes with the buckle on the belt. (If it were similar to a rope chain, I would more than likely knot it to shorten it up.) Last but not least, I do like the window pane plaid of the Ruana however do not wear red but feel it would look amazing on those who can wear such a color. -Brenda-

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