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Over 50 Feeling 40 with Would You Wear ItHappy Weekend!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.  We find mannequins around our towns that make us wonder what you think of the styles in the display.  We ask that you tell us if you would or would not wear the looks, and explain why it does or does not work for you!  Please keep your comments personal and constructive in order to help other women know what you are thinking and also not offend someone who might feel differently.

Pamela Lutrell asks about fashion display

After you comment here, I encourage you to visit A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  Then please read below as I discuss another reader and her style adjectives with a slide show hand selected just for her style.  If you are new I will explain all of that below! So please, look at this fashion display and tell us


How to Choose a Great Look with 5 Adjectives

As I said yesterday… If you are new to this blog, then you might want to read my post 2020 Style Goals: Know Who You Are to understand what we are doing here. I believe the best way to understand who were are with our clothing is to define our style in five adjectives.  It helps with organizing your closet, selecting what to wear, knowing what to purchase, and, of course, confidence.  So far, I have selected six slideshows for the readers who sent their five adjectives to me and we have a long list to go…so this will be fun for awhile!  If anyone wants to send me their five adjectives, then please email them to over50feeling40@gmail.com.  I am going to discuss these more next week. 

 Dawn wants to communicate with her style that she is classic, casual, polished, modern and comfortable.  So for Dawn and others like her, the slide show below is selected to communicate those five adjectives!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I love the soft colors of all of these pieces & I’d wear any of them.
    I wouldn’t wear the large black necklace, however, as it feels too big & chunky for my small frame.

  2. Good morning Pam, love the colors and pieces of all outfits. I might not be able to pull off the lighter capris pants due to lots of “lumps” on my legs. (I wish I had your drive to hit the gym!). Instead of necklace I would substitute a small scarf around my neck. Have a great day! Betty

  3. I really like all 3 outfits but would not wear them as the colors would wash me out and the necklines are too high for me. They are inspiring though!

      1. Not only would I wear it , I bought several pieces. Cream sweater (very warm) & pink cardigan in navy plus matching shell (very light weight).
        Love Chico’s fashions!

  4. I love the chunky ivory sweater on left but not the flowing flowery skirt. I don’t care for this length skirt on my body type. I’d pair the Ivory sweater with skinny jeans or leggings.
    My favorite is the center all muted pink outfit. I love, love the color, and the way it’s styled with thus large chunky necklace! I might switch out this chunky necklace with another chunky piece, more metallic shade, like bronzes or silvers.
    The outfit on right I don’t care for, though I usually favor long cardis. It’s a bit Ho-Hum. Sleepy……

  5. Good morning! I love all these pieces and would wear them all. The softness of the colors are so hygge ! My favorite is the middle mannequin but I do agree with Betty Bell that I would wear a pretty scarf rather than the black chunky necklace.

  6. I love all of the outfits overall, with the exception of the cardinal on the right. It looks frumpy.. How
    Ever, I wouldn’t war anything but the necklace due to the colors. Muted tones like this just wash me out. Love the necklace!

  7. I don’t like the general color palette for me,
    I know those colors would be aging on me.
    Actually, any of these outfits would just
    make me look frumpy with my already
    frump-trending shape.

  8. I like the sweater on the far left mannequin. Cream color with texture is my thing! I would wear this with straight, dark blue jeans. No to the skirt – too full and the pattern is too muted for me.
    The pink/mauve outfit in the middle is cute but not a color for me. Wow! That is one big necklace. The sweater sleeves are too full.
    The right outfit — too muted and boring. I don’t care for any of the pieces here.
    Happy Saturday!

  9. I could not wear any of these looks as shown. These are not good colors for me to wear near my face. I don’t care for the necklines on the tops, preferring a v- or scoop neck. I would wear the skirt on the left, but not with that sweater. I really like the length of the skirt and the shape, so that would be a “yes” on its own with a darker top. The pants in the middle are nice, just would need a different color. Looking at the display as a whole, to me, it is leaning toward frumpy with the muted, muddy colors. Had they put in another color, something richer, into the mix I think it would have helped the presentation. This looks a little bland and wouldn’t draw me in. The skirt might catch my eye, but that’s about it.

  10. I like the skirt and trousers. The pattern of the skirt and the colors of the trousers are pleasing to me. I also like the style of the center sweater and the sweater jacket, but I need more jewel tones near my face. I really like all the jewelry pieces, but I’d have to check to weight of the large dark piece.

  11. Love the pale pink outfit minus the necklace. I’m not much of a costume jewelry person. I would wear a pretty print scarf with the outfit. Beautiful color!!!!!

  12. I love adding pastel during the dreary winter months, but have to be careful what shades I choose. Cream works for me, but not blush or camel. It’s cold in Indiana during the winter (today is an exception…warm and heavy rain) so capri pants are a no for me. I also do not wear skirts. I like how the ribbing runs in different directions on the cream sweater, but the neckline looks awkward and I need long sleeves this time of year. I do not wear large statement necklaces. Instead, I would add a scarf for design and texture.

    I have been enjoying the personalized slideshows.

  13. I like all the outfits. I generally avoid cropped pants because I am quite short. However,sometimes they end up at my ankles. Chico’s ankle pants are full length on me.

  14. Love, love, love the pink/mauve outfit. I really like the detail on the sweater with the side tie and the pants. I often wear same color tops and bottoms so this is perfect for me!

