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I have approached the January sales a little differently this year and wanted to offer a few tips.  This is the one jacket I have purchased so far.  It is from Chico’s and was $27! Not bad! I liked it because I could wear it all year long…with many colors…and it is a flattering design.  The sleeves to go long or shorter.  There are so many things I can do with a jacket like this and at that price…the cost per wear will be quite low.  At Chico’s, make sure you are Passport Members to save even more and always get free shipping.

Pamela Lutrell Shops January sales at Chicos

The top outfit includes my Soft Surroundings black denim; JJill knit top; Rockport boots and a Brighton necklace I found at a re-sale special event.  The beauty of this jacket in my wardrobe is that I see it with so many different things I already own.  The second look is with a white Traveler’s knit top from Chico’s; brown Eileen Fisher pants from Dillards; and Aerosole Mules from Nordstrom Rack.  The second necklace was $9 from a Chico’s sale a couple of years ago.  

Pamela Lutrell in Chico's Jewelry

Pamela Lutrell in Aerosole Mules

I decided to go all silver jewelry to keep the neutral, classic feel of these styles.  The tabs on the side are silver as well.  I realize there are people who think wearing all silver or all gold is aging.  I just happen to disagree.  I believe it has more to do with the style of the garments than with the matching jewelry.  I will enjoy mixing many types of jewelry pieces with this jacket….have a red necklace that will be with it soon!

Pamela Lutrell in Chico'sPamela Lutrell on wearing all silver

When I went shopping recently, I knew I was looking for shorter jackets and new colors not currently in my wardrobe.  We will be warming up in San Antonio soon, so I was not looking for anymore winter clothes.  I tried on a lot to only leave with one piece, and here are my tips for the January sales:

  1. Know what you want to say with your clothing before your go and stick to those messages.
  2. Know the gaps in your current wardrobe that you would like to fill.
  3. Know how much longer you will be in “warmer weather clothing”
  4. Be willing to try on different sizes and not limit yourself to just one.  I went into Chico’s as a 3 Regular, but found one jacket that looked best on me as a 2 Petite. It was an oversized style and fit me better in the smaller size.  I am still thinking about it though…it is not on sale.  When adding special statement pieces to your closet, ask yourself how many times you think you will wear it and what your Cost Per Wear might be.  If it is high, then leave it there.
  5. January is a great time to upgrade a coat or boots during the sales.  Consider if you own a staple that needs an upgrade.  We will discuss the value of the pointed toe boot this week.

Here are some of the looks I tried on at Chico’s.  The first jacket is the one I sized down:

Pamela Lutrell in smaller blue jacket at Chicos

Pamela Lutrell in Chicos January Styles

I tried this one on because of this display…see, they do make a difference…and the pants are on sale.  I liked the outfit, but did not want to make this investment at this time.  It is cute though.

Pamela Lutrell shops San Antonio Chicos
Pamela Lutrell in Chico's Leopard Jacket on sale

I really liked the last jacket, but I have so much animal print that I do not need one more and I was determined to look for shorter and not longer jackets. So, it stayed behind.  I really stuck to what I was looking for and that resulted in a $27 purchase that I am pleased with.  It is really easy to get excited about all that is on sale, so just keep to your style adjectives and wardrobe needs and you should be fine!  Here is a slideshow some of the Chico’s pieces I saw and tried on:

Pamela Lutrell in $27 Chico's jacket

Yesterday, the Would You Wear it mannequins were from Chico’s, as a few of you pointed out.  The only piece I would consider wearing in that display would be the pink sweater top.  The rest do not meet my style adjectives.  There was a time that necklace would have gone home with me, but it is too heavy for me now.  Perhaps if the other pieces were styled differently I would have been tempted to try them on when I was there.  

This week a few of my past Chico’s purchases, read about why the adjectives help me,  advice for a reader’s request, and a special What to Wear Post.  Hope you will be joining in!  Has anyone else had success at the January sales!  Please share….then go to…

Another Reader’s Style Adjectives

Today, I have a slideshow for Christine, who wants to tell the world that she is creative, vibrant, confident, approachable and chic.  You sound like such a fun woman, Christine!  Here is a slideshow for you and women like Christine!


Answering Jill’s Question

Jill asked last week how I keep things from wrinkling without ironing.  I rarely iron and my dryer and I are best friends in the mornings or when I prepare work outfits the night before.  The jacket I bought here at Chico’s was very wrinkled when I brought it home…living on the sale racks has fatigued it a bit with wrinkling.  I use the REFRESH button on my dryer and this product…which I like and Downy has a similar one that I like as well.  Anyone else want to offer advice for Jill?

Pamela Lutrell reviews Bounce Dryer Sheets


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