Pamela Lutrell writes her Christmas listI think what most grandmothers want for Christmas is the whole family to be together and that is certainly at the top of my list.  However, some have asked what Gigi wants for Christmas that can be wrapped and placed under the tree. (Forget, world peace, then!)   Now, that we are six days away, I probably should answer that question.  So, I put together a slideshow of what I would love to see under the tree.  You can see if some of you agree and want to check these things out!  Maybe next year, I should do this earlier…I am about to find out if my family reads the blog!

But, wait, there’s more…perhaps I am getting a little carried away!

KEEP SMILING, EVERYONE!  (Now, Santa…let’s talk!)

Pamela Lutrell's Image of Mall Santa



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