Pamela Lutrell discusses what should I wear

Every year, my husband and I spend some time in downtown San Antonio at Christmas playing tourist, so it was a perfect time to discuss What Should I Wear?  Just as any tourist situation, you want to be comfortable, relaxed, yet…fun!  So I pulled a few pieces together from my closet that I have never worn together.

Over 50 Feeling 40 on the importance of details in styling a look

I really believe it is in the details and especially accessorizing where our own personal style shows through the most. These are houndstooth leggings from JJill, and a knit top from Soft Surroundings which has a faux leather trim.  You can count my purple nails as an accessory as well!  The textures and detailing can keep a basic neutral outfit from being boring.

Over 50 Feeling 40 on the power of accessories

I used an Eileen Fisher scarf with metallic gold trim and the gray in the top and pants as an excuse to wear mixed metal accessories.  Sometimes I love to just mix silver and gold rather than decide to go with just one.  Wasn’t it the snowman in Rudolf that suggested “Silver and Gold” were Christmas colors?

My ECCO Boots are perfect for lots of walking to see the downtown sites…they keep my feet very happy.  If it turns out cold, I will make sure to add a coat, but this type of layering usually works well where we are.  The really exciting news??  I bought the leggings on clearance at JJill about three years ago.  When they arrived, they were too tight.  I almost sent them back…but they were such a good deal, I really liked them, so I decided to hang on to them.  I still have mass quantities of weight to lose, but have done well in losing inches…and now they fit!  This is the first time I am wearing them and Mr. B really liked this look! Perseverance!  It pays off.

I have just a few San Antonio pictures below…the holidays are my favorite time to be downtown! I did my best to find similar pieces for the slide show below….it is just one week until Christmas!  Crazy how fast this year has been and there is so much to do!  Hang in there…we can all get it done…make sure you just


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