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Pamela Lutrell asks women over 50 Would You Wear It

YAY!  It is Saturday and time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We go out and about in Texas and California and find fashion displays that make us wonder what you would think.  Would you wear what we show or would you not?  We ask that you answer constructively and tell the other readers if you would or would not wear the items and explain exactly why.  This exercise has helped many women since we have started doing this…so be constructive and helpful in what you say.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with the Color of the year

I told you we would soon see the color of the year appearing everywhere…and I have already seen this bright blue in several places.  The color is called classic blue as selected by Pantone.  We are also beginning to see on displays a little touch of springtime.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with classic blue top

So, let’s begin.  Look at my display above…I gave you several different angles.  You do not have to comment on all three looks in the display.  It is up to you.  Well, ladies….




I think it is interesting to read the psychology behind wearing different colors.  This article The Color Psychology of Blue tells us just about all we need to know about wearing this color.  Our first slideshow is dedicated to the color of the year and designs by Calvin Klein as displayed above.


Now, please go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin!  Thanks for being here!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I do like this bright blue, even though it’s not the best color for me. I have a top very similar to the one on the mannequin.
    I really don’t wear dresses anymore, bit I do like the colors & the hemline of the featured dress. But the pattern is a little too bold for me & I’m not a fan of the self-tie belt.

  2. Yes. I like that blue color and it is good with my complexion.

    I like the dress, but have a question. Like many other women I would wear the dress and partner it with a jacket or sweater. A sweater would be my preference. Do I look for a sweater with an uneven hem to go with the fishtail hem? I feel like a straight hemmed sweater or jacket doesn’t keep the long line going as well.

  3. Like Cindy I rarely wear dresses as I’m relegated to flat or semi flat shoes (knee issues). I do like the dress however!
    I do like the two outfits alongside the dress. I like the belted waist on this jacket and I wear belts tied like this if they help enhance my rather straight waistline.
    Nice outfit for a special night out or similar event.
    I love the blue sweater and leggings! It’s me! I’m retired……

  4. Love the color and wear it.
    The 3/4 sleeve shirt and pants have possibilities, and I would wear those..
    The dress is darling but not for me because of the neckline – too high for my busty self ,
    and the sleevelessness. Like someone else
    mentioned, a sweater or jacket might spoil the line of the dress.
    The all wrapped up blazer is a mess as displayed, as so often happens. No way to tell if it might be something I would wear or not.

    1. Hi Pam, I’m thrilled that blue is the “in” color for spring. It is my favorite color to wear as it is perfect for my eyes, hair and complexion. Any shade is fine by me. I have a ton of scarves with blue as the primary color so I’m all set. I would wear all outfits with a cropped jacket or light sweater with the dress to cover the arms. Looking forward to making a cup if tea and reading the article on the color blue as well as catching up on this past week’s posts. Have a great day and thank you for keeping me stylish! Betty

  5. The only thing I like is the blue sweater. The belted jacket is too much as I prefer a sleeker look. I’m glad this is the ‘color of he year’ as it suits me well.

  6. I love blue especially this shade, but nothing here works for me. The dress is cute but I avoid hankerchief hems. They look silly on me. The blue top is cute but I don’t like the side details — to blingy for me. The top needs to be longer to wear with the black pants as shown.
    I might wear the belted jacket over straight leg jeans. I don’t like the pocket zippers – too distracting. The pants shown are too baggy for the jacket. Happy Saturday!

  7. I want to like these things, but there is something about each one that wouldn’t work for me. The black jacket and pants in the front: This is reminding me of loungewear, except that the fabric is wrong for that. But the style. The jacket looks too bulky and the pants too loose to appeal to me. I would feel like my clothes were too big, so that one is a “no.” The blue dress with the handkerchief hem: I love the dress and the fabric, with some modifications (so as shown, it’s a “no” also). If it had a scoop or “v” neck, and without the belt, I’d wear it. I love sundresses and wear them, but the belt spoils the look for me, and the neckline is also wrong for me. The blue top and black pants has potential. I love the color of the top, but that trim on the sleeves makes it too memorable and for me is not necessary. The style is good and I like the slim pants. If the top didn’t have the trim on the sleeves, I’d definitely wear that one.

    1. Karen – just wanted to thank you for the nice explanation yesterday to my questions about the water fitness jogging. That workout sounds amazing! ?‍♀️

  8. I really like all the examples. I don’t wear sleeveless, so the dress is out although I like everything about it! The belted jacket is perfect for a tall gal like me. The blue top is an everyday look that I wear a lot.

  9. I love the blue. It’s striking. I wouldn’t be attracted to any of these because the fabric looks synthetic and the hemlines aren’t smooth.
    That said, the suit is very wearable and could be a great basic in many women’s wardrobes.

  10. The dress is something I would wear in the summer if it had a lower neckline. Prints are forgiving in dresses (otherwise, the eye goes straight to my thick midsection), and handkerchief hemlines are flattering and current. I don’t wear much of the bright blues, but they look nice and I might try one on.

