2020 Style Tip: Make Your Footwear Stylish and SHEEC + 2 Will Win a Giveaway

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Pamela Lutrell reviews SHEEC socks

The fun of this job as a blogger is that I am introduced to amazing products and every once in a while, one comes along that is a true game changer in my own life.  Such is the case with SHEEC socks.  This is perhaps the best style tip I can give you for 2020 for your footwear to be stylish and SHEEC.

When I began to have foot problems and knew I would be in flats the rest of my days, I panicked a little thinking I would be an older lady in colder weather always wearing thick long socks with shoes to achieve comfort!  Nightmare!  To make the nightmare worse, my toes began to curl and hit the tops of my shoes.  This created blisters.  I tried many, many products and found that the best remedy was to use band aids on the toes that were hitting the shoes…it worked, but is not attractive and they only help the toes, not comfort for the rest of the foot.

Then I was contacted by SHEEC and asked to try their products. Game Changer! 

Over 50 Feeling 40 in midcut SHEEC socks

Over 50 Feeling 40 shows SHEEC qualities


Why Love Sheec?

  1. SHEEC socks don’t slip and don’t require readjustment throughout the day unlike other no-show brands. This is possible because they are designed with a patented SoleHugger technology. I have owned other brands that attempted this only at the back of the sock, but it didn’t work well.  SHEEC has it at the back, front, and on the bottom of the sock in the name of the brand.  All work together to keep the sock from slipping.

SHEEC no slip on the bottom

Pamela Lutrell shows no slip technology with SHEEC


2. SHEEC socks match your shoes coverage. Unlike other brands, the socks aren’t just “no-show.” No show implies that the sock does not show, but it doesn’t mean the sock/shoe pairing is right.  If you were to wear the Ultra Low (for ballet flats)  with a standard Oxford loafer, technically this would be no-show. However, with this sock/shoe pairing, the top of your foot would be almost completely exposed within the shoe. This will lead to excess friction, blister formation, and general discomfort. I have experienced those consequences many times with other options.   The SHEEC sock/shoe pairing still qualifies as no-show, but fitting the right sock to the right shoe is more comfortable for the wearer. In the pictures of my sneaker shoes, I wanted you to see that I am actually wearing my SHEEC socks with them, but when I adjust the sock properly for every day wear, it does not show.  I am giving you a demonstration.

Pamela Lutrell shows the SHEEC sock for flats

Here is what works best for different shoes:

  1. Ballet Flats.   Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut  
  2. Pointed Toe Flat    Secret 2.0 Low-Cut
  3. Loafers, Smoking Flats.  Secret 2.0 Mid-Cut
  4. Booties  Secret 2.0 High-Cut  High-Cut 2.0
  5. Athletic-Design Shoes.  Active-X Mid-Cut
  6. Mules, Slides, slingbacks.   Slingback Toe Cover Sock   Pamela Lutrell shows different SHEEC SOCKS
  1. SHEEC socks are designed with real feet in mind. They offer sizes for women 5-14, men 6-12.5, and are constantly expanding this range. They encourage any customer who is unable to find a sock for them to reach out to (customerservice@sheecsocks.com.) They are also antibacterial. Plus, they are always looking for people to join focus groups to help test new products. 

Pamela Lutrell wears shiny loafers


This has made wearing flats fun again for me.  I am walking more during the day in the shoes I wear to the office because SHEEC has made that possible. And, yes, no more band aids!

I was even discussing SHEEC this week while on the treadmill with friends and they are ready to jump into this giveaway! 

 Now, here is the real fun for two of you….yes, I said TWO will win.  Then there is also a SAVINGS CODE if you are ready to buy!

SHEEC is going to give two of you $35 gift cards to spend on their site! Wow…that is awesome.    All you have to do is comment below about what your favorite flat is to wear right now and which of the SHEEC socks has your attention.   Then, in one week, two winners swill be selected from a random drawing.  I can’t wait to see who wins.

If you are sold, and ready to claim your SHEEC socks and begin to wear them now, then I can save you 15% off your order.  Just put this code FEELIN40FEET in at checkout to get the savings!

Remember, in the comments tell us your current favorite flat to wear and which of the SHEEC socks has your eye. Share this with friends and family, because the contest is open for a week.

I will remind you often to get those entries in.  Now  look over the products at SHEEC and see how many different footwear challenges you can solve for 2020. #sheecsocks #secretsocks




Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own. 

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Thank you for showing these. Just what I need to try. Probably the ones for athletic shoe,casual shoes. Thank you!

    1. I would love these socks! I have diabetes and I can’t find comfortable socks! I’d love to try the athletic fashion shoes like fashion tennis shoe socks! They sound wonderful!

