What Should I Wear? to a Country-Western Holiday Party

Pamela Lutrell at USAA Party 2019 

Happy Friday, everybody!  Welcome to a special edition of Would You Wear It? (which is usually on Wednesdays), but Christmas with family has me doing some special things here on the blog.  It has been a great week with my family and I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful, joyful time. 

Pamela Lutrell Room with a View

Mr. B’s company is one of the a largest in the country, USAA, and they always host a first class holiday party for their employees in downtown San Antonio.  We try to stay at one of the host hotels and make it a fun weekend.  This is the view from the Grand Hyatt room this year of the Alamodome and the Tower of the Americas in their Christmas finest.

Pamela Lutrell in the Grand Hyatt

I try to always wear my finest and go with the theme of the party which this year was Country-Western Road Show featuring the band Rascal Flatts! We do parties big here in Texas!  Also in Texas, dressing up denim is always in style and that is what I chose to do with my “Johnny-Cash-all-black” look.  I am wearing my new denim black jeans from Soft Surroundings, an Eileen Fisher wool turtleneck with short sleeves, an Eileen Fisher jacket with a little bit of sparkle, and my ECCO boots for comfort.  The Christopher & Banks Christmas Tree necklace added the perfect touch of Christmas to the outfit. I do not wear head to toe black that often, but it worked well for this event and I was very confident of my selection. This tree is in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt.

I saw a little bit of every kind of dress at the party…short dresses, long dresses, one guy in a sloppy tee shirt and shorts, and many older men in Christmas suits and hats that had lights in the ties or the vests or the hats.  But, most wore a version of denim with sequins or sparkle.  

There were many little Instagram settings all around the convention center and they were great….but packed with long lines, so Mr. B and I decided to just go into the Christmas tree forest and do the first shot above.

Pamela Lutrell at Rascal Flatts with USAA

Here is why the ECCO boots were important.  When my husband goes to any concert, he wants to go forward and stand as close as possible.  We stood in this location to the band for well over an hour and the boots kept me going with the comfort they provide.  It was a lot of fun! 

I hope you have had some fun this week too!  Remember, I have a series of posts coming up with Style Goals for 2020 to get you inspired and planning for an exciting new decade.  Tomorrow, of course, Jennifer and I are here with Would You Wear It!

Remember all of the great sales going on!  I have a slide show below…..and tell us some of the fun things you have done this week!



  1. One of my favorite songs is “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. I enjoyed movie marathons with my son, home from college. That’s my idea of fun. I’m very low-key.

  2. What a fun event! Bet the music was great! I like your all black look and your pendant is so pretty! I’ll bet it was fun to get out like that after a few days of Christmas celebrating. My grandson from North Carolina is about 2 hours from here right now and I am so very excited to see him, he’s driving. My two sons and their families will all be here tomorrow for the weekend…it’s my favorite part of Christmas!

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