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Pamela Lutrell with Would You Wear It

This is the last Would You Wear It?….of 2019, that is!  Most Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer and I bring you mannequins we find around our towns that make us wonder if you would wear them as styled.  We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear the look and explain exactly why in a constructive manner.  We also ask that you not simply say “I Like It” or “I don’t like it”, but explain why because the readers are reading the comments and learning from them.  If you don’t like it, how would you make it work or look better.  If you do like it, explain why it works.

Our desire is that you comment in a way that would not hurt the feelings of another woman who might feel differently from you.  We always learn so much from each other on this day; especially when our opinions are supported with good information and style tips.

Pamela Lutrell presents Would You Wear It

After you comment on my mannequin, then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s.  I hope you will return for the slide show below…so many great items on sale right now and I selected a few which caught my attention.  So, let’s get started……….


You know how we are around here…always leave with a smile…here is one of my favorite smiles from this week!  Give a boy some dirt with a football and he will smile all day!

Pamela Lutrell says Keep Smiling



  1. I like all the pieces in this outfit. I’m not usually a big fan of V neck winter coats as I live in a city with 5 months of winter. However, the fur collar on this one looks warm and I like the neutral colour. While I would wear the houndstooth jacket and the blouse, they both look like they were thrown on the mannequin in a hurry. A simple pair of pants (black or navy) always has a place in my closet.

      1. I think the outfit would look more pulled together with a turtleneck the color of the pants. The pink top isn’t placed properly on the display. Plus the turtleneck would help with warmth that you need if you’re wearing a coat with a fur collar. The coat needs to fit well with room to pull closed and fold the fur collar in for warmth on cold days. Otherwise the coat will not provide the necessary warmth across the chest.

  2. I like the coat, assuming that it’s faux fur. I’d probably wear the outfit underneath, although I’d want to have a closer look at the fit of the jacket.

      1. The coat has great possibilities Especially since the faux fur is removable (2 jackets in 1) however the sloppy setup doesn’t do it justice. The v-neck coat is classic, needs a more structured sweater sweater, dressier slacks and appropriate accessories. I would love the coat it simply needs a bit of tweaking.

  3. I like to the coat, the blouse and pants. I do not like the black and white sweater, the print/graphic is not my favorite. If the coat collar is removable, all the better. I would wear the collar on the coat of I lived in the city, adding a similar color scarf because of the gap when coat is closed.

    1. I would wear this outfit. As everyone has noted it wasn’t carefully placed on the mannequin but I think it would look good on about anyone. The jacket and pants could be paired with many other pieces.

  4. I too like all the pieces of this ensemble. However, the way it’s styled on the mannequin makes it hard to tell much about the fit of the individual pieces. I live in an area with short, fairly mild winters,, so the coat may be the one item I’d leave off, depending on it’s weight.

  5. I like all of the elements – and colors- of this outfit. Although I agree that it looks like it could be straightened out a bit.?It has a very 70’s vibe which was my heyday so I love that about it, plus the pieces are all neutrals which blend well together but could be worn with multiple other pieces. As long as it’s faux fur I’m all in!

      1. Hi Pamela. I really do like this outfit, though it’s a bit dressy for most days of my retirement life. Lol. The coat is sumptuous….looks nice and warm and I do like the individual pieces here as well. The blouse is a very pretty pink, the houndstooth adds that little something! For the right woman with a busier (meetings, work travel etc) just a more formal lifestyle, it’s terrific!

  6. I like the coat! The style is terrific especially the fur collar. I would wear this in another color — navy or black preferred. As a Chicago commuter I’m too sloppy for this light neutral.

  7. Here in the Deep South, we have no need for the heavy coat, but I like and would wear the other pieces. The houndstooth check is bold without being too much.

  8. the coat is pretty, if i lived up north, i would consider it….the rest of it is just too thrown together, herringbone isnt for me, the navy pants maybe, the shade of pink in the blouse isnt for me.

  9. The coat is very pretty but I question the light color. Winter can be messy, especially here in the Midwest. It would be nice to see the cut of the jacket. Overall, it is a pleasant look.