      1. I am mostly wearing my Vionic ballet flats or sneakers. The ultra low cut and active x mid cut would be good. Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. I’d love to win the gift card, but will likely buy them regardless. This is always a problem in the spring/summer when I don’t wear anything on my feet inside shoes. The traditional no-shows always slip, so I’m on board with these. I wear mostly pointed toe flats and also pointed toe pumps, so it looks like I’d do best with the Secret 2.0 low cut. Although the ultra-low would probably also work in this case, depending on the toe box. It sounds like just what I’ve been looking for, so I’ll be getting these! Thank you for the recommendation! Way better than bare feet!! By the way, in the winter I always have my feet covered. It’s basically a necessity here in Ohio. I wear more booties and when I wear pumps, I wear sheer dark hose. I can’t even imagine how cold I’d be with nothing on my feet or legs! The heavy socks do come out when I wear boots!

  3. Hi Pam. This is a great introduction to a new product. I always have trouble with the no show sockets ending up under my arch and it is quite annoying. I would love to try the ultra low cut as well as the high cut for ankle boots. That would be a life saver for comfort. By the way, those light grey loafers are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance.

    1. The Sheec socks sound and look great…I just ordered two pair via your site! When warmer weather finally comes to Massachusetts, I wear what I call athletic sandals, but are a Mary Jane style. The Sheecs sound perfect for those. Thanks for the info, Pam.

  4. I have some that work with loafers and love them but they are probably an older model. Would love to try the athletic ones. By the way, they are great with my bunions which I know is a problem for many of us. How do you become part of the focus group?

    1. Hi Karen,
      I love that the socks will fit my size 11 foot- yay!! I like the ultra low sock, and the low sock. Thank you for introducing me to this product.

  5. i love my Hush Puppies chaste ballet flats, i wear them most of the time. so i would probably try the ultra low style first, tried so many with that constant adjustment problem, i would love to try these.

  6. Athletic socks with my booties always seem to show and slip during the day so I would give the “Secret High Cut” for booties a try. Thanks for sharing this product, Pam!!

  7. I have some new silver pointed toe flats so the socks that would work would be the Secret 2.0 low cut socks. Thanks so much for the giveaway! ❤️

  8. I would need the 2.0 mid cut for loafers. I hate wearing the old kind of footies because they slip. These look really nice and will stay put. Sometimes I actually go without socks and then get blisters.

    1. Love this post! I have tried many no show socks and am always disappointed. I would love the low cut for my favourite wedge heels . Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I would love a pair or two of the ultra low flat to wear with my go-to ballet flats. They would be exactly what I’ve been searching for!

    1. I love my Sam Edelman ballet flats and own three pair: navy, tan, and leopard. The ultra low flat no-show socks would be perfect. I would like to know if these are available in retsil stores. Thanks!

  10. I would love to try a pair of the 2.0 mid-cut Sheec’s! I have a pair of Vionic loafers with the perforated top and have tried several brands (Smartwool, etc) and they all seem to slide down under my arch after walking awhile. Thank you for the information – going to check them out now?

  11. Pick me! It’s cold now in Connecticut. I need to wear socks . I would love to try the mid cut to wear with shoes and the high cut to wear with my booties

    1. I guess that I should add to my comment that I’d definitely wear these with my sneakers because that’s what I’m usually wearing. But I occasionally wear ballet flats, so these would be great with those too.

  12. I wear ballet-style or pointed toe flats almost exclusively for work, but in the winter time, I wear booties a lot. I would love to try these.

  13. I’d love the Secret 2.0 low cut flat to wear with my Clark’s flats. They are dressier flats and I do not wear socks that show with them. Hard to find a socks that don’t slip, so I’ll definitely try these.

    Thanks, Pam!

  14. I have never purchased a pair of these in any brand that I felt like worked. Your blog experience gives me hope that there these would actually work for me. I would love to win a gift card. The ones I would like to try are the ultra low cut and the low cut. Have a blessed day.

  15. I would love to try the low cut and ultralow cut. My adult daughter and I were discussing this very subject this week. It is so difficult to find footies that do not slip off or bunch up. Thank you for the opportunity to try these.

  16. I live in the Midwest and am wearing a wool athletic shoes most days for the warmth that these shoes provide. I would be very interested in trying the Active X Sheec with my shoes. I have had socks in the past that have silicone at the heel only and they don’t really stay in place. I like that these socks have silicone in several spots.

  17. I first heard of SHEEC from Susan After 60 blog and ordered a black set . Since it’s winter in Montana, I have yet to try them but intend to use them for sneakers and low vamp shoes , so probably all 3 sizes….didn’t know they came in nude which would be my go to color. This will be a fun giveaway. Thank You!

    1. These look great!! I totally understand about the blisters that occur when toes rub the top of the shoes- and I’ve gone through lots of bandaids that help temporarily and then just wad up! You certainly grabbed my attention with these. I’d have a use for most of the options, but the ultra low and low cut would probably be my first picks. Thanks, Pam.

