What Women Wore to a Casual Christmas Party

Pamela Lutrell and Friends at casual Christmas Party

Today, I would like to show you what friends wore this past weekend to a casual Christmas party gathering.  These are the ladies I workout with!  We have known each other for about five years and most days during the week we begin our day together at 5AM.  We have supported one another through difficulties and through laughs.  I would not have hung in there this long and gone through the ups and downs of injuries without the encouragement of this group.  They are amazing.  We did not know each other before the gym brought us together and it has been so much fun.  The lovely over-60, grandmother-to-be with the fabulous sleeveless top on the front row is the one who took me to the hospital at 4:45 AM when I fell and injured my shoulder getting ready to go to the gym…(Mr. B was out of town that day).  These women are not only strong when it comes to weight lifting, but they also have strength of character!

Pamela Lutrell shares casual Christmas party looks

This is the most flexible woman of the group!  She also wore the best color to the party!  I liked this shade of red with the pearl jewelry.  It was so nice to see everyone dressed up…most often we are in gym clothes with hair pulled back and no makeup1

Pamela Lutrell shows Casual Christmas Party Style

Most of us wore black that night and it worked so well with denim for our casual styles.  The lovely one in the buffalo check scarf is the baby of our group, but my partner in humor.  Sometimes the classes are so tough we need a laugh to get us through it.  She tells the funniest stories about her life as a mom.

Pamela Lutrell shows leopard for a Christmas Party

This is one of the party guests and she doesn’t workout with us, but I liked her outfit so I wanted to share it.  More and more animal prints are becoming a neutral and even work for holiday parties.  Last week, Project Runway’s second challenge was to design an animal print street style outfit.  I loved everything the designers created.  They were cool and edgy…like this look is.  I love how she styled it with her boots.

If you are considering joining a gym for the first time, take some of the classes and see if you can connect with other women who will encourage you and ask where you are when you disappear occasionally.  We all need a little support!

I found some similar pieces for some of these looks below…hope you enjoy them…and 



  1. It is good to see a group of ladies who just enjoy being together and who don’t worry about “out-dressing” each other. They all look nice and comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that, especially this time of year.

  2. Miss Pamela, I am impressed with your commitment to working out! Your reward, besides feeling better, is that you have a great group of friends.

  3. So nice how you connected with these ladies! I have met some very nice people at the gym, but we aren’t close enough to socialize outside of the center yet. It makes it something to look forward to when you know you’ll be spending time with friends! And it’s pretty amazing that everyone has stuck it out. Usually there is a turnover for one reason or another. Looks like it was a fun party and well attended!

    1. We have only done things outside of the gym a few times. But as the years go by we do get closer. It was a great party. Thanks Karen.

    1. My shoulder is not healed. But my legs are stronger…because I cannot do as much with arm weights as I use to. Thanks for the sentiment though, Paulette.

  4. It looks as if everyone is relaxed and enjoying good company! I love how the holidays spur us on to get together and share conversation and company.

  5. My takeaway idea is the red scarf worn as a layer between the print dress and black jacket. I have a similar dress and jacket and have been looking for a fresh idea to lift the look to a more stylish level. I’m inspired to look for a nice red scarf.

  6. 5:00 A.M.; such early birds and dedication …. ☺ … which I feel is wonderful and that you share such a delightful comradery. -Brenda-

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