  11. Love the blue! The dress is my style and shape except the high neck. I have a very short neck, so it would ideally be a V-neck. The blue blouse again is for me! The black suit jacket looks too bulky to be tied….better for a lighter weight fabric. I love the kimono style top in the slide show! My style and fits my vibrant and chic objectives!

  12. That blue is my favorite! I would wear anything in that display, except the dress. I don’t have a waist, so that dress would not work for me at all. I would wear the blazer unwrapped. If it has belt loops I would probably remove those.

  13. Love the shade of blue! Looking forward to finding great pieces to wear in this colour.
    I think the outfits have potential, but I wouldn’t wear any of them as is.

    * I’d wear the dress if it had a different neckline – fabric & style are attractive. Not sure
    about the belt .. maybe wear a small gold/silver chain belt instead?
    * The jacket doesn’t appeal to me at all – too short & boxy. Too much fabric with it belted.
    * The blue top would need to be longer for me to wear it with leggings. I’d also prefer a V
    or scoop neck.

  14. For myself; only the leggings and possibly the jacket with the latter depending upon fit as feel it does have a lot of potential for mixing ‘n matching. As for for the shade of blue in the garments and though most blues I favour, I feel this one will be short-lived and quickly be dated so would be more apt to purchase it in an accessory like a scarf. As to the dress; do like its pattern and colour-mix however would prefer it with a different type of neckline (scoop or v-neck) and perhaps replace its sash with a leather belt. Last but least re the long sleeved top, am trying to figure out why all the buttons or are they rivets? (Either way much prefer the one in the slide show by Calvin Klein with the rushed grommet details as less industrial looking. )

    P.S.: For those who wish a sleeve; a marvelous accessory IMHO to wear with a dress like this is a short bolero worn as an overlay and/or one that is sheer in fabric that can be worn under the garment whose styles are often reversible. i.e.: Can be worn front or backwards to create a V or crew neckline and often can be found in the ‘shape wear or undergarment ‘ department.

  15. I used to own a jewelry company and at one of our conferences, it was said that royal blue and turquoise are universally flattering to all complexions. This color of blue is my favorite and I wear it year round. I like everything but the sleeveless dress…my upper arms are too unbecoming, but I would admire it on someone else. The jacket I would definitely try on and see if it was flattering or too boxy on me.

  16. I love the bright blue, & it is a good color for me. I would wear everything but the dress. I don’t wear sleeveless things, & it just isn’t my style. I would likely remove the belt from the black jacket as I think it would add too much bulk for me.

  17. I’m afraid I have to pass on today’s outfits.

    That shade of blue is beautiful — but not on me.

    The belted jacket is too bulky for me. I don’t need the extra emphasis on my middle. A more fitted and less bulky style would be great here, though!

  18. I love the blue top! I’d wear it with slim pants or a pencil skirt. I like the look of the dress but I wouldn’t wear it because of the high neck. I have a short neck and that neckline wouldn’t be flattering. I wouldn’t wear the belted jacket. Now that I’m older, my waist isn’t as small as it used to be and I don’t like to call attention to it!

  19. I do like the blue and am reminded of a dress that I haven’t worn in quite some time. Perhaps this is the season to put it into circulation again. I like everything about the dress shown here except the neckline. I find anything that’s snug at the neck irritating because of surgery that I’ve had in that area. I would definitely try on the top. The detail on the sleeves is interesting. The belted jacket intrigues me, but too much black that close to my face isn’t flattering. I’d like to see more of the top that’s underneath it.

  20. This dress is the perfect silhouette for pears, and the hemline is part of the hip-minimizing effect. The vertical pattern on top with the diagonal on bottom works very well, too. I never let sleeveless stop me. A lightweight topper is all that’s needed. The black jacket is too heavy for this purpose.

    Cobalt blue, hmmm. My closet is full of it, so I guess it’s a perennial favorite color.

  21. I love blue — ALL the blues from dark to light, warm to cool — but if I wanted to wear a bright blue (or any bright color, really) I’d wear it in an accessory. I could see myself in that black suit with a black top and a scarf made of that print.

    I’m finding that I’m happiest when my wardrobe is really basic so it can serve almost as a blank canvas for showcasing whatever scarf or necklace or other accessory I’m in the mood for that particular day. Some days I don’t want any accessories at all — layers tones and textures is what makes me feel best.

  22. I’m sorry this blue is the color of the year. While I think it’s striking on some women, it’s too bold for me. And blue with black just makes my complexion fade away. I do like the style of the top and would wear it in a “smokier” hue.

  23. I really like the dress. It would look great with a lightweight swingy jacket or sweater (without buttons). The neckline is way too high for me – I would feel like I was being strangled. I like the cut of the black suit but I feel like it would be better in navy. The blue sweater is pretty but I don’t wear that shade of blue – personal preference.

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