2020 Style Goals: #3 Step out in the Colors of the Year

Over 50 Feeling 40 2020 Style Goal #3Welcome back to my 2020 Personal Style Goals to get us off into this new decade feeling confident and joyful in what we wear.  In this post, we will learn what the selected colors are for 2020 in fashion and home design. 

 So far, we have

  1. Decided what we want to say with our clothing this year…selected the messages . Goal #1
  2. Cleaned out the closet so only the best garments are there for our daily selection .  Goal #2

For number three, let’s discuss color choices for the year and how we can step out in bold, new ways.  Like many of you, I have had my personal color done.  I am a winter, but of all the colors available to winters, I only wear a small selection…not all of them.  I would like to broaden that base in 2020.

Pamela Lutrell in Navy Blue Blazer

I love my neutrals (especially black, which winters wear successfully), but as I go down the road to retirement I do want to add more color and be more selective with color.  You see me most often in my black and, of course, deep purples (not lilac, but eggplant).  The last two years, I have stepped out of my comfort zone wearing more pink, the lights and the brights.  I want to continue pink in 2020 and add more deep greens.  (I confess black and purple will remain in the mix because I love them so much!)

The pictures today show you my desire to wear more navy blue than black.  It is softer and happier.  The outfit today represents my plan to wear blue and to wear fitted blazers more often for work and with jeans.  I still love the long and flowy toppers and kept some favorites in my closet purge but want more figure flattering pieces now that weight work is toning up the body more! (Woo Hoo!)

Pamela Lutrell introduces Pantones Color of the Year for 2020

Blue is a big color player for 2020.  Pantone always selects a color of the year, and for this year it is Classic Blue, which some are also calling Anti-Anxiety Blue.  This means you will see this color everywhere… in fashion, interior design, and home accessories from candles to towels.  The good news for me, is that I love to wear this color and have decided to wear more of it.  You can see Pantone’s Color for Spring/Summer 2020 Here.

My color goals then are:

  1. Wear light and bright pinks
  2. Wear deep forest or military (olive) greens
  3. Wear more navy options and less black
  4. Wear classic blue…especially for spring and summer
  5. Look to add a few pieces from the Pantone list for Spring and Summer…there are some I adore here!

What about you?  What do your color goals look like for this year and how do they complement your messages?  How can you step out of your comfort zone with color and experience something new?  Let’s Talk!  Completing my wardrobe purge feels so good and refreshing…it is such a great way to start the year.  I want to thank everyone who is participating in Goal #1 and sending your five adjectives.  When you email your adjectives to me, I will select slideshow options with your adjectives in mind.  I will let you know when you are going to be featured.

We are starting today with Karen, a loyal follower who has participated in the Foundational Five (Five adjectives) from the first time I wrote about it.  There are so many of you I would love to meet face-to-face one day and Karen tops that list.  She is here most days.  She has recently retired, but still desires to communicate that she is classic, polished, effortless, chic and modern.  This is a powerful and beautiful foundation to have with your wardrobe and impressive that she desires to maintain it during retirement.  So, the slideshow below is dedicated to Karen and women like her.

KEEP SMILING (and making new style goals for 2020)



Shoes for Karen’s adjectives:


  1. You look terrific in that blue fitted jacket. Since loosing weight myself, I find that the shorter length and more fitted is much more flattering for me as well. I am thrilled with the colour of the year this time since the rust and mustard of last was so not me. I will stock up on some basics while I can. I have been having trouble coming up with 5 words, but feminine, slightly romantic with an edge of fun classic is what I like. No jean jackets or moto jackets for me and I have moved away from skinny jeans to straight. I will be following along with great interest. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  2. I love you in that bright navy, and share your style goals: more navy, less black, and more bright pink (no pastels for me, though), and more fitted options on my top layer. I have started mixing bright navy with black, a big no-no from my childhood fashion rules, but I like the edginess of it and it softens the black. I love the eggplant on you (and it too can be a neutral), and would like to see you pair it with olive green or even a touch of camo. We are headed toward retirement, so why not? I am also trying to find travel friendly and transition pieces (meaning wear to work now, wear in retirement in a year or two). This has meant less memorable clothing for me, that I will be able to mix up and accessorize. Fortunately, that tends to be the way I dress now, but I’m going for more sweater blazers than lined ones. Loved the slideshow!

  3. I’m all fir navy blue, lighter but deep blues, pinks but only forest green fir me. I’ve tried others and ugh for my coloring.

    Love the whole idea of 2020.

  4. I love to mix black and blue…such a cool, stylish look. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  5. We are all different, Paulette. You know your colors best, but I wanted everyone to see what I am doing and see the trend colors for 2020 in order to make their own plan. Thanks for being here.

  6. As I’m still transitioning from NY professional to SoCal retiree I so appreciate you and your blog! Thank you! Closet purge starts tomorrow!