  18. I am so excited to see this post. Very, very helpful knowing a company designs socks based on the shoe. I need to try these. Thanks

  19. I have had bad luck with shoe liners, so would definitely be interested in getting these. I am in sneakers or loafers most of the time unless I am in boots. Thanks for letting us know about these…I will be thrilled to find some that stay in place!

  20. I wear booties with a small heel to work in fall/winter and occasionally slip on Skechers. Other times I wear my lace up New Balance sneakers (I really call them tennis shoes!) Would love to try these!

  21. I wear ballet flats. The Sheec socks sound very interesting. I’ve worn other brands and dislike them so much that I usually don’t wear any!

  22. I already own two pairs of SHEEC socks to wear with loafers, and I love them! I’ve bought several brands of no-show socks, but none covered the tops of my feet, yet didn’t show, like SHEECS. They don’t slip inside my shoes during long periods of wear, and they wash and dry beautifully. I highly recommend SHEECS and will undoubtedly buy more!

  23. Thanks for the review. Can’t wait to try Sheec socks with my favorite booties. Need a sock that won’t bunch up.

  24. I recently ordered and received four pair of the ultra low Sheec socks to wear with some low cut pumps. They really do stay in place even though they’re small, and are so much better than going barefoot! I’d like to try some higher cut ones to wear with loafers as well as well as athletic shoes. Great product!

  25. I really need these with spring & summer on the horizon. Since I live in the chilly Midwest, I wear socks with my loafers & boots in the fall & winter, but when it warms up, I like to ditch my socks. Every pair of low cut socks I have tried with my pointy toed flats ends up wadded up in my shoe, & that’s so uncomfortable. I really don’t like going barefoot in my shoes, but that is what I have been doing. I’m looking forward to giving these a try.

  26. These socks sound wonderful. I have been wearing my Clarks loafers, so the secret 2.0 mid-cut would work for me. Thanks for the chance to win a generous giveaway!

  27. I usually wear ballet flats and am interested in the Sheec Secret 2.0 Ultra-Low-Cut Thin Sock Linerr for Dress Up Shoes. I like the black and the cream. They look awesome!

  28. Wow, just what I have been looking for to wear with my ballet flats! On my list, for sure!

    By the way, Pamela, love your ballet flats! What is the brand?

  29. I also suffer from “curled” toes. It’s better now that I’m not on my feet all day every day in the classroom and on playground duty, but my feet certainly show the wear and tear. I prefer loafers and casual sneakers these days, so the Secret 2.0 mid-cut socks would be a good way for me to try this brand. I wear 9-1/2 wide shoes, so a lot of times the no-show types of socks have pulled down off my heels. Having a grip sounds like a terrific idea.
    I feel for your foot problems. With mine, the second toe has curled so much that the remaining toes are all slanted rather awkwardly to take up the space left by my curling toe. So strange, and a bother to tape down the errant toe each day as was suggested by my podiatrist.

  30. I usually wear ballet flats. The Sheec Secret 2.0 Ultra-Low-Cut Thin Sock Liner for Dress Up Shoes would be best for me. I wear a size 12 shoe and am thrilled that they carry a women’s XL.

  31. I wear a size 10 1/2 – 11 and have a hard time finding any socks that are comfortable. Plus, most of them shrink in the laundry. I’ve tried low cut socks, but they barely cover my toes and end up rubbing where the seam is. That’s if they stay in place at the heel longer than it takes me to get out to the car. Unless they’re brand new, I usually ditch them before I even get to where I’m going. So I’d love to try any style of Sheecs! ?

  32. I have small feet and have tried many “no-show” socks without much success. Would love to try the Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut.

  33. Right now I am enjoying a pair of 2 toned snake print sneakers. I would love to try the Sheec 2.0 Ultra low sock.

  34. Thinking the ultra low-cut would best suit what I would wear most. Love that you show various priced wardrobe essentials.

  35. At this point in the year I am still wearing boots….it is the Winter and snow problem 🙂 But Spring will come and then I will be wanting to have bare ankles again. I have not found no show socks that work properly in any of my shoes so I would be quite happy to try all of the Sheec styles to see if any of them work for me. I would likely start with the Athletic design because that would be the most likely shoe I will wear when Spring finally arrives

  36. I am so glad you told us about which socks you wear with your flat shoes. I have wanted to do this myself but was not aware of this brand. I would like to try all of the Sheec styles as I wear flat shoes all the time now. I love all the clothing posts and am so glad you recently featured a plus size store brand. Love your posts and can relate to all of them. I love the classic look as it is timeless.

  37. I am a teacher with plantar fasciitis, so I can’t wear flats unless they have an arch support. I have been wearing Toms booties with an insert and no show athletic socks that show until they slide down. Then it starts to get uncomfortable. I would love to try the Sheec low cut !

