Pamela Lutrell discusses her style adjectives

I thought we would get into the nitty-gritty (do people still say that?) about how to wear the style adjectives you want to communicate.  I have shared often that when I look in the mirror, I want to say that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current, and creative.  Notice, I did not include the word confident.  The reason is when I am true to those five adjectives, I feel confident and go out with a smile on my face and my head held high.

Over 50 Feeling 40 combines classic and creative

Many of you know that I am still in the professional world five days a week, and because of that I do want to communicate that I am intelligent and strong.  That means that I want to look put together, and have a foundation of classics.  Solid neutrals to build upon with foundational pieces such as blazers, pants, dark wash denim and a couple of skirts.  But, I am not a banker…I am in the communications/creative industry so I can be true to my creative bent and take classics to a different level.

Pamela Lutrell in a creative classic style

For example, in the image above I have added a print and a double breasted blazer to add that touch of creativity to a classic, professional style.  By saying that I am classic as well as creative, it keeps my creativity in check…do you know what I mean?  With these five adjectives, I do not have the license to be as loud as I want…or then I would leave the classic realm.  Ways I show my creativity are with prints, colors, accessories, and current designs or a new take on a classic.

Pamela Lutrell ads current designs to a classic wardrobe

Staying current with our wardrobes is important if we want to be youthful and stylish….which communicating that when I am older in the workforce is very important (more about that tomorrow).  Above I am wearing one of my favorite jackets from Macys which has a touch of edge with the faux leather.  This meets every one of my style adjectives.  I found it a few years back and it is a favorite…especially with my leather Rockport boots.  This is truly Pam-style.

over 50 feeling 40 in current leopard trend

Now, I can say that I am approachable when I am smiling and confident.  I do not want to wear clothing that communicates that I am above everyone else, but a confident, joyful, intelligent woman.  I think anyone radiating joy and confidence becomes approachable.  So, when I look in my mirror, I ask am I saying these five things to the world…that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.  If I am, I say…LET’S GO HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

Over 50 Feeling 40 in a creative classic

I cannot tell you how much this has helped my wardrobe, closet, and purchasing decisions.  I know when I walk into my closet, I am going to find classics with creative options.  My adjectives may change once I retire, but we will see.  I have sharpened my personal style over the years, so I do not know that I would change it much when I leave the professional environment.  But, I do not feel any anxiety when I walk into my closet because I know what I will find there and what it says.  If garments that I try on at the store do not say these things about me, then they stay there.  I have read so many books about personal style and how to figure out who you are and what you want to be, but this is the only method that made sense to me and it works.

Interpreting Your Own Adjectives

I hope this will help you to “flesh out” your own adjectives.  It has been so much fun to read the ones sent to me and so often I think…wow, that is a great way to say what you want.  It has also been a challenge at times to put your grouping together, but a fun one.  I appreciate it so much when I hear back from you after producing your slideshow…meant to inspire you.  

Today, we are looking at Jean’s adjectives.  Jean desires to communicate that she is presentable, pleasant, strong, connected and encouraging.  You sound like such a sweet lady, Jean.  So, here is a slideshow for Jean and women like her.




By Pamela Lutrell


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