Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It

This is the last Would You Wear It?….of 2019, that is!  Most Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer and I bring you mannequins we find around our towns that make us wonder if you would wear them as styled.  We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear the look and explain exactly why in a constructive manner.  We also ask that you not simply say “I Like It” or “I don’t like it”, but explain why because the readers are reading the comments and learning from them.  If you don’t like it, how would you make it work or look better.  If you do like it, explain why it works.

Our desire is that you comment in a way that would not hurt the feelings of another woman who might feel differently from you.  We always learn so much from each other on this day; especially when our opinions are supported with good information and style tips.

Pamela Lutrell presents Would You Wear It

After you comment on my mannequin, then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s.  I hope you will return for the slide show below…so many great items on sale right now and I selected a few which caught my attention.  So, let’s get started……….


You know how we are around here…always leave with a smile…here is one of my favorite smiles from this week!  Give a boy some dirt with a football and he will smile all day!

Pamela Lutrell says Keep Smiling


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