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Well, it is the final Saturday for shopping before Christmas Day arrives and I know the malls will be packed.  So, relax, sit back and enjoy the mall in a different way with Jennifer and I for Would You Wear It?  Though some of you find the mannequins we post to be stressful, we really think this is the more relaxing place to be on this particular Saturday.

In case you are new, my friend Jennifer and I find fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think of the style.  Specifically, we ask you to tell us if you would or would not wear it as styled?  We also ask that you explain in a constructive way why or why not it works.  The reason I say construction criticism is that some of the readers may believe differently from you, and we do not want to stir up arguments or hurt feelings.  Just tell us why or why not it works for your body type, your style, colors. etc. Or tell us how you would style it differently in order to make it work.  


Pamela Lutrell for Would You Wear It

We honestly are looking for displays which we can all learn from and which make for interesting conversations.  We are not looking for displays, necessarily, that we believe are great style for you.  These outfits have brought on much learning from one another and convinced some women to expand their comfort zones or taught others to stand by what they know will not work for them.   Once you answer here, please go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and answer on Jennifer’s mannequin…then I hope you will return here for another fun slideshow below.  I have some great style posts planned for setting your 2020 Style Goals, so sometime soon after Christmas week, we will begin.  Let’s begin…look my display over above and tell us, ladies, 

Would You Wear It????

This Santa has so much to do…I am getting a little nervous and may be up for a couple of days…but I love it all.  Each wrapped package, stuffed stocking, baked treat, poured egg nogg…grandchild’s face.  I have heard of many families having Christmas today because their children will go to a spouse’s family home on Christmas day.  So, if you are one of those enjoy!  I hope to see some of you hear tomorrow!

Remember, today is the last day to ship via FedEx, standard overnight, FedX Priority Overnight, and FedEx First Overnight.  Tomorrow is the last day to order for free delivery on Amazon Prime for Christmas.  






  1. Overall, this is not an outfit that I think would flatter me, but I do like bits & pieces of it. The boots are a definite no, as that’s just not a look that I like for me.
    I think the pantsuit is cute, except that the length looks a bit short on this mannequin.
    Wearing the leopard shirt underneath is fun & something I might try. But adding the black turtleneck just feels like too much (i think that’s a turtleneck underneath) & I don’t wear black right next to my face.
    The jacket looks warm & cozy for the cold climate where I live. But I’d prefer it to be more fitted.
    I’m very thankful that I will be nowhere near a mall today!

  2. I am with you, Cindy! So glad not to be shopping in a mall today! Thanks for starting us off today!

  3. As the earlier post explained I like the ju,psuit/pantsuit but not the two pieces as accessorized at neckline. A cute wrap scarf maybe , but not a black turtleneck AND leopard. Just don’t see me wearing it like this.

    I love the jacket and would consider the boots with jeans! It’s very cold here in New England right now, but a warming trend is headed our way (50s…wow)!

  4. I wouldn’t wear this outfit. While I like jumpsuits, the crop length isn’t practical for a cold/snowy Eastern Canadian winter. The patterns are a bit busy for me. The coat is fun but not the right shape for me – I would look like a fuzzy paper bag.

  5. I like the boots! I just would not wear them with the jumpsuit. I don’t like cropped leg wide pants on myself; that look makes me feel frumpy. I might consider wearing with ballet flats or sandals. I agree with Cindy too: wearing black is not good for me next to my face. The jacket is undeniably cozy but I’d also prefer a more fitted look. I like the length. All the teddy-type jackets I’ve seen are shorter.

  6. No, I would not wear this. The length would not flatter me, I don’t wear jumpsuits, and while I like the boots, I definitely would not wear them like this. Speaking for myself, I’m put off by the over-use of animal prints. Leopard used to be a classic, but it is used so much that I don’t wear any animal prints now to avoid looking cliché. The ivory/white topper might be okay with something else, but it doesn’t add or support anything in this presentation. Mostly, for me, the overall length of the jumpsuit and the layering (looks like three tops) are quite off-putting. Big “no” for me!

  7. It’s a cute outfit that I probably wouldn’t wear, all at once.
    The neckline on the jumpsuit is too low for me so I’d consider a t-shirt under it, and the contrasting print works for me.
    The jumpsuit itself looks too lightweight to be wearing with the fuzzy coat and heavy boots. Maybe that’s a Texas thing since the temperatures won’t be super cold? If I’ve coat an outdoorsy coat and boots I’d have the denim jumpsuit I just bought on instead of a the lightweight knit.
    Onto the coat — is it reversable? That quilted utility coat is a big item this year.
    The display could be far from the shoe department because, as a 50+ lady I’ve got plenty of comfy clompy shoes in my closet I’d wear instead.
    Overall I’m going to say it’s a successful display in that the items in the display have peeked my interest and I would probably wander back into the racks to look at the coat and the animal print t-shirt. Maybe they have a vest like the coat I’d consider.

