Pamela Lutrell Shows Spring Trends

I have so much to share with you today on this February Tuesday hoping to put a smile on your face and a “spring” to your step.  Today, I have one more reader’s style adjectives to share with you (Yes, it’s a Pamela)…2020 Spring Fashion Trends…and inspiration for all of you spring ladies out there!

Pamela Lutrell shows neon for spring 2020 trend


I know, I know most of us are freezing and not ready to discuss spring fashion, but it is good to know what will be in style in case you are ready to do a little warm weather shopping.  I found most of the trends from Harper’s Bazaar to be, well, bazaar.  So, I organized these by what I thought of them…of course, you can disagree and even plead your case.  As of right now, there are more trends I will not participate in than ones I will.  Also, this is only from one publication and often, more trends appear other places.  I like to know trends because I like to be current, fresh and youthful and trends helps with communicating those messages. 

Spring Trends I believe I will leave at the stores

  1. Disco, wide collars
  2. Crochet tops, skirts, dresses, shorts
  3. Hot Pants (wore them in college, those days are long gone)
  4. Neon Colors (like the neon orange above) and Tie- Dye (again, wore in my past and not in my style story now)
  5. Bra Tops (just no)
  6. Tiered Skirts (maybe……)
  7. Feathered Tops…especially in black for formal events. (I might look like Big Bird, but it could be elegant, might try one on)
  8. Spring faux leathers (our climate is too warm for this)
  9. Enlarged Polka Dots (another maybe, but I have felt clownish in them in the past)

Spring Trends I would be more open to

  1. Fun colorful prints, including suit jackets
  2. Suits with Bermuda shorts (if my legs are tan)
  3. Color of the Year – Blue
  4. Artistic Tote Bags

What do you plan to be wearing this spring?  I plan to go for lighter colors than I normally wear…I am attempting to warm up to pastels…it is a work in progress.  But, I also want to have fun with accessories, and I said last week, I am looking for a colorful fun tote bag!

Pamela Lutrell shows Rainbow Gardens in San Antonio

Also, a couple of years ago there were BEES (Yes the buzzing kind) on everything like the purse I am showing below.  So far the most fun item I have seen with bees (besides lots of jewelry) are these cute shoes at DSW!  These are pretty cute, so if they are buzzing in your brain, get them soon.

Pamela Lutrell on Bee Embellishments


Let’s continue inspiring readers to look their best!  Since we are discussing spring today, I selected Pamela to feature because she noted that she is a SPRING color palette.  She desires to communicate with her fashion that she is classy, polished, professional, elegant, and colorful!

Pamela Lutrell shows colors Springs Wear

Here is a SPRING color chart from Pinterest.   Perfect for Spring wouldn’t you say?  One thing that jumps out at me is that the bright blue color of the year is NOT on in this palette.  But, there are beautiful colors here to work with for warmer weather.  So, I have put together the slideshow below with Pamela in mind and women like her who desire to communicate these five adjective which are definitely women of strength and for those who are SPRINGS!

Spring In Your Step Now?  at least make sure you



By Pamela Lutrell

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