  7. You look fantastic in the blue jacket! I had my colors done years ago and was told I was a light winter. I find as I age my hair, eyes and skin have faded and I’m not comfortable in most bright colors. I prefer navy to black near my face. I’m thrilled blue is a huge color this year.! I would say my 5 adjectives would be classic, casual, polished, modern, and comfortable. Retired life in Colorado is very laid back and casual, but I like to look pulled together. Look forward to your blog everyday!

  8. Hello Pam, I wish you a « très bonne année 2020 » as we say here !! You look really lovely in your blue outfit. I was taken aback when I read Karen’ s 5 adjectives – they are exactly the ones I would choose for myself – and so the slide -show is perfect and gives me a lot of ideas. Thanks so much. « Amicalement « , Gillian.

  9. So similar to me Pam! I too am a “winter”… black and navy have always been my go to colors! However, yes since retiring pink and a few color pops have been added!! I feel fresh in them….would never have been caught in them on the way to the Board Room!
    Trimmer body yes is sure more pleasing in shorter blazers and jackets! Looking great Pam!
    Thank you for your blog as well as Pantones 2020 color choice!!
    Healthy Happy 2020!
    🙂 Rory

  10. I am also a winter. I have several dark blue pants and skirts. I usually wear neutral shoes when I wear dark blue but I recently bought navy kitten-heel slingbacks I love color including bright pink. I have a lot of wine, merlot and eggplant tunics in my everyday winter wardrobe so that’s one color-family I don’t need more of! Time to purge my closet so I know what I need!

  11. You are so welcome, Gillian! They are great adjectives. Happy New Year to you too!

  12. I love the Classic Blue that Pantone has chosen. I can wear many of the colors shown. Although, the saffron & the orange are not good for me. I like Karen’s slide show because some of her five are also mine. Looking forward to seeing future slide shows.

  13. So glad you enjoyed it…I will let you know when your five will be featured. Thanks Becky!

  14. Love blue. I am thrilled over that. I am jeans girl but insist that the clothes fit well. Recent weight loss has afforded me an opportunity to shop. Love all the ideas.

  15. This is such an uplifting and informative series. Classic blue is my favourite colour but so hard to find. I’m pleased it should be more available! My adjectives are creative, confident, vibrant, approachable and chic. This year I am celebrating turning 70! My goal is to show off my increasingly silver hair, ?

  16. I am so glad you are enjoying this, Christine. Yes, you should see lots of blue, everywhere! I just noted your adjectives and I will notify you when yours will be featured in the slideshow. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh my Pam, you nailed the slide shows!! I’m going back to take another look. I had my colors done in a different way, actually just different descriptors, and am a clear. My coloring is very similar to yours with hair color and skin tone. I am glad to see the blue color Pantone is featuring because as you said, it works! Last closet purge in the fall, I tried to narrow the color choices in my wardrobe. I picked basics/neutrals, and then my accent colors. I also love black but have added more navy, albeit slowly and I need some more. I selected 4 neutrals for fall/winter, then spring/summer (though they are much the same!), then accents in 4 colors. Seems kind of restrictive but I will add a new color if I see something that is flattering so I’m not being militant about it!! I’d so much like to meet you too Pam. Hopefully one day that will be possible. Thank you for those great finds in the slide shows!! (I’m hanging onto these steps so I can move along after the closet purge!!)

  18. Whew! So glad to hear that I got it, Karen! Classic is always fun to work with. I am hoping we see more navy this spring. I was in a couple of stores today and it was sparse right now, but both said new collections were on the way!

  19. My descriptive would be classic, preppy, colorful, modern & put together.
    I wore suits for so many years with some knits thrown in I’m celebrating “mostly retired” with lots of color. I’m a spring/summer but wear other colors too. I just make sure I have a scarf in a good color for me near my face.
    Love your fitted blazer, it makes you look slim as fitted jackets usually do rather than shapeless toppers.

  20. Thanks for this inspiring new series to kick off the new year, Pam. I have been reading along and pondering adjectives (such a good exercise) and think these are mine: carefree, casual, approachable, colorful, classic. As I shared with you last fall, I am a recently retired teacher and had spent some time in summer Kondo-ing my closet and re-thinking my post-elementary school self and presentation to the world. I have always had a colorful and friendly style, I hope, but want now to rely more on the neutrals (aiming to hit that “classic” box more) with my accessories providing the color pops. I believe I am a Clear Winter (pale skin, blue eyes, chestnut/medium brown hair) ? – but regardless, I know which colors work well for me and am thrilled with the news about the various shades of blue. The pale yellow and coral in the Pantone link are also colors I love and consistently receive compliments on when I wear them.

  21. Hi Connie…glad you are enjoying the series. I will make note of your adjectives and let you know when I feature them!

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