Pamela Lutrell on what to wear to a job interview

Ladies who are retired, this is for you too…come see why we all should consider what to wear to any job interview…no matter whether it is full time, part time, or overseeing a nonprofit or volunteer work.  Repeat after me…Anything is possible…Anything!  There have been amazing doors opened to women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s…so you need to understand that your world can turn around in one moment in one opportunity.  

What you want to wear to any job interview is confidence and a smile!  But, there are a few things to keep in mind when you select that outfit to go before human resources or a manager, etc.

Pamela Lutrell in Allie Coosh

This is the actual outfit I wore when I interviewed for my current position, except I wore pointed toe flats with it.  I wanted to say to those interviewing me that I am strong, intelligent, creative, current, and capable.  I told my husband when I left for the interview that it was a long shot that they would hire a 64 year old.  Well…they did!  I also think that in my industry…the world of communications…that it was important that I stayed up-to-date with current communications trends…like social media marketing.  But I wore this because it said what I wanted to say…I felt very comfortable and confident in it and I could smile at myself in the mirror before I left for the interview.  The first outfit above does the same for me.

Pamela Lutrell on what to wear to job interview

Considerations of what to wear to any job interview

1. You want a no-fuss outfit.  You do not want to be pulling or messing with your clothing, but be completely comfortable and give your attention to the questions being asked of you.

2. You want to look well put together and coordinated.  They want someone who can take care of their business and it will be reflected in can you take care of yourself.

3. You want to be current/youthful (not too young).  You do not want anyone thinking of you as their grandmother in the interview or even thinking of your age at all.  (The outfit above has a touch of faux leather and creative design for the current feel)

4. You want to be tasteful.  A job interview is the perfect time to go with the classics.  Accessories show a creative touch, but do not get carried away. You want them to see you.  You need to enter the room and not the outfit first. Wear clothing which fits well…oversized clothing can often trend to the frumpy side. Look like you want to run the company!

5. See the outfit as part of your resume.  It should say who you are and inspire confidence in the total package of YOU.

6. Side Note:  If you are interviewing to work as a sales associate with a retailer, try to wear their clothing to the interview and show them you know how to wear their looks with confidence. 

7. No job is small or insignificant.  Look polished, current and confident for part time interviews and even interviews to work or lead at a nonprofit or volunteer job.  You just never know where it might lead or who you might meet.  


I have a friend who worked as a receptionist for a pediatrician and always went to work looking her classic, chic, amazing self.  She was discovered there and became a model and actress over 60.  I love to see her in commercials!  

Valerie Ramsey has been a marketing director of a major resort, a model for national brands, a magazine editor, a book author of two books, and a professional speaker …and all of it was done after she was 60 years of age!  Add in there, the challenges of uterine cancer and cardiomyopathy, and you have an inspiring woman who encourages all of us to be resilient and press forward no matter our age. She began by interviewing to work in the golf shop at Pebble Beach resort which led to her becoming the marketing director there.

“It’s good to be in the race, to be engaged with other people; to challenge your mind; to be curious; be inquisitive; always be willing to improve yourself,”  Valerie Ramsey

Valerie also wrote, ” Clothes can made a tremendous difference in enhancing our self-confidence.  When we find clothes that fit properly and are flattering, our whole persona changes and we project our best and most confident selves.  Dressing right for an occasion allows us to feel prepared rather than insecure, and we can focus on the occasion with confidence.  So many old rules have changed, and attire expectations tend to be more relaxed than they once were, but keep in . mind that relaxed doesn’t mean lax.”

I realize that the majority of us will not become models or actresses, but  you really never know the doors that may be opened for you and there are every day women over 50 doing amazing things all over the world because they decided to step out and try something new.  Anything is Possible….believe it.

Inspiration for What To Wear

For today’s slideshow, I wanted to give you some ideas of what to wear to any job interview. So the selections below wear made with that in mind. We will return to our readers’ style adjectives on Friday at the end of the news headlines post….. Does anyone else have advice to offer in this area?


Paulette asked where to find V Neck tops yesterday, so I have prepared a slideshow just for that request.  Hope you enjoy both today!

KEEP SMILING…and dreaming!

By Pamela Lutrell

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