  10. I might wear that outfit b/c it looks like something I’d end up putting on if I were in a rush or half dressed and discovered some essential element, like my white blouse, was dirty and I didn’t want to start all over again getting dressed.
    I try to buy outfits that are better coordinated. The pants look blue and the jacket is black/white and I never do that.

  11. Love the coat and the pants. The blouse is not my color, and I don’t think I’d go for the black and white jacket in the mix.

  12. Beginning with the display itself, feel it is unfortunate that it is put together so haphazardly. That said; do love the coat however would definitely would have to try it on as feel the over sized faux fur collar might be a tad overwhelming for myself even though I do ‘not’ have a short neck, am average in shoulder width and have the overall height to carry it. Also being winter wear I question the number of buttons it has for its closure and/or for its midi length plus I’d be curious about its weight. As for the other pieces, it is just difficult to see the tops, however for the pants I’d prefer them in a longer version to accommodate the types of seasonal footwear I’d be wearing with them.
    P.S.: The video you shared on Instagram of your grand children at Christmas was absolutely adorable as they are all such sweeties.

    1. Thank you, Brenda! They are sweeties and the oldest is so excited about how many people saw his joke! His little eyes just light up over it!

  13. I like the individual components, somewhat. The coat I like but the color would not flatter me. The houndstooth jacket is nice, I think, but it is a sloppy presentation. Personally, I find the entire display sloppy. The blouse is nice, but again, the color is one I can’t wear near my face. It looks like they purposely made it sloppy, and I can’t understand that, but there it is. I have so many pairs of black pants/leggings/jeans, I am never without a variety in my closet, so these would work, but something looks a little odd with the hems, again, sloppy. As presented, I’d walk right on by. If the coat was a different color I’d like that. I don’t understand why stores so many times make up displays where the mannequins look so disheveled. It looks like she got dressed in the dark in a huge hurry and just ran out the door. Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t draw me in. Your grandson is adorable!

  14. Hi Pamela. I really do like this outfit, though it’s a bit dressy for most days of my retirement life. Lol. The coat is sumptuous….looks nice and warm and I do like the individual pieces here as well. The blouse is a very pretty pink, the houndstooth adds that little something! For the right woman with a busier (meetings, work travel etc) just a more formal lifestyle, it’s terrific!

  15. I like the outfit, but the color of the blouse would not flatter me. The coat is beautiful, but it’s snowing here in Colorado, so it wouldn’t be very practical. I live in puffer coats, jackets and vests. I agree with others that the presentation is pretty sloppy. Your little guy is adorable! Love his smile! Christmas is so special with grandchildren!

  16. The coat is gorgeous but I wouldn’t wear it enough to justify the expense. If I lived in a different climate and had a dressier lifestyle I could see myself wearing it. I don’t like houndstooth and the style and color of the top don’t appeal to me. I liked cropped pants but I don’t care for the shorter pant with a longer coat. I think the coat calls for either tall boots or long pants and a short bootie.

    1. I love this outfit. The coat is a light neutral, but without being camel, a color that can sometimes be too golden on me. The jacket underneath needs the lapel turned back, but otherwise is a great piece that could be styled glamorously, like here, or over dark rinsed jeans for a more casual pairing. I love clothes that are classy and polished, but not too memorable, so that I can get a lot of use out of them. I would swap out the barely there necklace for one that hits at the collarbone, or maybe I would just add some earrings and skip the necklace.

  17. I love the coat. I’d like a closer look at the rest of the outfit before passing judgement, but from what I can see I probably wouldn’t wear the blouse or the sweater/jacket. If more care had been taken in dressing the mannequin, the pieces might look more appealing, but the rose colour and the large houndstooth pattern probably wouldn’t very look good on me.

  18. This is an outfit that really appeals to me!

    I love the classic look and the way it was put together — it gives me the impression of a woman who loves fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously. The black and white houndstooth jacket and black pants paired with the rose blouse is a very pretty color mix!!

    That coat is gorgeous. I don’t know if I’d wear it enough to justify its purchase, but love it just the same!

  19. I like the outfit. The coat might be a bit dressy for my casual lifestyle, but it is lovely. I would like a better look at the jacket & blouse before saying I would wear them. The blouse, as styled, looks puckered. I don’t know if it is a feature of the blouse or if it is not properly pinned on the mannequin.
    Love that little smiling face of your grandson!

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