  38. I have never heard of these sick. I love the SECRET 2.0 MID-CUT THIN LINER NO SHOW SOCKS FOR DRESSY SHOES. This style would go with almost any shoe I have! I’ve already bought a couple of pairs today!!

  39. I wear flats exclusively. I have a wide variety of sneakers for casual wear and ballet flats or loafers for dressier occasions. And of course boots and booties since this is winter in the Midwest. I am very interested in trying sheec socks.

  40. I recently bought some “no-show” socks hoping they would stay put in the booties I wear so much in the winter, but they slip off my heel and bunch under my arch. I have a skinny heel so this is a problem with ballet flats, and loafers as well. I’ll have to give this brand a try. Thanks!

  41. Funny, my daughter & I were just talking about no show socks. She likes the ones at The Loft. I’d love to try the ultra low.

  42. Right now I am wearing my Bzees Slip-Ons often. I would use the low cut sheec socks more. Other times loafer or ballet flats work for me.

  43. I’m thrilled to see some socks that don’t peek out the front on ballet flats. I have to wear flats due to a foot injury (playing softball). I’ve learned to love them in virtually all styles, but I’ve been looking for socks that won’t show on the lower cut ones. I think I just found them! Thanks, Pam!

  44. I have been wanting to try these no-slip socks to replace ones that constantly slip off the heel. I have recently bought both navy and black pointed toe flats that actually fit my narrow feet and they are so comfortable I wear them often.

  45. I am interested in the mule socks. Because of a bone issue on my heel, I can’t wear a shoe with a back, and with most socks, they just make my foot slide all over. Looking forward to my order, as I would love socks to go with my favorite mules.

  46. What interesting socks. I would love to try the Active X Mid Cut for athletic shoes or the Secret 2.0 High Cut for booties. Thanks for sponsoring the raffle.

  47. Thank you so much for featuring these.
    I wear my Anne Klein leopard flats so the low cut are interesting. And during the spring/winter I wear booties almost everyday so I would love to try the higher cut. I love that they even offer higher cut no-shows. Very interested. Good luck everyone. ?

  48. My first choice would be the loafers and then the ballet slipper version. Looks like I will be trying these out too!

  49. I love these socks .especially that they are antibacterial ..I’d like thr ultra low for flats and the regular fit boots and sneakers .. I really need these as I walk mile daily ..

  50. I wear aerosolle and naturalizer flats and also got a cute pair of dr scholls in leopard print
    Would love these no slip ultra low socks

  51. Due to foot issues I mostly wear lace-up oxfords and am interested in the Secret 2.0 High Cut. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  52. I would wear the sheec socks for the athletic shoes most of the time but could use all the types listed. Thank you for the giveaway!

  53. I would love to try either the kind for ballet flats or with athletic slip ons. I’ve tried geks with some success and Bombas, which truly we’re not slip and no show. Otherwise the other brands didn’t work.

  54. These sound like a miracle as I would love to be able to wear socks with ballet and low cut flats. Would love to spread to the word to my”Golden oldie Friends”.

  55. I think the ultra low cut liner socks would be great for my Sunday flats and the high cut for my work shoes.

  56. I would get the athletic ones and the ballet flat ones. I have tried 3 different brands of no shows and liners. I would love to try these. I wear liners every single day and need to get some for a couple of pairs of shoes that I can’t seem to fit properly. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. I would LOVE to win the gift card! I can’t tell you how many different brands of so-called invisible shoe liners I have bought and discarded! They slip off the heel, they bunch up and show anyway, they slip and slide around inside the shoe. I live in the midwest and we have been experiencing super cold and snow and ice, so I’m not wearing much of any flats right now, mostly boots, booties and sneakers (inside, to keep warm) but in milder seasons I am a big ballet flat wearer.

  58. I either wear an athletic shoe or a ballet flat almost every single day so those of the two sizes that I would need . They sound wonderful

  59. Hi there! I mostly wear Bzees brand shoes but in several styles – I bet the Secret 2.0 Mid-Cut would work with most all of them! I will definitely need to try Sheecs – I have been on a quest for years to find sock liners that don’t slip off my heel;)

  60. I would love to try the ultra low no show socks to wear with my Toms and Sperrys Thank you for this opportunity to try something new!

  61. I really need to get some of these socks. Mine never stay in place. I think the Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut would work with my ballet flats. Thank you for this opportunity.

  62. well…. i broke my ankle in october and am finally down to an ankle brace. so, i would think the socks that fit tennis shoes (active x mid cut) since that’s all i can wear at the moment t? the socks i’ve been using are constantly coming off my heel on my “good foot” (banana republic)
    i’d also like to try the secret 2.0 high cut too. i found a pair of booties today that may accommodate my ankle brace ?

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