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Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50 where I curate news from around the globe that may be of interest to all of us who are the strong, intelligent, vibrant women 50+.  I look for all types of interesting headlines, and encourage you that when you read something here that moves you to make a decision about your health, to please discuss it with your primary care physician first.  Have professional input before making big decisions.  

So, get your coffee, tea or favorite beverage…sit down with me…and let’s get started.  

Today's Headlines for Women over 50 with Pamela Lutrell

Might as well begin with coffee.  It is so controversial and difficult to know if coffee is good for us or bad.  So, this article from the Ladders about what RESEARCHERS SAY IS THE EXACT AMOUNT OF COFFEE WE SHOULD DRINK TO STAY HEALTHY caught my attention.  See what you think!  Please feel free to comment on one or all of the articles posted today.

Pamela Lutrell shares news about bananas for women over 50

Martha Steward offered a 4-STEP PLAN TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION this week.  This is an important issue for most of us, so I thought it might give you some encouragement and direction.  I actually think she gave more than four points…but who’s counting!

Pamela Lutrell shares news on over 50 fashion

The struggles of retailing are real and deeply affecting some of the stores we love the most.  Forbes explains that they are the ones caught in the middle and the real victims of an “Amazon” affected world.   Find out if your favorite places to shop are one of the MONKEYS IN THE MIDDLE OF RETAILING.

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Blood Pressure is an issue I have to be aware of and keep and eye one.  But, it appears I am not alone.  This news is a bummer and somewhat of a surprise.  Now, they say that WOMEN’S BLOOD VESSELS AGE FASTER THAN MEN’S!

Pamela Lutrell discusses how to be effective in the morning.

 A productive day is gratifying and important whether you are still working or retired. But this might surprise you as to how this “expert” defines productivity.  Here are some words of wisdom from an expert at Google of HOW WE SHOULD SPEND OUR DAY.

Pamela Lutrell on Tim Gunn's New Show

Finally, on a fun note.  I know some of you are like me and enjoy Project Runway, past and present.  I am excited to see that it is almost time for a new similar show featuring Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.  I am a Tim Gunn fan.  Here is the SCOOP ON MAKING THE CUT, their new show. 

Thoughts?  Are you sad to see some of the retailers struggling so much?  Do you prefer in-store or online shopping?  Let’s talk and make sure that everyone chooses to……..


I had to pause from our readers’ style adjectives to show you that SPRING has begun to bloom in some of our favorite places…see what you think in today’s slideshow….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. You always find such good articles for us to read! The “monkey in the middle” article was interesting. I’m not much of a retail shopper these days and will go in Kohl’s occasionally, and more often place an online order. The stores don’t always have a good selection in sizes and are many times not very tidy. It’s frustrating to shop when items are here, there and everywhere. Needless to say, our budget does not allow for a high-end store with attentive salespeople. Martha has it nailed regarding eating properly to reduce inflammation.

  2. Yes Pam, I am sorry to see what is happening to retail stores. I find there is such a variance in sizing even in a single brand, that for me “trying on” is necessary, and I can’t stand doing returns. Online shopping only works for me if I know and have tried on a particular style, say for example, pants at Talbots. I know my sizes there and at J Jill, but find variances in other big retailers (I have to try two different sizes at Chico’s to determine the best fit, and sometimes at Talbots too.) So yes, I am really sad to see so many stores closing. I don’t buy clothes from Amazon, finding the quality to be highly questionable. One exception is some things I bought for my new deep water jogging (shoes and water capris and a resistance belt), but I don’t do this as a rule. (LOVE the water exercise by the way. It’s my new favorite thing and we increased our days in the pool already!) The article on caffeine interested me because I am a big fan of coffee, but only have one cup a day, often decaf because of an inner ear issue. I know I go back to my mother a lot, but again, she’s beating the odds. Coffee and tea at meals are her ONLY sources of fluids. Never drinks water. She’s going to be 95 in May. Granted, she has health issues and Alzheimer’s, but 95….I’d never assume the same would work for me, believe me!

  3. I am proud to say I have never purchased anything from Amazon. I prefer to support retailers and their workers. I also like to touch, see and try on clothes before buying. It is sad that so many people have lost their jobs in local stores. I hope this turns around because there will be no retailers soon if this trend continues.

  4. Good Morning! This is a good roundup of information today, Pam. I especially liked reading about the productivity article as it confirmed my own approach to things. I also like to meditate, sitting quietly in the early dawn, alone with my thoughts, ordering the day ahead in my mind, and then letting it float away as I focus just on my breathing and the calm. As to the monkey in the middle retailers, we found out a few weeks ago that our town (pop. 22,000) is losing Pier One shortly. They took our Macy’s a few years ago. We don’t even have a Target or Kohl’s. I try to look on the bright side, though. Our little downtown just opened a cute and well stocked kitchen shop, and we have dozens of independent businesses, stores and restaurants that are thriving. Not having the big-name shops makes my trips up to Portland or Eugene that much more fun, as I do still favor a good old fashioned in person shopping trip. I also buy on-line, of course, but that tends to be for sheet music or the occasional great deal on a handbag.

  5. Karen – I enjoy water aerobics myself, but have never heard of deep water jogging, just “water walking” class (which is a snooze for me). How deep is the water, and where do the weights go?

  6. Cannot buy clothes online. Everything is cheap or poorly made inferior fabrics or it doesn’t fit. Goes back. I go into stores, try things on , feel the fabrics then go on to either buy or not. It’s the only way that works fir me.

  7. I live in a rural area and do much of my shopping on line. Malls are an all day affair and being older I do not get a thrill out of going to store after store. Added to that traffic in San Antonio, my nearest big city, has become a nightmare. That being said, I hope Talbots and Chico’s are still in good shape. Please keep us posted.

  8. I hate to see what is happening to brick & mortar stores. I need to try things on for size, & I also like to feel the fabric. I will order online if I am familiar with the brand & know my size. Even then, it can be a trial & error experience, & returns can be a hassle & sometimes costly. I enjoyed the sneak peak at spring. It was a pleasure to see the soft pretty colors on this rainy gray Midwest day.

  9. Connie, we are in the deepest part of the pool. This one goes to at least 13 feet deep. We wear the belt that kind of keeps your body upright, but is also for resistance when moving. The movement is like running on land, but you pull your knees up to your chest (or as close as you can!) Arm movements are pumping your arms like running. We do this for over an hour, actually find it incredibly relaxing and zero impact. We do wear water shoes for more resistance. No weights. I end up sweating by the end! My friend and I are gabbing the whole time, sometimes interacting with the ladies doing water aerobics. We feel like we’re also being social! They say running in deep water burns more calories than running on land, and no impact on knees. We love it!

  10. I so agree with Becky, Teresa, and several others! I only buy local where I can feel the fabric and try items on. Shopping is a fun activity for me especially with friends or my daughters. Hate to see the brick and mortar stores struggling.

  11. I agree with several others here. Even though I live in a rural area far from many stores or a mall, I’m an in-store shopper especially when it comes to clothing and footwear. I want to see the workmanship, feel the fabric, and try things on.

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