It really is the Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

Pamela Lutrell creates the best pumpkin pie

For the past few years, our dessert table at Thanksgiving has included a pumpkin/cheesecake pie.  I wanted to do something different this year and wanted it to be more that the back of the Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Can!  So, I found myself searching Best Pumpkin Pie recipes and landed on a blog called Modern Honey.  She claimed to have the best pumpkin pie recipe and had won awards for it.  So, after looking it over, I agreed that it looked pretty good…and, it was!  I made a few tweaks to make the pie my own.  Let’s begin with Modern Honey’s Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe Here. 

Pamela Lutrell displays Pumpkin Pie ingredients

The way I tweaked the ingredients was to use the Whipped Cream Cheese over block cream cheese.  It just seemed as though it would make the consistency even creamier.  I have been a fan for a long time of the Saigon Cinnamon.  It is richer and deeper than regular cinnamon.  The Kerrygold Butter from Ireland is delicious.  I used part of it for the pie, and make honey butter for our rolls from the rest of it.  

Pamela Lutrell cooks with powdered sugar

I have not used powdered sugar before in a pie, but it all works really well just like the creator of the original recipe said it would.  It is very creamy and smooth.  But, I wanted my pie to look like this….

Pamela Lutrell decorates pie with autumn leaves

She features hers with homemade whipped cream.  But I have always wanted to make the autumn leaves and decorate the pie.  So the day before Thanksgiving.  I rolled out the store bought pie crust like this….

Pamela Lutrell makes autumn leaves

Then I cut out autumn leaves with a cookie cutter.  I brushed them with melted butter and sprinkled with a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and smidge of nutmeg.

Pamela Lutrell cooks autumn leaves for a pie decoration

I baked them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes…until a little brown.  After they cooled, I placed them in a zip lock bag until I needed them to decorate the pie.  It was so easy and so pretty.  With the excellent recipe to start with, and a few of my own tweaks, it was a great dessert.  But, in the first picture you can see some chocolate cupcakes in the background.  I bought the pumpkin candies to give my 3 year old granddaughter to decorate the cakes.  She did this with her other grandmother who was at lunch and it was a fun way for her to participate.

Pamela Lutrell shares granddaughter helping decorate.

What was your favorite dessert at Thanksgiving this year?  Do you give much attention to how the desserts are decorated?  I hope I have given some inspiration for your next family meal.  Thanks for being here…and I have a cooking slideshow below…including my Southern Living cake holder the pie is sitting on.  I love it and some of the cutest Christmas aprons I have seen.  It is not too late to get it personalized! Fashion will be returning soon…I have a couple of sponsored posts coming up and, of course, tomorrow is What Should I Wear?




  1. Love the leaves! Taking the time to do the little extras makes the presentation so much better.
    I have been a cook/baker for years, even had a catering business with a friend when we lived in Ohio. Sold it as she moved to California & me to Massachusetts.
    I made a reduced sugar Deep dish fresh blueberry pie with grated apple & lemon zest, crumb top & a hazelnut chocolate tart with hazelnut crust. Had fun decorating the tart with chopped nuts, chocolate curls & fresh raspberries.
    Never get to make my favorite pumpkin pie recipe that includes mace as one of the spices anymore.

  2. The recipe sounds absolutely delicious and of course being a Canadian, I love how you decorated it with the Maple Leafs … ☺. The pumpkin pie recipe I use consists of a cream cheese layer, as well as the pumpkin and has a graham wafer crumb crust however I am known for my Pecan Pie as have been told by many ‘it is the best they ever tasted’ . That said; it too is my favourite pie that I make and its recipe is one that I cut out from a newspaper years ago (before Allrecipes/Food Network/My Recipes etc … gosh all of a sudden I feel verrrrry old). -Brenda-

  3. That has to be the prettiest pumpkin pie I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing this recipe — I look forward to trying it. Was it difficult to slice the pie for serving with those leaves on top?

    1. It was not difficult. I just moved the leaves aside, sliced the piece and put the leaves on each slice after placing it on the plate! Thanks!

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