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Pamela Lutrell reviews SHEEC socks

The fun of this job as a blogger is that I am introduced to amazing products and every once in a while, one comes along that is a true game changer in my own life.  Such is the case with SHEEC socks.  This is perhaps the best style tip I can give you for 2020 for your footwear to be stylish and SHEEC.

When I began to have foot problems and knew I would be in flats the rest of my days, I panicked a little thinking I would be an older lady in colder weather always wearing thick long socks with shoes to achieve comfort!  Nightmare!  To make the nightmare worse, my toes began to curl and hit the tops of my shoes.  This created blisters.  I tried many, many products and found that the best remedy was to use band aids on the toes that were hitting the shoes…it worked, but is not attractive and they only help the toes, not comfort for the rest of the foot.

Then I was contacted by SHEEC and asked to try their products. Game Changer! 

Over 50 Feeling 40 in midcut SHEEC socks

Over 50 Feeling 40 shows SHEEC qualities


Why Love Sheec?

  1. SHEEC socks don’t slip and don’t require readjustment throughout the day unlike other no-show brands. This is possible because they are designed with a patented SoleHugger technology. I have owned other brands that attempted this only at the back of the sock, but it didn’t work well.  SHEEC has it at the back, front, and on the bottom of the sock in the name of the brand.  All work together to keep the sock from slipping.

SHEEC no slip on the bottom

Pamela Lutrell shows no slip technology with SHEEC


2. SHEEC socks match your shoes coverage. Unlike other brands, the socks aren’t just “no-show.” No show implies that the sock does not show, but it doesn’t mean the sock/shoe pairing is right.  If you were to wear the Ultra Low (for ballet flats)  with a standard Oxford loafer, technically this would be no-show. However, with this sock/shoe pairing, the top of your foot would be almost completely exposed within the shoe. This will lead to excess friction, blister formation, and general discomfort. I have experienced those consequences many times with other options.   The SHEEC sock/shoe pairing still qualifies as no-show, but fitting the right sock to the right shoe is more comfortable for the wearer. In the pictures of my sneaker shoes, I wanted you to see that I am actually wearing my SHEEC socks with them, but when I adjust the sock properly for every day wear, it does not show.  I am giving you a demonstration.

Pamela Lutrell shows the SHEEC sock for flats

Here is what works best for different shoes:

  1. Ballet Flats.   Secret 2.0 Ultra Low-Cut  
  2. Pointed Toe Flat    Secret 2.0 Low-Cut
  3. Loafers, Smoking Flats.  Secret 2.0 Mid-Cut
  4. Booties  Secret 2.0 High-Cut  High-Cut 2.0
  5. Athletic-Design Shoes.  Active-X Mid-Cut
  6. Mules, Slides, slingbacks.   Slingback Toe Cover Sock   Pamela Lutrell shows different SHEEC SOCKS
  1. SHEEC socks are designed with real feet in mind. They offer sizes for women 5-14, men 6-12.5, and are constantly expanding this range. They encourage any customer who is unable to find a sock for them to reach out to (customerservice@sheecsocks.com.) They are also antibacterial. Plus, they are always looking for people to join focus groups to help test new products. 

Pamela Lutrell wears shiny loafers


This has made wearing flats fun again for me.  I am walking more during the day in the shoes I wear to the office because SHEEC has made that possible. And, yes, no more band aids!

I was even discussing SHEEC this week while on the treadmill with friends and they are ready to jump into this giveaway! 

 Now, here is the real fun for two of you….yes, I said TWO will win.  Then there is also a SAVINGS CODE if you are ready to buy!

SHEEC is going to give two of you $35 gift cards to spend on their site! Wow…that is awesome.    All you have to do is comment below about what your favorite flat is to wear right now and which of the SHEEC socks has your attention.   Then, in one week, two winners swill be selected from a random drawing.  I can’t wait to see who wins.

If you are sold, and ready to claim your SHEEC socks and begin to wear them now, then I can save you 15% off your order.  Just put this code FEELIN40FEET in at checkout to get the savings!

Remember, in the comments tell us your current favorite flat to wear and which of the SHEEC socks has your eye. Share this with friends and family, because the contest is open for a week.

I will remind you often to get those entries in.  Now  look over the products at SHEEC and see how many different footwear challenges you can solve for 2020. #sheecsocks #secretsocks




Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own. 

By Pamela Lutrell

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