  8. I think the black turtleneck is just to cut down the contrast with the manequine. Most of us would be flattered and get coverage we want with the tan t-shirt in the wide V-neck of that jumpsuit. The black turtle cuts that and line off and would leave our double chins popping out.

  9. I love jumpsuits. I have never found one that loves me back. I am big busted and short waisted and the waist on jumpsuits seems to end up right at the wrong and most unflattering part of my torso.

    All the layers going on here are just way
    too many for me. Maybe just one layer, which for me might be a just a tee or tank.

    The jacket? No, with this outfit, wrong shape and length, I think, and also no, because it looks like a matted wet dog.
    Sorry for any offense. To matted wet dogs.

  10. I’m 5’1″, apple shaped and a bit overweight in the bust and upper arms. There us no way I would wear this combination and feel good about myself. I realize fashion is fun but sometimes you gave to say no

  11. I wouldn’t wear any part of this outfit. Jumpsuits are not worth the problems they present. The colors of the layers are all wrong for me. Combat boots never appealed to me; I prefer a slimmer, sleeker boot on my feet.

  12. I think this mannequin is an attempt, by the retailer, to get the consumer to purchase more. Why sell us one jumpsuit when they can sell, well, what ever they are showing here.

  13. NO to the outfit, the colors are wrong for me, and there is too much going on. Layers are great, but this looks like something my 3 year old granddaughter might put together. The boots are fun, but not with this outfit. The coat is too long. I do love the cranberry pantsuit pictured below! Thanks for showing us interesting looks every Saturday!

  14. Like the most of the other comments, I agree that the pantsuit is cute. Why does anyone think that length is flattering, though? The longer the leg, the better, right? I think the coat and boots are cute for my daughter…maybe that’s their intended buyer.

  15. T agree with Jennifer Connolly–none, of the pieces, fit my style, either separately or together! Merry Christmas!

  16. I’ll take the Nordstrom jump suit in your slide show.
    The mannequin is just too Billie Eilish for me, an edgy 17 year old. She can pull it off I wouldn’t want to.

  17. Sunglasses, turtle neck and boots a yes for a casual look BUT paired with denim or fine corded skinny or straight legged jeans and a layered over-size, bulky-knit crew neck sweater. As for the coat; sorry but not tailored enough for my liking and the fur teddy nap IMO looks as though it has already met a disaster in the washing machine. As for the jumpsuit; a definite no as I don’t find its overall style that appealing however feel its pattern works with the T-shirt shown.


  18. I like the individual pieces but not the outfit…too much! Looks like someone was flying out for a fun weekend, had too much to go into their carry-on so they just layered as many pieces as they could for the flight!

  19. This one is definitely not for me. Too many “toos”: too much pattern, too many patterns, too much texture, too many layers, too much trend, too much fabric, too many related but clashing colors, too many competing silhouettes. I do like the attempt to make it sort of go with the tree next to it.

  20. None of these pieces separately or together appeal to me ! It’s actually very unattractive in my opinion.
    I haven’t commented in a while, but I follow you every day and love your blog! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  21. There is way too much going on with this outfit. I don’t care for Sherpa coats or trim on anything because it tends to mat & look dirty after getting wet. My height & proportions are not jumpsuit friendly. As someone noted, they are also a lot of trouble. I’m not sure what the yellow print item is, but it looks interesting. The black turtleneck seems to overpower the outfit. The boots are just to heavy looking for my taste.

  22. I always get a good chuckle out of the manikins that you and Jennifer post. The individual items usually have potential on their own styled/put together in some other way. However, when they are all together on a manikin they tend to have a bit of a “bag lady” look and this just does not do justice to the potential of each item worn another way. I would swear that the people who dress these manikins just grab something and put it on the manikin so that they do not have naked manikins in their store LOL Thanks for providing a good chuckle and some ideas to think about

  23. Nothing in this outfit appeals to me. Very few can actually pull off a jumpsuit and the bathroom issues are a negative. I like the fake furry jackets but they add bulk in an unflattering way. This outfit wold be nice on a teen or twenty something.

  24. I like style. I like edgy. I love boots…but this outfit,?. NOT! This looks like a bag lady who has to take all of her clothes with her. So she layers them. Trying too hard to not fit in. I am onewho loves diff patterns n colors. This justdoes not work!

  25. I like the jumpsuit, but in a solid color. Not a fan of animal prints so NO on that. The boots are too clunky for this 72 year old lady, and the coat seems bulky to me.

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