  15. The skirt and the top on the left appear to be similar if not the same fabric. I like the colors but don’t wear raglan sleeves as much as a set-in sleeve. Guess I like a little more structure in my tops and jackets. The necklace is dramatic but just not for me. We had a thunderstorm this morning in Indianapolis. Better than snow! P.S. Having all sorts of trouble coming up with my five words! Am I making it harder than need be?

  16. The outfits on the mannequins are in colors that would wash me out. I really like the sweater on the left, maybe with dark wash or black slim jeans. The pink is a beautiful color, but not on me! I’m not a fan of the chunky necklace with the pink.
    The outfit on the right is just not my style at all.

    Pam, the slide show is right on! I love everything and would wear every piece! You have selected items that are perfect for my casual retired lifestyle. I would feel confident and pulled together wearing all of these. I am inspired to add more blouses to my wardrobe. Thank you!
    Maybe your future is “personal shopper” along with your wonderful blog!

  17. I would wear the pink top on the middle mannequin – I like the length and the tie at the side. I wouldn’t wear it with pants in the same colour – a personal preference – slim black pants or skinny dark wash jeans would look great. I have narrow shoulders and the necklace would overwhelm me so I would go with a long Silver necklace Or a scarf. The other outfits are pretty but I prefer bright colours to pastels.

  18. Working from right to left — Sweater — a yes but not paired with the skirt and because of our climate might wear a long slvd. T under neath it / Skirt — a yes only paired with the top on the far right to attain the illusion of a dress and eliminate fitting at the waist plus also could intermix either with other pieces in a wardrobe / Bracelet — a yes provided it fit as have a tiny wrist / Pink Sweater — a possible for casual ‘n comfort wear for only wearing around the house with ( blended knit) leggings however sleeve style might prove to be bothersome / Pants — both pairs a definite no as for my body type require something more structured in such particularly if dress type and know ‘ I would feel frumpy’ in them if otherwise. Also anything ankle length or remotely cropped are usually too short on me plus they are not practical for our current weather / Necklace — love artisan styled jewelry but unfortunately too large for my body type though think it is a fantastic statement piece for those who can wear it / Coat Sweater — a definite no as color too bland and just not my style.

  19. Love the cream sweater and middle outfit minus the necklace. That would overwhelm me. Does anyone’s ankles get cold in winter weather??? Haha!

  20. The colors are all too pale for me. I don’t like heavy sweaters with lighter-weight skirts. I’d pair the skirt with a simple v-necked dark top in a light jersey. I’d wear the pink outfit in another color, however, I wouldn’t pair it with an over-sized necklace. The last outfit just looks blah to me because of the lack of contrast. I might wear the top, but I’d pair it with dark cropped pants. The sweater style is OK but again, not in that color!

  21. I like the ivory sweater on the left; I would not wear it with that soft, flowing skirt but instead with slacks or jeans. The length on the skirt makes me look matronly. The soft pink washes me out so I am not attracted to those colors at all. All pretty styles but don’t fit into my active retirement lifestyle!

  22. I actually like all 3 outfits. I would not be able to pull off the big chunky necklace of outfit #2. because of my 5′ height and fuller breasts. Something a bit more subtle would work for me. I would change the cardigan in #3 to one with some color in it. The way it is is just a bit too bland. Style wise, definitely something I could do.

  23. I also don’t like flowy skirts with heavy sweaters. The pink outfit is most appealing. I do like the snake print and purchased the full length jeans in that pattern and the side tie sweater in pearl grey. I wear my outfit with silver multi chain necklace or my silver knot tassel necklace. I don’t like the heavy necklace with the soft colors and would lighten it in weight if not color. I’m trying lighter patterns for winter and these work for me.

  24. I like the way the outfits are displayed. The display is cohesive & well thought out. The colors are a gentle nudge into spring. The only outfit I would wear is the one on the right. I could see all the pieces being worn separately, as well as together. I would wear the pink outfit, if the sweater didn’t have the side tie. I wouldn’t wear the outfit on the left because I don’t wear skirts, & I’m not sure the sweater would flatter my particular shape.

  25. Like the middle outfit best. . I would prefer a more vibrant tone of mauve or purple to give me a lift. And would pair with a darker grey or black pant, for my taste. The other two fashions are not for me. frumpy is not my new look in 2020.

  26. The colors in the outfits on the right and left wouldn’t look good on me (not sure I would wear those styles together in another color either) but the outfit in the middle would work well. Like others, I would probably pair with a darker pant: gray, black, navy… I LOVED the slideshow feature! I’m looking forward to more of those

  27. I like the cream sweater but would be far too warm in it indoors. Love the style of the pink outfit but not my colours….and no crops in the winter, as just too chilly here!

  28. I’m sorry but I could not wear any of these items: they are way too colourless and do nothing for anyone. I mean this in the nicest possible way!

  29. All of these outfits appeal to me and I would definitely try to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I’m especially drawn to the soft pink outfit in the middle.

    My only complaint is that the cardigan on the right looks a bit shabby the way it is displayed. It’s hard to tell if there are seams or wrinkles. Other than that, these outfits are wonderful!!!

    Love the soft colors!

  30. On me, these items would be dowdy and aging. While I like and wear all ivory outfits at times, these colors/combinations would not make me happy to wear. Usually buy more colorful items at Chico’s. Guess my style aesthetic at this time is to wear items that feel right to me while being unique enough to keep my attention. I’ve been liking Anthropologie more in recent years, which seems odd at 64!

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