Dear Santa, Here is My Christmas List

Pamela Lutrell writes her Christmas listI think what most grandmothers want for Christmas is the whole family to be together and that is certainly at the top of my list.  However, some have asked what Gigi wants for Christmas that can be wrapped and placed under the tree. (Forget, world peace, then!)   Now, that we are six days away, I probably should answer that question.  So, I put together a slideshow of what I would love to see under the tree.  You can see if some of you agree and want to check these things out!  Maybe next year, I should do this earlier…I am about to find out if my family reads the blog!

But, wait, there’s more…perhaps I am getting a little carried away!

KEEP SMILING, EVERYONE!  (Now, Santa…let’s talk!)

Pamela Lutrell's Image of Mall Santa




  1. You’re right, family is my Christmas and biggest blessing! But I really want that skillet. I am drawn to cookware!!

  2. Ooohh, you’ve chosen some great items for your Christmas list, so I hope Santa or his elves are reading your blog!
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. A mainstream store selling paper jewelry – knock me over with a feather. 🙂 The necklace is lovely! I hope you’ll receive it and lots more off your list.

    1. I love the Soft Surroundings paper jewelry…the pieces they offer are gorgeous and so lightweight and easy to wear! Thanks Ann!

  4. Happy Christmas to Pam and all the wonderful ladies here! I hope you all have the blessings of family and friends over the holidays. We travel later today to go spend ‘early Christmas’ up north with my oldest son since his work schedule is too tight to allow him to come down mid-week, but I nonetheless look forward to our time together and the enjoyment of some last-minute shopping in bustling stores, some fine meals in the big city (Portland), and going out with grown sons to the movies! Our youngest boy and my folks will join us then for regular Christmas, so I’ll get to cook and fuss over everyone for a couple of days at home. The one big thing I want each year is a trip – not that we set off just yet, but planned for spring or summer. This year I’m pulling for one of those Mississippi paddlewheel cruises, followed by a road trip to the Smokey mountains, D.C. to visit the Smithsonian and monuments, and finishing up at Niagara Falls. I crave experiences over objects at this point. Of course if Santa wants to make me super happy?! – some Michael Kors perfume and new fuzzy slippers would be fantastic, too.

  5. The Talbot’s blazers are on my list for after Christmas sales, & those ECCO shoes look so comfortable. Lot of good choices.

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